The numbers contained in this press release may differ slightly from the original press releases due to accrued interest. The Department of Justice obtained more than $3 billion in settlements and judgments from civil cases involving fraud and false claims against the government in the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2019, Assistant Attorney General Jody Hunt of the Department of Justice’s Civil Division announced today.

Governor Cuomo has signed an order to strengthen whistleblower protections for New York State’s health care workers.

The Whistleblower News Review chronicles state and federal False Claims Act cases and those of their IRS and SEC progeny. The Whistleblower News Review chronicles state and federal False Claims Act cases and those of their IRS and SEC progeny. Commissioners voted on a collection of proposals dating back to 2018. In total, the five companies paid over $162 million as part of the False Claims Act settlements. The government previously resolved related claims against ADS for $16 million and Charles Salle, the former general counsel of ADS, for $225,000. Instead of devoting their time entirely to the studies their grants were funding, researchers spent time “developing, preparing, and writing new grant applications, teaching, and engaging in other administrative activities.” A former tenured professor at TSRI, Dr. Thomas Burris acted as a whistleblower in the case and will receive a $1.75 million reward. This year, seven drug manufacturers – Actelion Pharmaceuticals US Inc., Amgen Inc., Astellas Pharma US Inc., Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Jazz Pharmacueticals Inc., Lundbeck LLC, and US Worldmeds LLC – paid a combined total of over $624 million to resolve claims that they illegally paid patient copays for their own drugs through purportedly independent foundations that the companies in fact treated as mere conduits.

The government also alleged that Insys improperly encouraged physicians to prescribe Subsys for patients who did not have cancer, and lied to insurers about patients’ diagnoses to ensure payment by federal healthcare programs. The Act helps to protect our military and first responders by ensuring that government contractors provide equipment that is safe, effective, and cost efficient; to protect American businesses and workers by promoting compliance with customs laws, trade agreements, visa requirements, and small business protections; and to protect other critical government programs ranging from the provision of disaster relief funds to farming subsidies. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a tremendous toll on America’s elderly population. Prominent Elder Law attorney Brian Mahany explains, “If you live in Florida and watch the news, nursing home administrators are demanding immunity from lawsuits and even criminal prosecution. Linde GmbH is a multinational corporation headquartered in Germany and a self-described leader in global industrial gases and engineering.

A former tenured professor at TSRI, Dr. Thomas Burris acted as a whistleblower in the case and will receive a $1.75 million reward. Another proposed rule would have granted the SEC discretion to reduce awards whenever monetary sanctions surpassed $100 million, but the commissioners voted against it.

Encompass Health Corporation (formerly known as HealthSouth Corporation), the nation’s largest operator of inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRFs), paid $48 million to resolve allegations that some of its IRFs provided inaccurate information to Medicare to maintain their status as an IRF and to earn a higher rate of reimbursement, and that some admissions to its IRFs were not medically necessary. The settlement resolved allegations that NGSC billed the Air Force for labor hours purportedly incurred by individuals stationed in the Middle East who had not actually worked the hours claimed. Whistleblower Developments is a periodic report covering significant cases, decisions, proposals, and legislation related to whistleblower statutes and how they may impact your business. In addition to combating health care fraud, the False Claims Act serves as the government’s primary civil tool to redress false claims for federal funds and property involving a multitude of other government operations and functions. This amendment aims to clarify that Dodd-Frank’s anti-retaliation provision applies equally to employees who report alleged misconduct directly to the SEC and to employees who only report alleged misconduct to their employers. In 1986, Congress strengthened the Act by increasing incentives for whistleblowers to file lawsuits alleging false claims on behalf of the government. The whistleblower cases have emerged as a primary tool for clawing back overpayments. “Having served many years in the Civil Division, I have witnessed the passion and dedication of the talented employees who have committed their careers to serving the American people and defending the interests of our great nation.”. The alleged kickback scheme was described in detail in a False Claims Act lawsuit filed against several defendants, including the Oklahoma Center for Orthopaedic and Multi-Specialty Surgery (OCOM), a surgical hospital; USP, a hospital management company; Southwest Orthopaedic Specialists (SOS), a group of orthopaedic surgeons; and two SOS physicians named Anthony L. Cruse and R.J. Langerman. Shortly thereafter, the plaintiff was fired.

Whistleblowers filed 633 qui tam suits in fiscal year 2019, and this past year the department recovered over $2.1 billion in these and earlier filed suits.

A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. On May 8, 2019, the House Financial Services Committee passed H.R. Omega Protein Corp. and Omega Protein, Inc. Government contractors purchased aluminum extrusions from SPI for use on rockets for NASA and missiles provided to the MDA. The department negotiated separate settlements with the individual owners of seven Osteo Relief Institutes for a total recovery from the owners and their clinics of more than $7.1 million. And in February of 2018, the CFTC added another $30 million whistleblower award. At this time, Wheeling had a policy of paying compensation to physicians that were “above fair market value” and/or “based on the volume or value of the physicians’ referrals.”.

According to the SEC’s announcement, the two whistleblowers were each employed in positions that would have made them the ones responsible for responding to a query letter sent to their employer by a different agency. Between January of 2010 and April of 2012, Benjamin Monsod was a nurse assessment coordinator at Longwood’s Montrose Healthcare Center. “Whistleblowers continue to play a critical role identifying new and evolving fraud schemes that might otherwise remain undetected,” said Assistant Attorney General Hunt. Christopher Ehrman, the director of the CFTC’s Whistleblower Office, stated that while regulators like the CFTC understand there may be good reasons for whistleblowers to delay in reporting, there is a “point at which a delay becomes unreasonable…. Luke Hillier, the majority owner and former Chief Executive Officer of Virginia-based defense contractor ADS, Inc., paid $20 million to settle allegations that he fraudulently obtained federal set-aside contracts reserved for small businesses that his company was ineligible to receive. As a result of that reporting delay, the CFTC reduced the whistleblower’s award by an undisclosed amount. Diane J. Savino and co-sponsored by NYS Senators Alessandra Biaggi, David Carlucci, Leroy Comrie, and Robert Jackson.

During the dates in question, 2007 to 2020, Wheeling Hospital was under the direction and control of R&V Associates, Ltd., headed by Ronald Violi.

Its 2019 revenues topped $28 billion. While many of the cases are pending in courts, five have recovered a total of nearly $360 million.
These two individuals collectively paid $250,000 to resolve allegations that five Vanguard-owned skilled nursing facilities submitted false claims to Medicare and Medicaid for nursing home services that were grossly substandard or worthless, including allegations that the facilities failed to administer medications as prescribed, failed to provide standard infection control or wound care, failed to take prophylactic measures to prevent pressure ulcers, and failed to meet basic nutrition and hygiene needs of their residents. “The accomplishments announced today reflect the extraordinary efforts of the men and women throughout the government committed to protecting the federal fisc and the integrity of the government’s programs,” said Assistant Attorney General Hunt. Send us your news: [hidden email], Whistleblower Lawsuits – Whistleblowers – False Claims Act Rewards – Resources, SEC Rule Amendments Impact Whistleblower Award Determinations, Multinational Manufacturer Must Pay $22 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations Related to Customs Fraud, WV Hospital Hit with $50 Million Settlement for Stark Law Violations, Scripps Research Institute Forced to Pay $10 Million For Misusing Funds from NIH Research Grants, Industries for the Blind Will Pay $1.9 Million to Resolve Allegations that It Misrepresented Products as Blind-Made, Three Whistleblowers Share $3 Million Award After Exposing Medicare Fraud at Longwood’s Skilled Nursing Facilities in California, Southwest Orthopaedic Specialists, an Oklahoma City Hospital, and a Hospital Management Company Will Pay $72.3 Million Over Anti-Kickback and Stark Law Violations, Novartis Will Pay $678 Million Over Illegal Kickbacks Involving Sham Doctor Events, Governor Cuomo Signs Bill to Protect Healthcare Whistleblowers from Retaliation in The Context of The Pandemic, Florida Nursing Home Residents at Risk as Operators Demand Coronavirus Immunity, developing, preparing, and writing new grant applications, teaching, and engaging in other administrative activities, Former VA Whistleblower Assigned to VA’s Brand New Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection, Book Review SAINTS, SINNERS, AND HEROES – Covert Ops in the War against the C-Suite Mafia, author Brian Mahany, The Divorcée Whistleblower: A Gold Digger’s Guide to Exposing Your Ex and His Company, Top FCA Cases In FY 2016: Whistleblowers Help Recover $2.9 Billion. According to the whistleblower complaint, SOS, OCOM, and USP, the corporation that controls OCOM, conspired to defraud Medicare, Medicaid, TriCare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal.... Novartis has agreed to pay $678 million to resolve allegations that it systematically violated the Anti-Kickback Statute in its marketing of Lotrel, Diovan, Tekturna, Exforge, Valturna, Tekamlo, and Starlix.

The government also alleged that they provided unnecessary custom knee braces to patients. Greenway Health LLC, an EHR software vendor, paid over $57 million to resolve allegations that it misrepresented the capabilities of its EHR product “Prime Suite” and provided unlawful remuneration to users to induce them to recommend Prime Suite to prospective new customers. Longwood’s alleged violations were brought to light by three whistleblowers, Judy Boyce, Benjamin Monsod, and Keith Pennetti, who will now share a $3 million award.

IRS. Finally, Assistant Attorney General Hunt expressed appreciation for the many dedicated public servants throughout the department’s Civil Division and the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices, as well as the agency Offices of Inspector General and the many other federal and state agencies that contributed to the department’s False Claims Act recoveries this past fiscal year. 767 (2018) that the plain language of Section 922 extends anti-retaliation protection to those who report misconduct directly to the SEC.

In 1986, Senator Charles Grassley and Representative Howard Berman led the successful efforts in Congress to amend the False Claims Act to, among other things, encourage whistleblowers to come forward with allegations of fraud. A high-pressure environment focused on generating revenue The Scripps Research Institute is a non-profit biomedical research center with campuses in …

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