Use your imagination! Okapis’ ears can hear sounds from nearly 100 miles away. In addition to forcing okapis out of the reserve territories, militant groups infringe upon conservation and research efforts aimed at protecting the species. And zebra-like stripes aren’t the only interesting feature of okapis. Do you know the answer? This made the giraffe jealous. the Wonder of the Day® via email or SMS. Where Is Siam?

You’ll find them in the rainforests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Then, give it a name. Hi sam! But he was too short. During rainy season, okapis make their way to higher grounds to find vegetation not available in wetter areas.

Riley, Alyssa, and Morgan for contributing questions about today’s Wonder topic! What does it eat? Laura Wonders, “What is an okapi?” Thanks for WONDERing with us, Laura! The answer is an animal many people haven’t heard of. how giraffes evolved to have very long necks and legs, and why zebras did not.

The okapi is also prized as bushmeat and for its unique fur. At first glance, you might think the okapi is a relative of the zebra. Here it is: What’s black and white and red all over? We're glad you enjoyed this WONDER, haleigh! We'll bet you're WONDERful at recalling facts about the Zebra Giraffe! At first glance, you might think the okapi is a relative of the zebra. The okapi is endemic to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and lives in the tropical canopy forests at elevations of between 1,600 and 4,900 feet above sea level. MORAL OF THE STORY: DON’T GET JEALOUS OF ANYONE. That’s because its legs are striped black and white. The zebra giraffe can be recognized by several unique features, including its longer-than-average neck, as well as legs covered in white stripes that stand out against its dark, reddish brown fur. the number of inhabitants in a given place (country or city, etc.). SCIENCE — Life Science. Okapis were not seen by scientists until 1901. We're so glad you love learning new things. Find a friend or family member to help you keep learning with the activities below! The biggest threat facing the species is loss of habitat, which is the result of human development, mining, and logging activities infringing upon the okapi's native range. Okapis are listed as a threatened species because of their low population. Thanks for stopping by, dallas! While giraffes need their long legs and necks to help them reach food from tall trees on the savanna, okapis’ food is much closer to the ground.

The okapi is active during the daytime, consumes a vegetarian diet, and is the only forest ungulate species that relies on the undergrowth for the majority of its dietary needs. What other animal look-alikes might you see while you’re there? Thanks for your patience. Hey can i comment something silly and not related to one of the future wonders and if so can you reply with something silly yet related to my comment? Write a short paragraph describing the animal. Okapis’ ears are so small, you can’t see them without a magnifying glass. Thanks for WONDERing with us. The band's debut album, Collected Memories, was released on 5 May 2008.

This is one of the most amazing story about animals with moral lesson for kids. This makes it very difficult for scientists to measure the okapi population. So, then the giraffe and the zebra came to an agreement and they stopped trying to do things they knew they could not do. It’s a zebra with a sunburn! Let us know what you learn! Then the giraffe tried to run as fast as the zebra but all his efforts were in vain. Also, read The Tale Of Three Fishes.

Tell everybody about Wonderopolis and its wonders. At first i thought they spit like lamas!

However, efforts to protect their habitats and grow the population in zoos make many hopeful for this rare species. We hope you keep WONDERing with us! Riley, Alyssa and Morgan for contributing questions about today’s Wonder topic! Why don’t okapis have long necks like giraffes? That's great, Chassidy! the okapi, an animal closely related to the giraffe that lives in the rainforests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Also, read Hare And The Tortoise Story. Sounds like a great topic for a Wonder Journey, Cici! Okapis use echolocation, like bats do, to locate their prey while hunting. We sent you SMS, for complete subscription please reply. Giraffe females weigh nearly a thousand pounds less than males, while zebra males weigh a bit more than females, which would yield a ratio closer to 2:1, not at all unusual in a hybrid cross. They also have unique ears that they can move independently of each other. Okay, one more… what’s black and white and has a giraffe cousin? Draw a picture. The giraffe was showing off to the zebra because he had a long neck and he could eat the leaves off the trees. In the wild, okapis are very shy. But he was too short. Then, the zebra remembered that he could do things that the giraffe could not do. The okapi's long neck and stripes are most likely the source of its zebra giraffe nickname. why do they look like zebras and do they blend in with herds of zebras, Plz stop and don’t make any more of this my teacher makes us read this so plz don’t make any more ,,,, to hide (something) by covering it up or making it harder to see, a part of a country, of the world, etc., that is different or separate from other parts in some way, to give or form a general idea about the value, size, or cost of something, a flat grassland in tropical or subtropical regions, produced, living, or existing naturally in a particular region. But okapis don’t have long necks. I really LOVED the wonder keep up the good work WONDEROPOLIS!! Countries Where Illegal Wildlife Trade Is A Major Threat To Wildlife.

Click the answer to find similar crossword clues. How Much Of The Amazon Rainforest Is Left? They eat leaves from nearby branches, as well as clay and burned wood from the ground. So, the zebra got mad and tried to eat the leaves off the trees, too. Zebra & Giraffe is an alternative rock band from South Africa. You’re following a sound of an animal that’s unlike any you’ve ever heard before.

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