Thanh Dat Roller Shutter Door. Excalibur: FOOL! On the walls and floor of the bar of the overly exuberant bartender. Like Excalibur, the annoying holy sword of Soul Eater! Boomstick: After killing a shitton of people, a fiery demon awoke within Soul Edge. The above info came from Kaitlyn Tillery, and was edited by yours truly. Excalibur describes his traditional morning routine as including a cup of coffee. Inferno flew towards Excalibur and attempted to grab him, but Excalibur teleported behind Inferno before that could happen. Only I am allowed to discuss the beard I once wore, unless you are willing to describe it in great splendor. As a weapon, I can grow wings and fly places. Ox lowers his head in frustration, as the phrase, "Please take good care of things" (presumably another provision), appears on screen. Boomstick: Oh my *bleep*ing God! Black Star says it is short because only one word is needed to describe Excalibur: "Fool!". Excalibur: Hmm. Suddenly, Excalibur quickly got back up in an anime fashion and began laughing hysterically. Excalibur: FOOL! Those who pull the sword from the earth attain the title of warrior and conquer the world whole. But here, Excalibur's story doesn't... exactly... end... Excalibur: FOOL! Inferno requires a mortal body in order to be active, and in order to protect his wielder, he can manifest himself at the risk of his own life.

But then Nightmare cut him off. He also briefly appears in: Episode 46 - "Warrior or Slaughterer? However, Ox says that the legends refer to Excalibur as sleeping silently. Very well. That's something only Maka, Giriko, and Justin Law have been able to do. Excalibur's walk closely resembles the cover to one of David Bowie's albums. For that, I will now sing you all a song. Boomstick: ...I'm fucking done with this guy. In the Funimation English dub, Excalibur adds that his morning coffee always includes cream. He advertises the benefits of winning him: his sharp blade, his beautiful form, and, for a limited time offer, four free hours of his five-hour recitation party. There were many fairies flying around guarding the sword, and watching for anyone to come by. Boomstick: What the-? They thought for sure that no one else would come by, until suddenly, a large shadow cast over everyone. Wiz: Well, fortunately for you, Boomstick, Excalibur isn't perfect. As Ox speaks, images of King Arthur wielding Excalibur appear. Soul Eater AMV (Death the Kid) - Hysteria (Muse) Shortfilms. The Kid. shouted Excalibur.

When he was shown fighting, Excalibur actually displayed a huge amount of power. It is a repetitive piece of music about himself. The last two people to come by to take the sword were some really annoying kid who wanted to surpass God and a guy who always wanted things to be symmetrical. Excalibur then whaps the corpse with his cane--making the corpse groan (as if the person is not really dead)--before pointing the cane across all persons present: a maid, Watson, Holmes, and the knife-twirling butler. A swordfight between two legendary blades! He thinks highly of his own creation and performance, given that he sings it for those who show genuine interest in him, like Ox Ford and Hero. Soul Eater Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. "Excalibur... the Holy Sword... your soul is mine.". Seriously, this guy has something like 100 provisions that-, Boomstick: *Continuous bleeping sound is heard*. From there, I accomplished many great feats. 4:38 [Ino Kaze] Soul Eater - Death The Kid AMV/ASMV. Boomstick: But there are some swords you should NEVER pick up! "You're nothing but a fool if you believe you can defeat me.

But with Holy Explosion, I can rip through time and space itself. That's a kishin you're talking about. He's a more seasoned fighter and has much more striking power behind his attacks, but other than that, his advantages end there. Then sometime in the 16th century-. Showdown: Mifune vs. ", Excalibur's opera house music is heard again at the Eve Anniversary Celebration in, In Soul and Maka's apartment, even before Liz explains that her report is about Excalibur, Kid already shows the, The corpse groans when Excalibur hits it--as if the person is not really quite dead. [2] Because it is, in actualitc, considered a worthless composition with equally unimaginative choreography, it is more likely to further test the patience of its audience than serve as a reward. 4:38 [Ino Kaze] Soul Eater - Death The Kid AMV/ASMV. I told you he was a kishin. Inferno and Nightmare began to pummel Excalibur with their attacks continuously. Boomstick: And the Holy Sword wins again! "Time to rid this world of this sword." They stand atop a cavern. The above description came from Kaitlyn Tillery, and was edited by yours truly. 32: another excalibur episode. Boomstick: Nightmare was truly a force to be reckoned with. Excalibur accompanied King Arthur to Rome on a ship. On his way out, Ox spits into the cavern's water. In the Soul Eater universe, characters fight against demons who have taken thousands of souls every day. The episode is original to the anime, although Excalibur's song was later included in the Salvage Arc of the manga. Scenes that appear in Excalibur's first New York City flashback include parodies of 42nd Street, the Empire State Building, and the Apollo Theater (misspelled as "Appolo").

Give your best, if such a threshold exists.". But then Soul Edge decided that Cervantes wasn't that badass vessel he was looking for, so he forced himself out of him by making him stay there until Taki and Sophitia showed up and kicked his ass, so that Soul Edge could find someone even more powerful. Wiz: And Nightmare, the living embodiment of Soul Edge. I can teleport wherever I want instantly. While Ox agrees, Excalibur knocks all of Ox's meal into the water then states Provision #349: "Wasting food is bad. Nightmare sighed, then swung his sword at Excalibur while Excalibur swung his cane. Meisters must eat everything regardless of personal likes and dislikes! Excalibur from the anime Soul Eaters. The woman's back is turned towards Excalibur, while he lies on his back, eyes open.

Probably because Excalibur's legend dates back to the 12th Century, and Nightmare's only dates back to the 16th. That the corpse is living in a scene steeped in allusions to British culture may be a subtle allusion to the film. We've seen people turn into many different badass weapons, but there's only one weapon which is more powerful than all the others. EXCALIBUUUUUUUURRR! Excalibur ends the story abruptly--shocking Ox, who was drawn into this story but disappointed at the ending. It's... actually... canonically... without question... *quickly* Excalibur. Excalibur blocked a swing from Soul Edge with his cane once more, but then Excalibur began to feel the force of the blow. And you can help me sing the Excalibur song-". Black Star tells Tsubaki he finished his report on Excalibur, annoying Liz at how short the report is at one page. Arthur wields Excalibur as the two descend the cliff, ready to face the swarm of Roman soldiers.

Excalibur's car features an image of his top hat on the hood's ornament. That evening, Excalibur thinks he has said enough about the 1000 Provisions, asking that Ox join him for Provision #452: the five-hour recitation party. Wiz: And it's... none other than... *sigh*. Black Star's report on Excalibur: "Fool! Another portrait in the flat shows Excalibur and clouds against a blue sky. ", 349: "Wasting food is bad. FROM THE UNITED K! Night Terror and Excalibur locked blades, the two of them in a seemingly endless struggle. Death the Kid rastet aus/Soul Eater : Du störst ! Anyway, if it weren't for Soulcalibur, Nightmare would have likely already conquered the entire world. What is the differences between Justice & Revenge? Still have questions? Only King Arthur and Hero the Brave are known to have been able to fulfill this invasive requirement.

But it resulted in the mass murder of an entire Spanish Port town. The man watched on - partly in curiosity, partly in annoyance. Excalibur then announces Ox has been chosen, transforming into his sword form into Ox's hands. Excalibur then clapped for himself. He also excoriates Ox for assuming the woman in the photograph was in any way related to his flashback, then instructs him to follow Provision #58: "Do not talk to Excalibur while he is humming to himself."

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