So, maybe there had been existing portraits of Grace and Joshua that WG forgot about in the ensuing years or maybe the portrait in Joshua's room was of his father or mother, not his wife. If he deliberately didn't go back to reread his work, he was free to misremember or to ignore what went before, rather the way we all do in our own lives. As for the second point, WG said Valentine would become ever more like etc... is not the nub of the matter, in my view. The chasm between the two deepens when Valentine “kidnaps” his son from his wife. -- Edited by Stella Poldark on Thursday 8th of June 2017 08:21:58 PM. Did she deserve all that she suffered? Yes. For a start, there is strange moisture falling from the sky - que? It certainly seems to me that keeping it a mystery enhances the drama, which would be desirable from a ratings point of view. Don't forget, not that much was known about medicine  and someone of Behenna's calibre would have confidently assured George that the child would be better in no time. Your post makes complete sense. Demelza/Ross Divorced Modern AU.

edited 1 year ago. I absolutely did not signup to see the Demelza Poldark show guest starring Ross, Elizabeth, etc. And how will Ross handle coming face to face with the result of his one night of idiocy?

Was Valentine destined to become another loss George would willingly cut if he proved a disappointment? The wording is such that it is plain to see what her real motive is in writing such a letter. Don't ask me to explain.

Ross and Valentine are kinda close in the novels though. Because she's a drama queen? W.G. I'm afraid that you're wrong. Eventually, the governess bowed to social pressure and took Drake out to the woods to shoo him away like an unwanted Jack Russell. Displaying characteristic compassion, George testily declared “my son will not be deformed!” and got on with the business of standing behind the gentry at parties and trying to catch a whiff of their superior farts. And what is worse than the enemy than Ross Poldark he did not have? I find that sad that "the woman" is still being blamed. DH is probably playing up the ambiguity for people who watch the series but don't read the books - dramatic tension and all that. I think so because the boy's deformed leg had to be a daily reminder to George of his  first failure as a parent.

But I think you're wrong about who has the grandchild by the end - haven't read book 12 for a while, but don't remember it that way. He disliked Dwight, because he had chosen to be a Poldark man rather than a puppet of George. What if Valentine was sent to live with the Poldarks at Nampara? But his obsession was stubbornly unwilling.

Why did Debbie Horsfield thought it was necessary to change Winston Graham's saga to such a degree that it resembled a badly written fan fiction story? George Warleggan has everything he could ever want in life, except someone to love. Valentine would grow ever more like the man who had just left the house [Ross]. Ross will be there, for a start, which will stymie George’s favourite party game of stalking about and whispering scurrilous rumours about his nemesis into teacups. WG ... never links any of Vs features with being like Ross'. When the reader does know (The Angry Tide), and Valentine is eventually brought more to the fore and shown as an eccentric, dark character, you can see he relishes the confrontations with George. In the end the reader has the irony of knowing that George never fathered a son which was his fervent wish. Which either will be, or not, and the script so far no one knows.Jack Farting turned out funny, a little sentimental and sometimes pretty George. The provocation for her mirth? No. Selina Warleggan is the wife of Valentine Warleggan, the son of Elizabeth and George. She has written about TV, film and books for Den of Geek since 2010, and for…, Halloween: Timeline Explained for Horror Movie Franchise, Topps' Fright Flicks Cards: Where Horror and Comedy Collide, Best Horror Movies on Netflix: Scariest Films to Stream, Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? She was in an unfamiliar place, doing something she wasn't altogether confident about and was somewhat tongue-tied in her replies.

Years later, now divorced, the two parents come together to care for their sick son, unearthing memories from their dead marriage and feelings they have spent too long trying to forget. I think it remains fairly ambiguous in the books until book 12, and even then isn't quite definite. I wonder if Demelza would have given her the chance to ask by then.

It’s not her responsibility, not her concern, but still she will try. -- Edited by LJones41 on Thursday 8th of June 2017 05:53:40 PM.

like the man who had just left the house.

Elizabeth and Valentine wait for George to return home. Perhaps she’s overstepping the mark, but Elizabeth is dead. In non-communicable disease news, like some kind of street urchin little Valentine Warleggan has been diagnosed with rickets, which upset George no end. Sarah and Rachel, of course we do not know how they turned out, but with Harriet their mother, it is likely she would have been their biggest influence. Some toads. Although Valentine's parentage could perhaps not have been known even by Elizabeth, I would have liked the matter to have been talked about and put to bed by the end of The Twisted Sword. With its in-joke about the Latin name for scurvy, Caroline and Dwight’s reunion left a little to be desired on the romance front, but then, Dwight having been a prisoner of war for some months, he was looking like someone on Day 5 of Glastonbury so a certain distance is to be expected. Louisa Mellor | Whether she chooses the same for the viewer - I don't know. Unless he didn't consider it to be a very accurate likeness, that is. I do not think Ross was ever in possession of little Georgie. Is she for real? Ross agreed to let him join the mission and get himself shot if he liked, which was kind.

The common factor: all three were widowed early in their marriages and left with children to raise.

I have re-read Bella recently and I do not recall anything about Ross having Valentine's son. I think yes. There was no DNA testing so it could never be stated as fact. Is it possible that George would have turned on the boy even if his parentage had never been questioned and he was clearly a Warleggan in face and form? Will they find their way to each other? Valentine Warleggan (uncredited) 2 episodes, 2018 David Ellis Country Gentleman (uncredited) 1 episode, 2015

But still he cannot be certain and neither. She can only delay for so long. Before The Angry Tide, Ross and Elizabeth talked about it in the churchyard in The Four Swans, but I recall that, apart from a physical likeness between Ross and Valentine, it was never established as a fact that Valentine was Ross' son. Everybody cross their fingers that Morwenna hits a spot of luck and contracts TB before the month is out. Then in Warleggan I think it is Elizabeth who tells Ross of her mistake in marrying Francis. Later in the books, it seems Valentine was not so much like Ross after all, indeed, on occasions, WG writes he has a likeness to his mother, which perhaps saved much gossip where Ross was concerned. This is a fairy tale inspired AU, DisneyDark if you want a catchy phrase for it.

More than likely, this is how Valentine contracted it. She didn't because she didn't have the courage to kick George out of the room so she could talk to the doctor privately. Elizabeth had hoped that the child would be George's.

Second Quarter 1795.

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