Some level of disturbance can be beneficial for Z. cassandra habitats, favouring the species’ survival in the long term. pp 92–93 in: Stoch F, Genovesi P (eds), Manuali per il monitoraggio di specie e habitat di interesse comunitario (Direttiva 92/43/CEE) in Italia: specie animali. PubMed Central  Família. Delle specie neglette ovvero quanto costa un rospo? It was recently recognized as a sister species of Zerynthia polyxena.

Cassandra then undermines his position at the council twice. Ecology 83:1131–1145, Nardi E (1984) The genus Aristolochia L. (Aristolochiaceae) in Italy. Her sons were Hector, Paris (Alexander), Deiphobus, Helenus, Pammon, Polites, Antiphus, Hipponous, Polydorus, and Troilus. Polyxena was created for learning purposes, there is no intention to compete with existing libraries, even though there are plans to make it rock and keep the spirit of Clojurewerkz and make it feature-complete, up-to-date, with a sane API and docs.. [10] Polixena foi assassinada por Neoptólemo sobre o túmulo de seu pai Aquiles,[10][11] cortando seu pescoço. In: Divisione Papilionida, sezione Papilionina, Vol 3. We use essential cookies to perform essential website functions, e.g. Populations from most of the Italian territory have been recently recognized as belonging to a separate species, endemic to Italy: Zerynthia cassandra. Any applicable international, national, and/or institutional guidelines for the care and use of animals were followed. Biol Conserv Fauna 117:1–168, Čelik T (2012) Adult demography, spatial distribution and movements of Zerynthia polyxena (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae) in a dense network of permanent habitats. download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio. Marzocco, Firenze, Vovlas A, Balletto E, Altini E, Clemente D, Bonelli S (2014) Mobility and oviposition site-selection in Zerynthia cassandra (Lepidoptera, Papilionidae): implications for its conservation., GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Geometric Morphometrics. [10], Polixena foi entregue a Agamenão, que a entregou a Neoptólemo.

J Insect Conserv 15:179–188, Šlancarová J, Vrba P, Plátek M, Zapletal M, Spitzer L, Konvička M (2015) Co-occurrence of three Aristolochia-feeding Papilionids (Archon apollinus, Zerynthia polyxena and Zerynthia cerisy) in Greek Thrace. Article  The authors wish to thank Eddie John FLS, FRES, for the English revision of a previous version of the manuscript and for providing helpful suggestions. J Insect Conserv 15:879–890, Article 

Anim Biodivers Conserv 29.2:133–148, van Swaay C, Wynhoff I, Wiemers M, Katbeh-Bader A, Power A, Benyamini D, Tzirkalli E, Balletto E, Monteiro E, Karaçetin E, Franeta F, Pe’er G, Welch H, Thompson K, Pamperis L, Dapporto L, Šašić M, López Munguira M, Micevski N, Dupont P, Garcia-Pereira P, Moulai R, Caruana R, Verovnik R, Bonelli S, Beshkov S (2014) Zerynthia cassandra. Google Scholar, Bonelli S, Balletto E, Rovelli V, Bologna MA, Zapparoli M (2016) Zerynthia cassandra. existing libraries, even though there are plans to make it rock and keep the spirit Zerynthia cassandra is a butterfly endemic to the Italian peninsula. [9] Quando Neoptólemo, filho de Aquiles, não encontrou Polixena, a causa da morte do seu pai, ele enviou Antenor a Eneas, como condição para que os troianos pudessem partir. Project purpose and maturity. Polyxena. J Appl Ecol 49:706–714, Marini M (1998) Osservazioni sull’ecologia di una popolazione di Zerynthia polyxena (D. & S., 1775) in un’area della pianura bolognese. Eles chamaram Aquiles, em nome de Príamo, para o templo de Apolo, onde Polixena seria dada em casamento a Aquiles. Webbia 38:221–300, Nazari V, Sperling FAH (2007) Mitochondrial DNA divergence and phylogeography in western Palaearctic Parnassiinae (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae): How many species are there? IARC Lyon, Jonsson M, Buckley HL, Case BS, Wratten SD, Hale RJ, Didham RK (2012) Agricultural intensification drives landscape-context effects on host-parasitoid interactions in agroecosystems., DOI:, Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips, Not logged in Learn more. - In the area of study, the hostplant of Z. cassandra is Aristolochia rotunda, which is common in the plain, along the edges of drainage canals, where it supports a large Z. cassandra population. Ela superava todas as outras mulheres em beleza, e era engenhosa e de bom coração. with a sane API and docs. Human activities such as mowing and canal maintenance are potentially damaging to Z. cassandra, particularly if carried out when eggs and larvae are present. Príamo, rei de Troia, com sua segunda esposa, Hécuba, teve vários filhos, Heitor, o mais velho, seguido de Páris (também chamado de Alexandre), Creúsa, Laódice, Polixena e Cassandra. Regione Emilia-Romagna, Servizio Difesa del suolo, della costa e bonifica, Regione Emilia-Romagna (2012) Linee guida per la riqualificazione ambientale dei canali di bonifica in Emilia-Romagna. PLoS One 8:e65746, CAS  Google Scholar, Shreeve TG, Dennis RLH (2011) Landscape scale conservation: resources, behaviour, the matrix and opportunities. © 2020 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. You signed in with another tab or window. I haven't investigated every single existing library, but J Insect Conserv 18:587–597, Zinetti F, Dapporto L, Vovlas A, Chelazzi G, Bonelli S, Balletto E, Ciofi C (2013) When the rule becomes the exception. In: van Helsdingen PJ, Willemse L, Speight MCD (eds) Background information on invertebrates of the Habitats Directive and the Bern Convention, Part I. [2], Polixena era delicada, alta e muito bonita; seu pescoço era fino, seus olhos amáveis e seus cabelos eram louros e longos, seu corpo bem proporcional, suas pernas eram retas e seus pés eram os melhores. This study was based on data collected in the field in the province of Bologna, and aimed to investigate some biological and ecological aspects of Z. cassandra, with the purpose of identifying the factors that favour its presence and the most relevant issues for its conservation. [8], Durante o saque de Troia, Hécuba deu Polixena para que Eneas a protegesse. Her daughters were Creusa, Laodice, Polyxena, and Cassandra.

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