People join this tomato fight purely for fun. 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Barcelona yearly climate summary, Weather summary for each month of the year in Barcelona These are what we consider to be the most interesting ideas for when it rains, but of course there are many more – for example going to the cinema. The best transport pass and tourist cards, irBarcelona, your Barcelona tourist guide. It's all the luck of the draw. May July Even if the Catalan capital has an average of only 53 days of rain a year, you still need to have a plan B, just in case you get a rainy day. This famly run eaterie is lovely and relaxed inside with a rustic charm. Especially in the last few years there has been some fluctuations from the norm. Istanbul, one of the most amazing cities in the world.

Can Solé in Barceloneta is a really good and upmarket seafood restarant that has been seving the city since 1903. Whether it’s making the most of Barcelona’s many amazing museums, or exploring the city’s high-street boutiques and designer shopping centres, here are 12 fun things you can do in Barcelona when it rains. to south from border with France.

The largest Mediterranean aquarium in the world, the Barcelona Aquarium is home to over 11,000 animals and some 450 different species. If you’d like more information about each one, you’ll find it in their respective sections: ‘Barcelona’s Museums’ and ‘Historic Buildings’. Day by day forecast. of rain, Enjoy an active trip in the mountains of Sierras de Cazorla, Show average precipitation in Barcelona in Millimeter. If there are only a few drops of rain we recommend you to take a look at the weather forecast to see if it will rain more or not. Located on Montjuïc, just next to the Plaça d’Espanya, the MNAC is the National Museum of Catalan Art, covering over 1,000 years of art from across Catalonia. If you don’t want the rain to get in the way of your sightseeing schedule, you can opt to visit Barcelona on a hop-on, hop-off bus. It is situated on coasts of the Balearic Sea in 120 km (74.5 mi.) See the Related Pages section at the foot of the page for a link to the 5 day weather forecast and current weather conditions. Being a cosmopolitan city with a large English-speaking population, Barcelona has many cinemas showing movies in English or with English subtitles. If you’re on a walk and are interrupted by a shower, you can always take the opportunity to go into a bar or café for a drink.

While the top decks are often open-air, there are covers, and the downstairs floor is closed and air-conditioned, so you don’t have to worry about catching a chill. Shopping centres and department stores There’s an 80-metre (262-foot) long tunnel that allows visitors to walk through the tanks and admire sharks, rays, octopus and a myriad of native fish species. //--> And it must also be said that it's rarely raining day after day.The summer thunderstorms can be very rough but short and after a a thunderstorm, within a few minutes the sun is shining again and the sky is blue without a cloud. We hope you too will find them a useful aid to planning your trip. On the top floor of the museum, Òleum restaurant is overseen by Catalan chef Fina Puigdevall from the two-Michelin starred restaurant Les Cols, near Olot, and offers a fine-dining experience with panoramic views of the city. Page Content. We have not archived subsequent years because this is a labour intensive procedure and in reality would not provide any more or less accurate information than in the year we chose below. Or fancy being able to impress your friends by making an authentic paella dish from scratch? The datas are calculated from the registered temperatures in 2019, which are published by the Observatorio Fabra of Barcelona,. Curious what the average weather is like in Barcelona in a specific month? Bars and Restaurants Can Sole. This page gives you a summary of the weather, climate and monthly temperatures in a typical year in Barcelona.

Snow is very rarely seen in Barcelona and is something exceptional and when this happens the surprise of the "Barceloneses" is that big that they enjoy the moment a lot. In the warmest month – August, the typically temperature ranges from 27 to 31 °C (81 to 88 °F) during the day and about from 20 to 24 °C (68 to 75 °F) at night.

There’s also a large food-court area with a variety of restaurants, and even a cinema so you can stay on in the evening and make a full day of it.

With an ideal climate Andalucía allowes horse riding throughout the year. The luxurious Hotel Omm boasts a modern, elegant spa offering a range of different massages and skin treatments as well as relaxing pools. Our guide helps you... How to get to Barcelona from El Prat Josep Tarradellas airport - BCN, How to get to Barcelona from Girona airport (GRO), How to get to Barcelona from Reus airport (REU), Travelling to Barcelona by car, bus or train, Barcelona information about its surroundings, Art (museums and temporary exhibitions halls), Rentals (vehicles, bikes, motorboats and airtaxis), Useful information (consulates, police, hospitals), Parking in Sitges and Vilanova i la Geltrú, Barcelona Memòria Fotogràfica at IDEAL Centre d'Arts Digitals, Royal Hotels Barcelona reopens its hotels with the Easy Life project, Luggage Storage in Barcelona, discover all its possibilities. On average, October is the wettest month. //-->. March The average amount of annual precipitation is: 25.94 in (659.0 mm). There are a huge amount of museums and historic buildings in Barcelona, and for this reason we’ve given you a list of some of the most attractive and interesting, all of which are perfect for a rainy day. Barcelona is major city port in north-eastern part of Spain. February Our website uses cookies. Barcelona - Weather warnings issued 14-day forecast. It's a buzzing city and a mix of European and Asian, like a summer day in Madrid with a touch of Bangkok.

But it must be mentioned, that entire days of rain and days with completely covered skies are very rare and are less frequent than in the continental climate.

We collected past weather data from many thousand weather stations around the world. We also encourage you to take a look at our sections on the best restaurants in Barcelona. Show average precipitation in Barcelona in Millimeter ».

The best view of the special landscape of Cappadocia is from the air. Wish you could prepare your own Spanish tapas? Weather and Climate offers all the information you need to know about the climate in Barcelona. In the following graphic the average values of the monthly temperature in Barcelona are shown. Based on weather reports collected during 1985–2015. Barcelona February Weather Averages. Longitud 02º 12' 04'' E. Greenwich / Latitud 41º 23' 12'' N / Altitud 25 m. The annual average of rainfall in Barcelona are 90 days. It doesn't tend to rain a lot here in Winter so even though it may be cooler, often times you'll have some sunny days too. The safest option to make the most of a rainy day would be to visit some of the museums or historic buildings in the city that you have on your to-do list. © 2010-2020 World Weather & Climate InformationAll rights reserved. Large fluctuations in temperature are very rare.

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