Then I got bored with cleaning the hutch out. Moreover, it is generally best to buy the most complex tower available and within your budget so that your cat will not become bored.

Everything about him, from his weary, bored expression to his quiet, measured step, offered a most striking contrast to his quiet, little wife. It consists of a small hydraulic press, which forces a set of expanding bits or wedges into a bore-hole previously bored by a long screw augur or drill, worked by hand, the action of the press being continued until a sufficient strain is obtained to bring down the coal. So, if you're tired of orthodox one piece swimsuits, bored with the cavalcade of bikinis, and you find traditional tankinis a fashion yawn, then you can show a little skin by purchasing an apron-style tankini! This kind of Gemini will become bored very easily and leave a project unfinished to pursue something more exciting. 68. Karen was a typical housewife, married to a doctor and she was bored. He can also get bored and may get into mischief if you haven't given him enough attention. Bored, restless, fearful, she retreated to the back of the cave, searching it again for any sort of door or anything that might aid her escape. Summertime doesn't need to be a season of guilt for mothers who fear that their toddlers will be bored or under-stimulated. Is the tone bored, strident or too high-pitched, perhaps? All Rights Reserved. Even if everything about your chosen school looks perfect on paper, if you feel stifled, pressured, or bored when you're actually in the program, it won't be a positive experience. Slings are truly scant swimsuits, so they won't be for everyone, but if you are bored with conventional bikinis and long for a bit of novelty, this is a style that can successfully fit the bill. If allowed to become anxious and bored, most dogs will become destructive or worse yet, aggressive.

If you're bored with traditional hair fashions, it may be time to take things up a notch with a cute and funky new look. The blocks are bored out with a hole partly in one block and partly in the other (see fig. In the ancient world of Holidays, he was getting bored with skeletons, ghouls, goblins and everything else that encompasses Halloween. On the upside at least you do n't have to spend a couple of hours being bored senseless by me. With so many things to constantly unlock, it's likely that I could play this game for the next twenty years and never be bored. 5. Aside from awful weather (which Megan would likely balk at anyway ), I decided that I'd probably get bored. The one perk is that they can be taken with you, so when you get bored you can always pull them out to pass the time. Amazing Moms: Your kids will never be bored again when you turn to this site for innovative holiday craft ideas!

It's normal to feel bored or tired with the styling requirements of our natural hair texture.

Bored cheating housewives want something more out of their life. Some people get bored with structured eating plans that require the same or similar meals day after day. When you get bored, simply choose a new song. Just Steve Rider sitting there in a dimly lit London broom cupboard looking bored off his ass. You'd be bored out of your mind. The two detectives entered the office, and the clerk, a bored and balding retiree, looked up from a crossword puzzle and, recogniz­ing Hunter, frowned. Whether you are a single mom, divorced dad or just a bored housewife, you will find a date. There are so many styles, you'll never get bored with them and again, that means flip flops accessorize all types of clothing nicely. Past-Death stepped away from her, admiring her like she was a clay pot kilned in the backyard by a bored goddess. Petstages Spider Balls: This toy has so much going on that it's nearly impossible for your dog to get bored.

Children quickly get bored by adult conversation. It's widely available, so consider picking up a copy at a local library or bookstore and introducing it to an especially bored child you know. The action-oriented nature of the game make it a great game to play when you or your kids are bored. tacky souvenirs which you're bored with within the week. They are fun and easy to use, and when you get bored with the placement of a particular accessory, chances are you can move it to another area of your home, and it will work just as well there.

Tanya: Yer sure I will watch to probably, so that Em, does n't get bored stiff. They grow bored, just as a young child would be if left alone to fend for himself. If bored or isolated too long, they may become destructive and chew for entertainment.

Everyone around him was trying to be polite, but you could tell they were all, 28. Otherwise they'll carry on churning out tacky souvenirs which you 're bored with within the week. Listen attentively when your date speaks to you, even if you are a little bored with the topic. CK12236024Tom boresme. I got a bit bored with not catching fish too.

Voters are bored with politicians warming over old policies. Play it too often and you'll become bored earlier than you'd like. No, I'm not bored and I don't have anything special to say. For those who tried the South Beach Diet but grew bored with the selection of foods to eat, the good news is the new diet offers an expanded South Beach Diet menu for what can and cannot be eaten in phases 1 and 2. These adjustments will also help keep you from becoming bored with a stagnant program.

Thousands of artesian wells have been bored, the region between Los Angeles, Santa Clara and San Bernardino being one of the most important artesian well regions of the world. Evidences of petroleum were discovered long ago, in the very field where in recent years the Beaumont and Vinton wells were bored.

She became weary of living and was bored by the tedium of existence.

Infants suck when they are tired, bored, or in need of comfort. Many people that play either Sims 2 or Sims 3 quickly become bored with the standard game play that makes up the virtual game. This is then stuck into a hole bored in the end of a suitable twig to produce the stem. If you talk too much about the bad or complain, she will become bored or frustrated.

CK11754396It's boring.mookeee12107458Tom's bored.

"Attack indeed!" If your guests seem uninterested or bored, quickly finish up the game and move onto something else. Several young girls were sitting around looking. suffering from boredom; to have nothing to do | uninterested, without attention | perforated by a hole or holes (through bioerosion or other), Adventure ran riot, and straight love-making chapters made her sleepy, they, Somewhere in a shed a calf was bawling in, That evening he had been interested in what she said; she had been frank and candid, telling him freely about herself and it had not, A stool may consist of a thick piece of wood and of three legs inserted into holes, It did not console her as it did her husband to reflect that they probably, He had a number of relatives in high places, who, No, serious contemplation of her surroundings would have certainly, My luggage was almost smothered by the time we got there, however, despite the air-holes we had, The result was that before the evening I felt very, His eyes became two staring questions that, Calyx in a sentence | Short example sentence for calyx, Mike in a sentence | Short example sentence for mike, Comes in a sentence | Short example sentence for comes, Deadly in a sentence | Short example sentence for deadly, Agile in a sentence | Short example sentence for agile, Cedilla in a sentence | Short example sentence for cedilla, Another World in a sentence | Short example sentence for another world, Vilification in a sentence | Short example sentence for vilification, Underdog in a sentence | Short example sentence for underdog, Fight Off in a sentence | Short example sentence for fight off, Immersing in a sentence | Short example sentence for immersing, Decayed in a sentence | Short example sentence for decayed, Obsessively in a sentence | Short example sentence for obsessively, Engrossed in a sentence | Short example sentence for engrossed, Matured in a sentence | Short example sentence for matured, Entranced in a sentence | Short example sentence for entranced, Nourished in a sentence | Short example sentence for nourished, Dreaming in a sentence | Short example sentence for dreaming, Endlessly in a sentence | Short example sentence for endlessly.

Family vacations can have moments of meltdown because kids are bored or tired.

Ray J told Tyra Banks on her talk show that the tape was created because they were "bored" and decided to do it for fun. A way to express his inner creativity in a way that would keep his attention and keep him from getting bored. In both appearance and movies, the characters come across as bored, spoiled, and bratty.

One legend has it that the Jade King was bored in heaven and asked his servant to gather up twelve animals from the earth so that he could see them. This will keep your body working hard and keep you from becoming bored. As in real life, if you're hanging out with someone who just wants to talk cars and all you care about is music, you will quickly grow bored with each other. I've got an army of bored assassins on the verge of killing off the wrong souls. With changing technology and tastes of the consumer gamer industry, you will never get bored or be out of work.

To try and appease environmentalists, Mr Darling has agreed to fund a £ 200m bored tunnel under Stonehenge.
Practice coming up with combinations so that your partner never gets bored with the steps that both of you know. 114. If you're bored with the default piece and board style, which is Frosted Glass for the pieces and Marble for the board material, change them to your preference. The boys were getting bored. Before too long, most gamers will either get bored or frustrated to the point where it simply isn't that much fun to play anymore.

This month's horoscope: Speeding along a busy, varied schedule till the 22nd you certainly won't be bored. I'm not bored, but it is getting late. You can relieve some of that boredom by chatting with other bored teens. Fortunately, after a week or two, the public grew bored with the subject and it slipped away like a bear in winter. The whole situation suddenly seemed quite amusing, faintly ridiculous, and I was so bored with all the tantrums. I am bored to death with it.

181. The dance eventually got its high-class reputation when noblemen, bored with the typical balls and tired old dances, began to sneak away to their servants' parties. divorced dad or just a bored housewife, you will find a date. Evgeny Onegin becomes bored with St. Petersburg society and moves to the estate of his recently deceased uncle, in the country. If you can't narrow down your idea in one page, then those reading it may become bored. When you have a summer job, you're less likely to get bored or spend hours in front of the TV, you'll have some spending money, and your parents will be proud of you.

Or was she a bored deity there to mess with him? He was bound to be bored, cold and disappointed. At Wheal Cock near St Just in Cornwall the protecting roof was so thin that holes bored for blasting more than once penetrated to the bed of the ocean, and wooden plugs were kept on hand to drive into such holes when this occurred. Gabriel followed them out obediently, content to hang around them while bored. You can arrange the pieces in a way that fits the room, then rearrange them when you get bored. Bored after another tour around, she returned to the office to examine the books lining one wall. They get bored with repetition and what they see as raking over the dead embers of the past. You don't want to send many saying the same thing because your partner will start to get bored and annoyed. Its wide range of piling techniques includes rotary bored, CFA, precast driven and retaining wall piling.

The upper plate is bored through the centre and carries a conical pillar, which rotates freely in it and supports a horizontal plate, to the extreme ends of which are attached, by means of capstan screws or otherwise, two vertical supports, on which the telescope, which is constructed to be perpendicular to the vertical axis of the instrument, rests and rotates with it.

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