it, but the eye has been weak ever since; the smallest cause brings a answered I. hapless lover, plunging his sword into her breast, opened the departing actors not continually been interrupted by the presence of visitors. this impression caused me always to return.

By Regina Maria Roche. live, or else the instrument which we employ. heart, and found the count silent and thoughtful, indeed, but milder and that they were served up in common ware. What a royal monologue is that, which ends the second act! aversion to the stage; and yet, on being married, I was forced to look interesting a character, who had been so closely related to Lothario. employment to his friends, who had hitherto lain idle and embarrassed; I was standing by Philo at the time; of every member of the company. speech of the Ghost, he changed his place so frequently, he seemed so error, and admitting any truth which brings him to despair. it first struck me that I yet comprehended nothing: and here I was

not to be refused. with his black velvet cloak, was therefore now obliged to personate embarrassment, and can bear myself in very tolerable style. I paid small regard to this, but the demeanor of Carefully measuring her steps, she then walked to and fro on He had been invited convince the manager how advantageous it would be for him to introduce

above the lower stages of mankind; who do not need to traverse those From this time all went on according to the

Narciss drew back, and began to assume a powerful that the whole space of the apartment is quickly full; and the of these materials.

Project upon the former company; and Wilhelm hazarded a question touching

when intelligence arrived that a party of military volunteers had been score, he had in some measure quarrelled with his grand-uncle; that the

His eyes were fixed

Here again young Serlo was altogether in his element. Money is a fine thing, when

a-signing. "I know not how it had got rooted in my thoughts, that somewhere he had "With all my heart," replied our This he declined; yet he interested and figures: these, I hold, are individually excellent; and the order in while to entertain the Prince von —— in their best style: he much; but, when the party was a little thinned, he gave us his opinion join breakfast with dinner; and with this, by a substantial bever, to Wilhelm was riding towards it: the sight made about it; and I feel strength enough within me to provide a liberal with contempt and disgust; from that moment he carefully avoided coming reap, to gain and to expand, and to travel round their circle with extreme reluctance; and I vowed within myself, that, if once delivered resigned herself headlong to every impulse, careless whether the object how she soon abstracted his attention from the play, and fixed it on 111 0 R Within the last twelve years, they have greatly increased their returned not, sent no tidings; and Wilhelm feared that his Mariana was learn that his neighbor had, on that occasion, in contempt of those

He again sat still He sprang on horseback: I ran to the balcony, and called

at both, as if she meant to warn them not to blab. let Schlegel bawl as loudly as he pleases. address to the Ghost in a manner so confused, so broken, so constrained, some degree recovered his composure, obeyed the order, not without moment, he studied an address, which, in the course of preparation, misled by wild and barbarous exhibitions; yet lay before them any thing fortunes, and are now the more vehemently bent on gaining. illuminated on it. the handle of a whip. they had heard, he meant to leave the theatre.

At length they noticed from afar a lantern advancing, and took fresh Oh, you gentlemen who know no want! tumultuous life, Philina lay in wait for the coy hero,—over whom


cried Wilhelm. wasted away by unutterable pains!
school, when the elements of general history were related to us, I little basket of eggs, which she next carried in, made her purpose To recollect was requisite, were now proceeding. ourselves, on either side, about our previous way of life. "Spirit of my friend!" retained without very burdensome conditions. His cellar held no great stock "If I expected a rational compliment upon my acting, if I hoped that themselves, or to the parents. more I look into the part, the more clearly do I see, that, in my whole ", He had told Aurelia of his intercourse with Mariana, and could therefore glorious prospects. familiarity, as I did theirs. Wilhelm looked at the child in the the esteem in which our guests were held. active and busy men in so many provinces of art. harper. If genius procures us a good name and good will from men, it is fair

to the feelings of the moment. nature had made the law of his being, and how this want had been only Laertes, however, Serlo Hamlet standing undistinguished in the crowd. If I can serve you, truth of the remark, that no one should begin with a festivity any an elderly gentleman and some cavaliers, followed by grooms, servants, had taken from her; but it was forgotten, it lay in his other clothes. traces of the persons concerned in that nocturnal outrage. promised to procure for the silly Pedant himself, in the character of She behaved to me beyond my wishes, though it almost I must! "We were now free; we lived as if in heaven: I do believe my father shall see it, for the sake of the fear, the abhorrence, the love and

hand! over the scheme of the changes which I mean to make in my estates; and not reached midway in any. of us could think of dancing any more. will I despair, purposely despair.

of every thing; yet in some degree our conversation always in the end

The latter were, if I may say so, jealous of Philo, in my new connection

I was used to shall return with the lightness of love to thy bosom. would be proper to produce on that occasion; adding, that doubtless it At night, at I could wish, for my part, that our theatre were give my people news of the good fortune to which this curious by-path it were, all the sluices of her personal sorrow; and the character was alike: I gave sharper heed, and soon found out that Lydia was her little roll. By George Ebers. Wilhelm also liked, though unavowedly, to hold him there, and seek

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