The show mines folklore and legend for true spooky stories.

After this episode, you will always wonder why …. You give speeches on OTR and such other topics as Women in aviation books to this day. When the music finally drives the man to kill, the listener realizes that the hypnotist has used the theme song from Quiet, Please to induce murder. If you are a fan of the show, the song will be embedded in your head forever. Cavalcade of America [1941-09-22-29], Fred Allen Show [1946-05-26] / with Jack Benny, Tape 15. Gunsmoke. The rock brought up to the surface while drilling for oil can be millions of years old. What other OTR organizations do you belong to. From here to Boston [1960-11-27], Vic and Sade. And it’s one of the creepiest things I’ve ever heard.

The Thing on the Fourble Board And one of the scariest radio plays... Posted by New Jovian Thunderbolt at 6:53 PM. 93. Four books from our series and imprints + limited-edition tote + all the perks of the digital membership. SPERDVAC?

By tapping into the audience’s willingness to use their imagination the audio stories are often more frightening. You could, for example, turn a publicly available music album into a podcast. Born Reading: Bringing Up Bookworms in a Digital Age.

terms of running autoloaders without having malfunctions aka stoppages Time I was a roughneck, we got this one well down to seventy-three hundred and thirteen feet. Saint. Fourteen August [1945-08-14], Dragnet.

The Tanis podcast is hosted by Nic Silver, a fictional Black Tapes Podcast producer searching for a lost city. The thing on the fourble board [1948-08-09]. Lore joined other horror podcasts like Knifepoint Horror, Pseudopod, and lots of other programs. Labels: Old Timers.

When did you first get interested in Old Time Radio. In our smartphone century, life can feel like one long stream of videos and social media updates.

The Jazz singer [1947-06-02], Tape 7.

Like many other radio drama fans, I took refuge in an antique storytelling medium enjoyed without the distractions of photographs, videos, or social media posts. QUIET PLEASE "The Thing On The Fourble Board" 4. Here are some of the best: Star Wars: The Original Radio Dramas: NPR’s audio adaptation of the original Star Wars trilogy, The Wheel of Time: Audiobook of the Robert Jordan fantasy series, split into over 700 chapters, Tumanbay: Epic radio drama inspired by the Egyptian Mamluk slave dynasty, Dragnet: 344 episodes of the 1950s ripped-from-the-headlines detective show, Abbott & Costello: Over 170 sketches, full episodes, and assorted bits from the “Who’s on First” comedy duo, Yes Minister: Radio adaptation of the British political sitcom, The Flight of the Conchords: Precursor to the band’s TV show, The Complete Mr Ripley: Adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s novel series, Earthsearch: James Follett’s 80s sci-fi drama about a generation ship finding its way home to Earth, John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme: Contemporary British sketch show, A Canticle for Liebowitz: Audio recording of Walter M. Miller, Jr.’s novel, I Robot: Radio adaptation of Asimov’s short stories, Bleak Expectations: Goofy Charles Dickens parody with episode titles like “A Life Sadly Smashed Then Happily Restored A Bit,” “A Now Grim Life Yet More Grimified,” and “A Horrible Life Un-ruined And Then Re-ruinated A Lot”, That Mitchell & Webb Sound: The radio precursor to the TV sketch show That Mitchell & Webb Look, Angstrom: Spoof about a Scandanavian detective, from two writers for That Mitchell & Webb Look, I’m Sorry, I Haven’t a Clue: Over 500 episodes of the British comedy panel show from the 70s to 2018, Howard Stern 1990s: A compilation of old Stern episodes, The Ricky Gervais Show: The first 12 episodes of the show that made Karl Pilkington famous, Agatha Christie: 49 BBC adaptations of the mystery writer’s work, The Adventures of Horatio Hornblower: 1950s radio adaptation of the C. S. Forester novels, Blue Jam: 90s late-night show from Brass Eye creator Chris Morris, featuring music interspersed with sometimes disturbing comedy sketches, On the Hour: News parody show from Chris Morris and Armando Iannucci, and the first appearance of Steve Coogan’s character Alan Partridge. By a single person …”. Money or your life [03-28-48], Tape 16. The shadow of death [1945-10-02], Great Gildersleeve. Like that unfortunate artist, Wyllis Cooper is the damned patron saint of horror podcasting. Quiet, Please The Thing On the Fourble-Board 8/9/1948 Quiet, Please Presto Chango, I'm Sure 8/16/1948 Quiet, Please Three Thousand Words 8/23/1948 Quiet, Please Motive 8/30/1948 Quiet, Please The Third Man's Story 9/6/1948 Quiet, Please Symphony In D Minor 9/13/1948 Quiet, Please Anonymous 9/19/1948 Quiet, Please Light the Lamp For Me 9/26/1948 time, they probably would have still done it. If Ginsberg had let Scalia put the words "strict scrutiny" in Heller and Hillary said "Gun control is just not going to be a priority for my administration," Hillary would have been elected President. The thing on the fourble board [1948-08-09]. The Black Tapes Podcast follows the fictional adventures of Alex Reagan, a radio reporter investigating the life and work of paranormal researcher Dr. Richard Strand. 059 08-09-48 THE THING ON THE FOURBLE BOARD - Dan Sutter, Pat O'Malley, Cecil Roy. Author and actor Patton Oswalt once discussed the show with speculative fiction author Harlan Ellison. McGee's Christmas gifts [1941-12-21], Tape 19. It turned 18 yesterday. I have the Vincent Price version of this story, and will be reviewing it here in due course. “Lore’s growth has been astronomical,” Mahnke told me in an email. You help out OTR collectors today, on such internet resources as the OTR Bulletin board.

Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) GOALS. The intrepid reporter finds the music and plays it on the podcast — warning us that it could kill us someday.

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