White was a scared color to the Siam people. It may not be visible until their about a month old, but then different brown spots will emerge around their face, toes, and tail. I grew up with this type of cat, and I couldn't imagine have …, Lilac Point Siamese Not rated yetLilac Point Siamese have been in our family for many years now.

To pick up on the notes of the Wedge Siamese’s health, they certainly do appear to have more health issues than any other Siamese. Let’s take a look at the traditional side first.

These cats are easily recognizable by their apple shaped skulls. Cat Nail Caps: What Are The Pros & Cons?

The traditional Siamese cat is said to be very intelligent, healthy, loyal to its owner, and very "talkative". Your server might also be unable to connect to Instagram at this time. Since this breed originated from the town Siam or Thailand, thus it has been given the name of Siamese. While cats are notorious for being adventurous creatures, you will still worry about them going... Why Do Cat Scratches Itch - Common Causes. But the Applehead is considered by some to be a bit more peaceful and less vocal than other Siamese. These cats are the blend of Thai and oriental cats with blue almond shaped eyes. Siamese cats are one of the most popular breeds which are now present in various varieties and one of the identifiable factors are their heads.

Siamese cats in general are beautiful, elegant, and somewhat regal creatures with a real air of elegance and class to them. The modern Siamese is further categorized as, dark-coloured point, Wedgies and light-coloured points. They have completely taken over our lives with affection and energy. Seen in dozens of movies and known for their athleticism and intelligent, this breed has undoubtedly come a long way.

The Tortie is named after the tortoise shell and may have reddish spots with more circular patterns in their fur. The Classic Siamese is also big boned, but has a slightly more elongated body than the traditional. Siamese cat coat’s contain specific patterns which are known as “pointing patterns”. Breed Standard. They are so beautiful and have that Siamese attitude that you either love or hate. Traditional Siamese or Applehead Siamese. It is only when they age that the seal-point coloration becomes apparent. If you own a Siamese or are considering adopting, you should know which type of this brilliant and playful feline is best suited for you.
Not rated yetI am 14 years old, and I absoloutly LOVE siamese cats! Here is the site name Zoological World. Dating back hundreds of years in Thailand, there are hieroglyphic depictions of what researchers believe is the Siamese feline.

Types of Siamese Cats. But due to the triangular shape of their heads, they are also prone to dental issues. Siamese cats are so appealing due to variety and unusual coat colours. These are medium-sized cats with the males that can grow at least eighteen pounds. These cats have pink noses and paw pads. How they seem to mimic the words they hear or seem to know what you are thinking. We do our best to help you better understand your cats; however, the information on this blog is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. Due to the breeding technicalities, they are not considered as pure. Both Traditional and Modern Siamese cats have the ability to develop the same colorations and patterns of fur. Siamese cats actually all come out of the womb completely white!

These cats are also famous as “Show cats”. This looks like a long hair Calico. They typically look similar to the Seal Points, but with a more marked contrast in color. For medical advice, see your vet. The coloration distinguishers include seal point, blue point, chocolate point, and lilac point. Their tails are long but not as the other two traditional Siamese cats. 1. The ears and nose will be larger. Specifically, they both share the seal-point coloration gene which partly gives them their distinctive appearance. Applehead Siamese. However, there are only two types of Siamese cat which are officially recognized. Male vs Female Cats – What are the Pros & Cons? In the 1900’s, these cats were very popular. These Siamese cats have soft cream colored bodies. This is when you’ll have a greater understanding (if you didn’t already) of what kind of Siamese you have based on coloration. When we say Siamese cats people most commonly think about them. Entering your story is easy to do. They do not develop any dark spotting.

The image of a Siamese Cat can differ greatly from person to person, and that’s because Siamese cat varieties do indeed look quite different from one another! As the name suggests, the Siamese cats, which fall under this category, have been there since the beginning. When we say Siamese cats people most commonly think about them. Variants can also occur between Tabby Point and Tortie point. Though it does not affect them all, some only live five or six years. The smaller subcategories are compiled by distinguishing coloration and standards set … We provide pictures so you can help recognize what type of Siamese cat you may have in your family. Siamese cats are classified into two main groups: Traditional and Modern. Their life expectancy can be lower due to these issues, some only five to six years old. This breed of Siamese feline is the current show cat, and they share the same affectionate and sweet disposition as the rest of their family. Don’t panic; we’ll review this together. The Traditional Applehead is the stocky version of the Siamese cat. Are the Siamese cats protected?, check the history…, Do Siamese Cats Like Bathing? Many groups and variations which are not recognized by other associations at all. This does not necessarily mean all these types of Siamese cat are recognized by breed organizations. The points are darker as compared to the base coat. Within the traditional family, they have been further broken down into three groups. It is known as the second original Siamese that was brought over from Siam, Thailand. In actuality, these cute furballs are sweet, even-tempered, and loving. Not to freak you out but there are 3-4 variations in each of the next two subcategories! If this feels like your kind of place, why not bookmark us and visit us again?

Their change developed when Siamese cats were brought over from Europe, around the late 1800s. We know who runs the house.”, “They are so chatty with many different voices. Once the newborn reaches that cooler temperature, their coat immediately begins to change. The Traditional group is further subdivided into 3 types: Applehead, Old-style, and Classic. The Siamese would be taken to a lush palace and would live out the rest of their days in luxury as the Siam people would believe that to be their beloved lost human soul. The nose and the pawas are dark chocolate brown in colour. Links to new or updated pages are always included in What's New? We'd love to see you. For their intelligence, strong bonding to humans, playfulness and other reasons, the Siamese cat is thought of as being a cat with a ‘dog-like’ personality. The Traditional Siamese are known to have cross-eyed at the side. We strive to provide the most accurate and helpful information about cats through extensive research and caring for our own fur-pals! Apart from the shape and differentiation of Siamese cats, the different types of Siamese cats are mainly distinguished by their color. Offer them a treat afterward, so they relate the experience to something positive like a reward. The Modern Wedge became popular in the 1980s. These cats resemble  most with the Original Thailand Siamese cat because they were directly imported from there. The Traditional Siamese is said to be the original cat imported from Thailand. With the passing time, the Siamese cats have undergone a lot of change and evolution regarding their appearance. - Do's and Don't. Within the Siamese family, there are two different groups: traditional and modern. The following are the Siamese cat mix types: Traditional Siamese cats and the modern ones (Siamese cats got after breeding with the oriental cats) both have shown to have A blood type. Applehead Siamese cats are not as vocal and talkative as compared to other Siamese cats. The ears are smaller and the nose has an obvious dip when viewed in profile. There are now three types of Siamese cats. Applehead siamese cats have a round stocky and fluffy face and body but they are longer and fuller in size. First, I would like to mention that in researching the many types of Siamese, some will argue there are only two types. To your amaze the kittens of Siamese cats are born pure white with no pigmentation. However, there are more variations based on color, coat, pattern and head shapes etc. Besides the specific family, the Siamese cat also comes in five different coat styles. Links to new or updated pages are always included in. Unlike their traditional cousins, they have slanted eyes and wide noses that point straight out. Closer to a bobcat or African feline face, these Wedge-heads sadly have a lot of issues that are worth mentioning if you are an owner or looking to be. The beauty of their fur is the point of color. These Siamese cats are more of grey and blue tones. Just type!...Your story will appear on a Web page exactly the way you enter it here.

Being one of the first domesticated pets in the history of humankind, the feline has been a prized pet that distinguished wealth and high-birth rights. They …. Nose pads are slate grey in colour. What makes Siamese a wonderful option as a pet is if you’re considering getting a dog but can’t be home enough to let the dog out. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They are called “Wedgies” because of their triangular shaped head. They are even tremendously patient and proactive with children. The Old Style puss is another Siamese who is attached to their owners. Within the Siamese family, there are two different groups: traditional and modern.

However, the pigmentation gets intense as they get old. No Comments. By the end, you will be a Siamese expert! But if they’re mad at life or you, they’ll be the first to let you know about it!”, “Loved taking my Siamese for walks and it would climb on my shoulder as we hiked.

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