But I feel like we have a lot of history and can…, Heavenly father,I come to you for I have no other person or place to go to please listen to my plea grant me that clear…, Dear Lord heavenly father. To help me put my heart and soul…, Dear Lord please help me to get my increasement on the new position that you have blessed me with. !Thank…, Dear god Ireally need you to forgive me for my sins and please help me get my family back together again, Help us dear lord to see through the dark days in jesus's name and not to give up amen, I pray for all the criminals that they all get incarcerated a long time, so perhaps it'll make a difference! Watch over all those who feel isolated and alone. Thank you. to me today We believe that you will have mercy and unconditional love for your children who have been inflicted with cancer.…, Dearest Jesus,I offer up this prayer for my mother's healing. My mother is a fighter…, i had a bad dream recently later did i ran in to trouble, i am just recovering from the trouble, now i had another bad…, Dear God,I pray to you for Divine Help. Help us to seek you in time of need. Pray for…, Dear God,Please I ask if you to help my friends mom and her entire family. Lord, please know that I feel closer to you…, Dear God,My Husband joined in Ship on July 9th, the ship is old ship and many problems in the ship. I know I can't change…, Dear Lord Jesus Christ,I know that i am a sinful person please forgive all my sin's i been committed everyday since i was born. These past few months have been horrible we…, Lord, Jesus I come before you and ask you to help me in times of trouble. He needs an alternative employment and is asking…, Dear lord have mercy on me i know that i am not wordy for your help but lord i am asking you please to help…, I'm not working right now. She is struggling so much and her professor is nasty and refuses…, Heavenly Father, I pray that you can restore my marriage by making changes in my husband's heart. My two kids and I feel abandon by her…, Almighty Father,My girls have all been stressed in school this year - from bullies to teachers who cannot control their classrooms to fights on the…, I ask for relief for my parents. My family and I are in extreme financial trouble. Please protect our loved ones, our families, and our country from the Typhoon Hagupit. Please give him a bright future. Please bless me with this position that will bring me…, We are building a home but after the intial stages, work is not progressing and is delayed by 3 months. I also pray that my children's father stop being…, Hi everyone in praying,pastors,preachers and fellow people of God,i ask with a humble heart to pray for me for a permanent JOB in Jesus name…, Dear St. Joseph,We have been through so much in this home. You…, Dear St Joseph we pray, A young father trying to do the best for his family and work and organize their life need your intercession…, Dear God, We believe in miracles. My landlord is trying to evict us from our home. Help me in this time of need to see…, Heavenly Father,Please look down on my Dad with favor. Prayer for protection and strenght of my husband job. Please help me pray that he heals and gets stronger . is going to happen My soulmate left me after six years 3 months ago. If you see your favorite prayer…, Please Lord I desperately need financial help and teaching. Finally, we bring to mind any in our community that we know to be need. As we meet…, Please pray for me, my mom took my iPod away when me and my VERY depressed boyfriend were fighting. prayer for my boyfriend whose taking a driving exam today. May peace be with coworkers, customers, clients. God I thank you for helping us settle our…, Dear Lord Jesus, I ask you to forgive me my sins and heal me.

It has come to the point where I must go into…, I pray because I feel God is my best friend who will never judge me of my thoughts, fears, accomplishments.

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