Regardless of one's position on the explanations for marijuana prohibition, there are two sides to the debate. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Black and white people use marijuana at roughly the same rates. And yet, Black people are nearly four times more likely to be arrested for a drug-related crime..

If you are scraping by right now, please don’t give us anything. Marijuana was actually legal for the vast part of human civilization, becoming illegal soon after alcohol during the prohibition in the 1920s. Researchers found that the combined health risks posed by marijuana are much lower than that associated with alcohol and tobacco consumption. Even a majority of Republicans are in support. Yes! In 2005, Milton Friedman and a group of over 500 other economists advocated for marijuana legalization on the basis that prohibition directly costs more than $7.7 billion per year. UNDER CALIFORNIA LAW, THE SALE, DISTRIBUTION, MANUFACTURE AND CULTIVATION OF CANNABIS BY A STATE LICENSED OPERATOR IS LEGAL. despite using marijuana at similar rates. You read that right. For decades, millions of Americans have been locked up and billions of dollars have been wasted. I think cannabis should be legal not only in all of America but all over the world due to it's cultural, medicinal and economic benefits. You can sign up as a subscriber with a range of benefits, including an opt-in to receive the print magazine by mail. - 500+ Economists Endorse Marijuana Legalization. Respondents participating in a study conducted by the National Cancer Institute reported sleeping more peacefully after ingesting a cannabis plant extract spray. These are the arguments in favor of legalization.

He has authored or co-authored 29 nonfiction books, including "Civil Liberties: A Beginner's Guide.". At Mercy Wellness, we are committed to the marijuana legalization movement.

To date, not even a single account of death due to a marijuana overdose has been recorded. FBI: UCR. The good news is that this is changing. Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana in the U.S. Time to Legalize Marijuana? The government arrests about 700,000 Americans—more than the population of Wyoming—for marijuana possession every year. Just as alcohol prohibition essentially created the American Mafia, marijuana prohibition has created an underground economy where crimes unrelated to marijuana, but connected to people who sell and use it, go unreported.

Today, black and brown Americans are still much more likely to be arrested for marijuana than white Americans, despite using marijuana at similar rates. …

Given the racist legacy of these laws, it's particularly important that the economic gains of legalization extend to communities that have been most harmed by the war on drugs. The federal prohibition on marijuana has been a disaster. Cannabis, or marijuana as it is popularly known, is derived from the cannabis plant.

Even a majority of Republicans are in support, and more states are taking action to reform their laws and move toward legalization. C10-0000164-LIC, The Positive Effects of Using Recreational Marijuana, Doobie Nights: A cannabis space & time odyssey, New Cannabis Packaging Laws Will Be Required Starting July 1st, 2018, Farewell, High Dosed Edibles Starting July 1st, 2018, NUG Chocolate : 2018 High Times Cup Best Edible Winner, Customer Results Tell It All: Cannabis Helps You Sleep, Weed is deemed ‘essential’ in California, but many pot businesses are on the brink of failure, Sonoma County cannabis dispensaries that deliver better positioned during pandemic, Run on marijuana dispensaries as Bay Area shelters-in-place, A study found that marijuana use can help control epileptic seizures, Helps alleviate pain in multiple sclerosis, Endocannabinoid compounds in marijuana can help ease depression symptoms, Can help alleviate symptoms for those with Parkinson’s disease, Can help improve cognitive performance and concentration in people with ADHD/ADD, Endocannabinoid contains anti-inflammatories that are known to fight the brain inflammation that causes Alzheimer’s Disease, Can help cope with pain associated with arthritis, Can help alleviate symptoms of Dravet syndrome, Marijuana has a calming effect on the user. Alcohol and tobacco are legal, yet they are known to cause cancer, heart failure, liver damage, and more. Cotati, Ca. Nothing could be further from the truth. What Is Domestic Policy in US Government? Marijuana is also far less addictive than other drugs.

Today, black and brown Americans are still much more likely to be arrested for marijuana than white Americans, despite using marijuana at similar rates. Most will never be arrested for it. It has been proven that medical marijuana treats a wide assortment of “untreatable” diseases and conditions. HOWEVER, UNDER FEDERAL LAW THESE ACTIVITIES REMAIN ILLEGAL. In 2017, more Americans were arrested for marijuana possession than for murder, rape, aggravated assault and robbery combined. Racially Discriminatory. Click to View Subscriber Levels: IDEAS, POLITICS & POWER, Copyright 2020 | The American Prospect, Inc. | All Rights Reserved, States like Colorado and Washington that tax and regulate marijuana have already generated millions of dollars, federal prohibition on marijuana dates back to anti-Mexican sentiment, Today, black and brown Americans are still much more likely to be arrested for marijuana than white Americans. As a leading marijuana store in Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, and Rohnert Park, we have taken upon ourselves to help our community members discover the benefits of marijuana. A study found that people using marijuana before trying harder substances is correlation and not causation. Recent studies shows that a person would have to consume 20,000-40,000 times the amount of THC in a joint to die due to an overdose. Alcohol prohibition has, of course, already been tried. 94931 There are always reasons why laws exist. The case for tobacco prohibition is actually much stronger than the case for marijuana prohibition since tobacco has provably harmful effects and no benefits. Over the years, various studies conducted around the world have found multiple medical benefits from marijuana use and public opinion regarding marijuana has changed for the better over the last few years. It is Safer Than Many Legalized Drugs. Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco, which are already legal. 2017 Crime in the United States. It can help people with HIV/AIDS overcome poor appetite. You don't have to look very hard to find examples of lives needlessly destroyed by marijuana prohibition laws. Marijuana is used for medicinal and recreational purposes around the world. Does Marijuana Legalization Increase the Demand for Marijuana? Legalization Can Help Cut Law-Enforcement Costs. He is the author of ‘Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few.’, The American Prospect depends on reader support. Many marijuana detractors claim that people who try marijuana first are bound to start using harder substances. Open 10-7 pm – 7 Days a week End result: Real crimes become harder to solve. Should Governments Legalize and Tax Marijuana? The burden of proof for marijuana prohibition advocates would be high enough if marijuana laws were enforced in a racially neutral manner, but—this should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with our country's long history of racial profiling—they are most definitely not. 8 Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized, Tom Head, Ph.D., is a historian specializing in the history of ethics, religion, and ideas. But this is more than an economic issue. A study conducted by a team of drug experts in the UK found that marijuana has lesser side effects than many other popular drugs. If you are still on the fence about marijuana, here are some reasons to help you make up your mind. THE DISCUSSIONS ARE NOT TO BE CONSTRUED AS MEDICAL ADVICE. 707-795-1600 Legalizing marijuana can help create millions of jobs. In reality, most people who use marijuana do not go on to use other substances. By simply levying a tax on marijuana like we do cigarettes and alcohol, state and local governments could raise more than $6 billion a year. To enquire about marijuana delivery near me, call us at (707) 795-1600. The federal prohibition of marijuana has been unnecessarily cruel—wasting billions of dollars, unjustly harming millions of lives, and furthering racist policies. Some other medical benefits of marijuana include: Here is a laundry list of economic reasons why legalizing marijuana makes sense: A study conducted in 2017 found that legalizing marijuana at the federal level that year would have resulted in a generation of $131.8 billion in tax revenue to be collected between 2017 and 2025. The burden of proof for marijuana prohibition advocates would be high …

They've even formed a task force to weaken public support for legalization and help spread misinformation about so-called “marijuana threats.”. It is prescribed by physicians around the world to patients with nausea. A 2010 Fraser Institute study found that legalizing and taxing marijuana could produce considerable revenue for British Columbia. "Table 43A." While alcohol is the direct or indirect cause of thousands of deaths around the country every year, there are no recorded cases of death from marijuana. But if you have the ability to support independent, non-profit journalism, we are so grateful. And Americans with criminal records have a harder time finding a job and getting the education they need. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It’s only a matter of time before governments around the world realize that legalizing marijuana is the right thing to do. The risks of marijuana are low to medium. Results from the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health: Summary of National Findings.

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