Sure, for the whole of the rest of the film he's mostly a decent guy but he can push all the cute kids on….

... Gillie. Compulsive lying little brat witnesses a stranger committing murder, not only does she cover for him but puts an innocent man in the frame. reminds me of that film starring clint eastwood and kevin costner where costner escapes from prison, kidnaps a young boy and eastwood is chasing him as a cop.

The relationship is pretty cool, but the suspense is generally muted and the crime-melodrama balance too frequently tips toward the latter. A young girl witnesses a murder ... and becomes infatuated with the idea of running away with the handsome killer! "[2] Although Hayley had not expressed that much interest in acting, John Mills and his wife agreed. Forgot your password? | Rating: 4/5, July 18, 2003 (John Mills always seemed more like her grandfather than her dad but that works…. After lunch he told Mills that he wanted to change the role of the boy to a girl and cast Hayley in the part as "the whole story will be much more moving and touching in every way. The film was shot mostly on location in the Tiger Bay district of Cardiff, at Newport Transporter Bridge in Newport (12 miles from Cardiff) and at Avonmouth Docks in Bristol.

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Mills), a lonely tomboy who witnesses the murder through a mail more, George Selway

Bronek approaches seeking help in locating the address he has been given. "[6], The film was popular at the box office. Yvonne Mitchell. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. This is an utterly utterly utterly brilliant film. The pair are rescued by the police boat sent from Barry Island. Coming Soon. Ah well, I suppose I'll have to buy a DVD player soon. It marks a vital transitional moment in the move towards the British New Wave cinema exemplified a few years later by A Taste of Honey. A Polish sailor on leave, Korchinsky (Horst Buchholz), heads into Tiger Bay to visit his girlfriend, Anya (Yvonne Mitchell). Their noisy argument attracts the attention of 12-year-old Gillie (Hayley

In another part of the police station, Barclay admits to owning the gun and having visited Anya's apartment after she had been shot. This…, Everything on the brand new Criterion Channel Streaming service. In fact, I can safely say the last time I saw it was in similar circumstances over ten years ago - I was off sick from work and resting up on the sofa - when it was screened on BBC2 one afternoon.

(1959). During the 1960s, a Caribbean sailor and his tomboy daughter search for buried treasure but run into unsavory characters and a cute lawyer who's after romance. Elder Wills and starring the Chinese-American actor Anna May Wong. It was directed by J. Lee Thompson, produced by John Hawkesworth, and co-written by John Hawkesworth and Shelley Smith (pseudonym of Nancy Hermione Bodington). The mother of Gillie's choir friend finds the bullet Gillie gave him, and the boy tells Graham about the gun. Mills' performance absolutely floored me.

?Nowhere near as interesting as the real life murder mystery of SHREDS, Twelve-year-old Hayley Mills made a luminous debut in this suspense film, as a lonely fabulist who befriends the Polish immigrant (Horst Buchholz, in his English-language debut) she saw gun down his faithless girlfriend in a fit of jealous rage. In the story the witness to the murder was a young boy. Besetzung: John Mills, Horst Buchholz, Hayley Mills, Megs Jenkins. The film has repeated sections showing the Newport Transporter Bridge in action, one of the few travelling bridges in the world.

Cast & Crew. 1960 Nominated BAFTA Film Award – Best British Film, J. Lee Thompson, 1960 Nominated BAFTA Film Award – Best British Screenplay, John Hawkesworth and Shelley Smith, 1960 Nominated BAFTA Film Award – Best Film from any Source, J. Lee Thompson, 1959 Nominated Golden Berlin Bear, J. Lee Thompson, This page was last edited on 31 July 2020, at 07:37. Bronislaw Korchinsky (Horst Buchholz), a Polish sailor, returns to the English apartment of his ex-lover only to kill her with her own gun during an argument.

The best Hayley Mills film, no comparison. In Tiger Bay, the docklands of Cardiff, rough-and-tumble street urchin Gillie witnesses the brutal killing of a young woman at the hands of visiting Polish sailor Korchinsky. I got lucky with this one though, I found it on YouTube. | Rating: 4/5. It was a pity that there was a lack of Welsh accents seeing as the film was set in Cardiff, but I liked the use of black actors as extras in street scenes. I mean, I knew going into it I probably would because besides Hayley it also has John Mills (her dad), Anthony Dawson and Megs Jenkins in it, and I love them too. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Above average Disney drama with Hayley Mills and dad John. So it was good to catch up with it again today. Don’t worry, it won’t take long. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango.

| Rating: 4/5, July 18, 2005 Young Hayley Mills lies her way through this entire film, framing an innocent man, and leading the police a merry dance. More details at

Report this film. This review may contain spoilers. Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. Nevertheless, Graham attempts to arrest Bronek, but the ship's captain prevents him, saying that his navigation officer has plotted Poloma's position as just outside the three-mile limit, and therefore beyond the jurisdiction of the British police. Mobile site.

Lee-Thompson's direction, less happy in the early scenes of murder and first encounter, is otherwise craftsmanlike, with a good use of locations and above all a firm feeling for outcasts and foreigners, their solidity and their background. You're almost there! A Certificate ... though Hollywood tended to cast the Chinese-American actress in stereotypical "Dragon Lady" roles.

It features many authentic scenes of the children's street culture and the black street culture of the time, along with many dockside shots and scenes in real pubs and the surrounding countryside. tiger bay is just as good with great performances all round, especially so from the three leading cast! But my getting deeper into cinema was largely wanting an alternative to…, if i were a grown man and i got out-acted by an 11 year old in her very first film role i would simply retire out of embarrassment... rip to horst buchholz but im different. The film is about a young Englishman abroad, Michael, who deliberately visits a tough Chinese district of Tiger Bay to test his strength. 16-Apr. Walt Disney's wife saw the movie and recommended her for the role of Pollyanna. They won't be able to see your review if you only submit your rating. (As of 09/7/20) Sort list by last added for latest additions…, Crowdsourced from Twitter - great films you think the vast majority of the world have missed out on.

Later, as police officers search the bag, they find a photograph of Bronek and Anna, and recognise Anna. Compassionate look at the troubles of two young newlyweds, whose marriage has yet to be consummated. When the inspector confronts Gillie and Bronek now together aboard the Poloma, they deny knowing each other. John Mills said when they started filming "I simply couldn't believe what was happening. This is one of the best child acting performances. Some picnickers find Gillie at the country hideout and take her to the police, where she continues to lie, identifying Barclay as the murderer.

It was alright, daft ending. The film does not consider his punishment. I can handle the truth. It also features an amazingly strong onscreen acting debut from 12-year old Hayley Mills (playing an 11-year old).

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So it was good to catch up with it again today. A British brain surgeon punishes the murderess of his lover.

Gillie witnesses the incident through the letter box in the apartment door. The effort to bring out the tough variety of place and class and feature is something that wants applauding even when it only half succeeds. An elderly woman hires a governess with a mysterious past to look after her disturbed and spoiled teenage granddaughter, who eventually understands the meaning of self-sacrifice, as an example of love, and grows into a better person.

The desk sergeant curses her for being a prostitute, and accuses her of having taken something from the bag, annoying her. Bronislaw Korchinsky. All Critics (8) Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand.

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[1], Thompson went to Mills' house in Sussex to discuss the project and wound up talking to Mills' daughter Hayley.

The film is about a young Englishman abroad, Michael, who deliberately visits a tough Chinese district of Tiger Bay to test his strength. She ultimately bonds with him and misleads the police in their investigation. (They still are, actually!) Graham drives Gillie to the station at Barry Docks and takes her on a pilot boat to the Poloma as the ship approaches the boundary of territorial waters. [8] Bucholz and Thompson were to reunite in a film called The Rebel but it appears to have not been made.[9].

I expected something a wee bit more psychologically complex, but I think that's because I compare every "killer on the run" movie to Odd Man Out, which is a mistake because NO movie is as good as Odd Man Out. J. Lee Thompson's drama is notable for the way it almost reverses the roles of the villain and the innocent here. Hayley Mills.

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