A company is a "corporation" - an artificial person created by law. Even duties may differ from company to company of large size taking into account: (a) Whether the company is closely held or widely held and. (f) To attend all the meetings of the promoters and to assist them in arranging and conducting the meetings. He is described as the Principal Officer of the company. (l) To see that dividend is paid (by despatching dividend warrants), to the shareholders within 42 days from the date of declaration and unpaid dividend is transferred, after three years, to the general revenue account of the Central Government. (ii) Table B—A model for the Memorandum of Association of company limited by shares. A human being is a "natural" person. (g) To preserve and affix on all relevant documents the Common Seal of the company. Classification of Duties. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. The secretary of litigation must be articulate, organized and a master of time management. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Mathematics, accountancy or science) – D symbol on Standard Grade or E symbol on Higher Grade. (d) To file with the Registrar of Companies other statements necessary at the time of incorporation of a public company, like: (i) A list of first directors of the company; (ii) A consent letter from each director to act as a director; (iii) A copy of a terms of appointment of the managing director, if any; (iv) A letter of agreement, from each director to take qualification shares, if any. Plagiarism Prevention 4. (3) At the time of any arrangement (under compromise, amalga­mation or reconstruction or take-over bid by one company on another) in the company as applied for to the Court by the company itself or members or creditors, the secretary has elaborate duties for preparing records and statements, arranging meetings as directed by the Court, making circulars etc. The Company Secretary has to assist a company at every stage by virtue of his specialised knowledge, qualifications and experience. The Act, however, does not systematically describe the duties of a Company Secretary.

This can only be achieved by a genuine governance professional. Membership provides a record of accountability, which is priceless if you are working in the modern Corporate Governance environment. 2. As a Company Secretary is appointed by a contract, the broad outline of his duties is also indicated in the terms of the contract. A Company Secretary has to advise the Board of Directors in various matters related to administration of the company and particularly for the legal formalities wanted for administration. The Company Secretary has to assist a company at every stage by virtue of his specialised knowledge, qualifications and experience. (k) To see that the accounts of the company are prepared and maintained and audited as wanted by the Act. (i) To allow the members of the company to inspect the statutory books and to take copy thereof and to make all necessary communi­cation to the members. The Act also provides that the Secretary, as an officer of the company, has legal obligations to assist the Official Liquidator and to carry out the orders of the Court, if any, in the process of winding up. These can also be called Routine duties because a company appoints a secretary mainly for this purpose. (i) Copies of audited final accounts and Annual Return after the end of every financial year. (v) Table E—A model for Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association for a company with unlimited liability. Role of Company Secretary is to make sure to execute and implement the decisions take by the higher authorities like the board of directors of the company, chairman, CEOs, etc. (f) To prepare and preserve all the Statutory Books, like Register of Members, Minute Books, etc.

A company secretary is a senior position in a private sector company or public sector organisation. They have to ensure compliance in the following areas: corporate governance and conduct, compliance with legal, regulatory and listing requirements, training and induction of non-executives and trustees and contact with regulatory and external bodies. Let us help you qualify as an internationally recognised, CSSA accredited Chartered Secretary (or specialise as an Accountant, Accounting Officer, Administrator or Manager). The duties of a company secretary may be classified under the following broad heads: 1. Practically, the Secretary functions as an agent of the directors of the company who are the agents or the company itself. He has to assist the Board of Directors also, as required in the circumstances and maintain liaison with the members, creditors, contributories, the Registrar of Companies and others concerned. (f) To receive from intending shareholders share applications with application money, with or without premium, and to make a detailed and chronological record of such receipts. The course is structured around four programmes, and each serves as an independent qualification. Chartered Secretaries command excellent salaries, but the key to getting these top jobs is the appropriate work experience and the maintenance of records of personal integrity and ability through membership of the Institute. (b) To file with the Registrar of Companies, in case of a closely held public company, a Statement in lieu of Prospectus showing the allotment of shares, at least 3 days before the allotment.

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