Each episode cost £100,000, (or approx. Why, STRANGE REPORT: Report No.2475 -

NW8 In 2007, France 2 satirically used it to introduce a report about relations between the newly elected French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his first Prime Minister François Fillon.[9]. [2] It won its highest awards in Australia and Spain,[3] and Roger Moore and Tony Curtis were decorated in Germany and France for their acting. Abercorn Place, NW8 [11] In France, Amicalement vôtre (Yours, Amicably) was based on the redubbed German version instead of the English original[citation needed]. as "a unique mixture of street slang and ironic tongue-in-cheek remarks" and it "even mentioned Lord Sinclair becoming 007 on one or two occasions". She cited Curtis's foul temper as the reason why the set of the "Five Miles to Midnight" episode was tense. HEART:'No choice for the donor', DEPARTMENT S: The Double Death of

Visiting the Bond locations even takes you to some of the most beautiful places in the world. She cited Curtis's foul temper as the reason why the set of the "Five Miles to Midnight" episode was tense. Bullets fly on the French Riviera when Danny encounters Angie (, Danny gets himself chained to an attaché case intended for the British Secret Service (. Terrace, NW8 Thomas Banacek is a clever and well-to-do insurance investigator living in Boston. Grudgingly, Wilde and Sinclair agree to help Fulton to solve a case. For instance the nuanced differences between the accents and manners of Tony Curtis, the American self-made millionaire Danny Wilde from the Brooklyn slums, and Roger Moore, the most polished British Lord Sinclair, would be hard to convey to foreign viewers. are the images. The series's synth-laden theme music was composed by John Barry. and Silverstone Circuit In the DVD documentary, "The Morning After", Bob Baker states that Lew Grade was prepared to finance a second series, despite its failure in America, by re-casting with Noel Harrison, son of Rex Harrison, as a replacement for Moore. Place, NW8.

Curtis himself had suffered a tough childhood in the Bronx, and also had served in the US Navy. Although the Judge recurs in the series, he has no formal relationship with his two agents. In 2013, the Aston Martin DBS was an invited participant at two of Europe's most exclusive motoring concours, the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este at Lake Como, and the Salon Privé Concours in London.

Fulton asks Brett and Danny to get him out of the country, but when a beautiful photographer (, When the spoiled daughter (Vivienne Ventura) of an immensely wealthy man (, Lord Brett wakes up from a wild party in Stockholm with a hangover – and a wife (, Someone is killing off Brett's aristocratic relatives one by one, and unless he and Danny can identify the murderer the next name on the family tomb will be his own. Airdates are from LWT London. In episode 12, "That's Me Over There", it appears that Sinclair has had a longstanding interest in crime-fighting, as he has had a dedicated telephone line installed for an informer on a master criminal. As a huge 007 fan, devoted to the good life and good drinks the trips are not as much about visiting as they are about living. Pigeons, THE NEW AVENGERS: Cat Amongst The Grudgingly, Wilde and Sinclair agree to help Fulton to solve a case. He makes good money by solving the most intricate and unusual mysteries, and is very pr... Kate Jackson £1,800,000 in 2007) to make. This page was last edited on 25 September 2020, at 22:43.

[15] Despite third-party claims, Curtis and Moore consistently maintained they had an amicable working relationship.

[14] Despite third-party claims, Curtis and Moore consistently maintained they had an amicable working relationship.

Researching, visiting and writing about the classic and exotic film locations that has been frequented by the most British of all heroes for over 50 years. Later Danny is kidnapped by Krane and Brett (Roger Moore) attempts to give chase in his Aston Martin DBS but he is held at gunpoint by Prentice (Neil Hallett) who forces him into his car. The younger images of Tony Curtis are genuine, whereas the images of Roger Moore (with one exception) were mock-ups created for the credits. The show's theme song was sampled in Snoop Dogg's "Lavender" video. In "The Man in the Middle" he endangers his agents so that they must act in his behalf. Swindle: "Square root of evil", STRANGE REPORT: Report 0649 SKELETON: The show used many of the resources of Moore's previous show, The Saint. Rather […] [1] In a 2006 interview, Curtis attributed the lack of success in the US to the ABC Network failing to put the show on at prime time.[17]. Banacek The conclusion shows them together enjoying a life of sport, drink, women and gambling. Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, France (police roadblock) 1 of 1 found this interesting Interesting? - Bromma Airport, Stockholm. named 'Take Seven', we get to see the exterior of Lord Brett Sinclair's London apartment. Pigeons, THE PROFFESIONALS: The Madness of The exact whereabouts of the Dino today is unknown, but it is reliably believed to be in private ownership in Italy. The title sequence retains a certain cachet among professional film editors. In total 24 episodes of The Persuaders! Actress, In Rome, Frank Rocco, a Mafia hitman, is on the run from the Mob after offering to turn state's evidence.

Unicorn, MAN IN A SUITCASE: Somebody

They instantly dislike each other and destroy a hotel bar during a fist-fight. This was largely because the dubbing was substantively altered creating a completely different program. Trafalgar Square, WC2 Pleased with that combination, Robert S. Baker and Lew Grade funded the new series. written by James Bond Locations James Bond Locations Welcome to my hobby – Traveling around the world, visiting filming locations from the James Bond film series. [20] Dialogue frequently broke the fourth wall with lines like "Junge, lass doch die Sprüche, die setzen ja die nächste Folge ab!" The Sweet Scent of Death, MAN IN A SUITCASE: Property Of A

Danny Wilde's Ferrari Dino bears Italian registration plate MO 221400 (the 'MO' component represents the province of Modena, which happens to be the headquarters and manufacturing base of Ferrari).

Street, NW8, F2,H20, H22 see Heathrow Airport and Hounslow One of these pieces is a high-buttoning green suit tailored by Cyril Castle with an equestrian and military heritage, featured only in the 1971 episode “Take Seven”. Moreover, Moore's role as producer is not obvious from watching the series, but Curtis confi… Millbank Tower, Never heard of him." [1] But The Persuaders made little impact in America, airing on ABC on Saturday nights opposite Mission: Impossible.

Go McGill? In Germany and some other European countries, this series was dubbed in an unconventional way, using very funny, often absurd expressions and phrases. Guest starring, Brett and Danny try to save a beautiful heiress (. :That's Me Over There (Leslie Norman: 1971) Danny Wilde (Tony Curtis) arrives at the Speakington Auction, in a Rolls Royce, posing as Lord Sinclair. Room, STRANGE REPORT: Report 5055 Cult: As the biographies approach their current ages, a series of four short sequences combine live footage with torn newspaper clippings, connoting their excitingly peripatetic lifestyles. were completed.

Wellington Road, NW8 (Lad, just quit the big talk, or they'll cancel the next episode!) However, BBC Radio 5 presenter Dave Aldridge later asked: "Was seventies TV really this good?". The titles were specifically designed so that neither actor would appear to have top billing, something both Moore and Curtis stipulated when they agreed to co-star. In "Element of Risk", he is mistaken for a criminal mastermind named Lomax, played by Shane Rimmer. were given different translations simply because the original English series would not have made sense to local audiences. The Persuaders! Bishop, THE SECRET SERVICE: A Question Of In her autobiography Second Act, Joan Collins detailed how they did not get along when she was a guest star.

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Churchyard, EC4 Script error: No such module "Check for unknown parameters". Showing all 19 items ... Jump to: Filming Locations (18) Filming Dates (1) Filming Locations. In 1995, Peugeot released an advertisement for the 306 car, with the theme of the opening title sequence, the split-screen process and even the voice of Michel Roux, who dubbed Tony Curtis in the French broadcast of the original series. The Persuaders! He later became a millionaire in the oil business, subsequently making and then losing several fortunes as a Wall Street investor. Fulton persuades Brett to help identify a traitor in British Intelligence; but when Brett and Danny fall foul of MI5 agent Kay (, Brett must extricate Danny when he's mistaken for an American criminal mastermind (, Danny gets more than he bargains for when his newest acquisition, an English country cottage, proves to house a deadly secret. Television Reporters International Tribune/ITC, Pinewood Studios .

Great George Street, Even though there are several international flights from Bromma today, there are no flights to London. Pass

[2], In a 2005 interview, Curtis referred to Moore with affection and stated that he would not participate in a remake of The Persuaders! Wilde is an American who grew up in poverty in. He then releases them from any threat of jail. This success allowed ITC to recoup much of its production costs soon after principal photography was completed. [2], In a 2005 interview, Curtis referred to Moore with affection and stated that he would not participate in a remake of The Persuaders!

Authorised Guide to The Professionals. Filming Locations (6) Filming Locations. Argentinian academic Sergio Viaggio commented "how could it have been preserved in Spanish? Abercorn Place, NW8

Yes No.

Mickey Hamilton. Thankfully my friend is equally amused as me, in making the location trips and hopefully we will never run out of new sights. Mews South, SW1 Template:About

The Mall, SW1 Television Reporters International Tribune/ITC, Pinewood Studios, H10, Producer(s) : Robert S. Baker [20], In 2006 a news story by CBS News on the German dubbing industry mentioned The Persuaders! Queensgate, SW7 Italy, F33,Q8 see Bryn Bras Castle, H3 see Brands Hatch Filming was conducted on location in Europe (such as location filming in France, Spain, Sweden, and Italy) and at Pinewood Studios in Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire. Marlborough Street, EC3 see Llanberis Pass and Torquay

250px ' Television show information Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy Created by Robert S. Baker Starring Tony Curtis Roger Moore Laurence Naismith Country of origin United Kingdom Original language(s) English Production Distributor ITC Entertainment Broadcast Chronology Loses...Somebody Wins, MAN IN A SUITCASE: The Man Who Stood Danny Wilde drives a red left-hand-drive Dino 246 GT (chassis number 00810).

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