Giving this movie a positive review could cost you your job if you happen to work at a major British daily newspaper. Marc: Do you think the Baftas is aimed at garnering too much attention and publicity stateside? Ross v Ross: What is your earliest movie memory? I love a critic that isn’t pretentious and know-it-all. Why don’t I get soup?’, Bradshaw puts his feet up and reads through your super questions. I’m not quoting it right but I think it’s a brilliant quote, slightly more interesting than the ‘gin joints’ one. Reply.

PB: I don’t sit down and structure mainly because I simply don’t have the time. Like any great myth, Pan's Labyrinth encodes its messages through displays of magic. I think that’s still the most staggeringly bad film. last week? And what did he make of the questions you readers submitted to him last week? The truth is we don’t, of course we don’t, until you actually try to do it you don’t.

PB: When I was really small it was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which I actually watched some of the other day with my little boy. Do we really know what we’re talking about? The third one… I thought Little Miss Sunshine was very overrated to be honest with you. Still, this James Cameron-directed flick might just be a bit too overrated. After two hours of dazzlingly fantastical images and stomach-turning gore, del Toro winds around, and finds his story's center. This is nothing but a highly overrated foreign film. Should this website be closed down? Uh… Babel. “We’re as innocent as children about what these jobs entail.”. I think that’s one of the times in my life when I thought being a critic is positive, because you’re not just snarkily and pithily slagging things off, you’re finding a film which you really love and thinking, ‘I can kind of make a difference’. My sister said the other day that Shere Khan is the first great evil Muslim in our movie-going history. And who can blame him? PB: I’ve often wondered about making a film. But actually he knows a hell of a lot about film. Although it would appear he’s actually on YouTube. Lost in Translation: Second-Guessing the Academy's Foreign Language Picks. I was kind of a general guy and funnily enough films were one of the few things that I didn’t write a lot about. I wonder if there is any reason in particular all those films came from the same year. It’s a lovely looking film, lots of pretty pictures in it, but there’s lots of stuff in it I think is almost sort of late period M Night Shyamalan. It would really open critics’ eyes to all these technical terms that we throw about very blithely. You know what, I just open up the computer and start writing, it’s just like that. Yet, it somehow still had quite the highly-rated reception when it first came out. PB: I always liked the quote that goes just before ‘Of all the gin joints in all the towns’ in Casablanca. James Morgan: Can you pick the three most overrated films of all time? Check out our lists of the best (and worst) movies of... We rank the 25 highest-scoring films of the 21st century so far. With a 7.8/10 on IMDb, and not much follow-up to the movie, it seems like the hype was blown a bit out of proportion. But what does he really think about critics, Tom Cruise and Jonathan Ross? Kai B Parker: How do you go about doing a review? I’m not sure if this is the most overrated film of all time… I know this will piss people off, is Pan’s Labyrinth.
When I came out of it people were virtually fainting in the cinema. PB: I’ve got a feeling Mr Cameron will absolutely kick everybody’s ass for them. Where Underworld was underrated, this vampire flick was definitely overrated. Then again, won’t review it until I give it another shot. The event itself has become very Hollywoodised.
While this flick was hyped because of its video game counterpart, this tomb raiding character definitely fell short on the big screen. I’ve been waiting for ages to hear Bradshaw’s thoughts on poop and now it looks like I’ll just have to wait longer. This is another flick from Japan, but it definitely has its cult following in North America - and it's totally well-deserved. It’s such a breath of fresh air for us normal folk!

We put There Will Be Blood at the top and I think that’s an interesting choice. When we talk about editing a movie or cinematography or directing or producing, which of us can put our hands on our hearts and say that we really do know exactly what all these jobs entail?

This needs to be addressed. ( Log Out /  Ross McG went along to meet him to find out. There, I’ve said it. Cinema Scream: Which film critics interest you the most and why? With Scott Speedman and Shane Brolly, this flick certainly slipped under the radar, and definitely deserves some recognition for being a stellar 2000s fantasy flick. This action fantasy flick has Angelina Jolie at the forefront, playing Lara Croft. Don’t forget us little bloggers when you have your own newspaper column/tv show/penthouse in Hollywood. But he has certainly translated his success into extraordinary clout and good luck to him. PB: No, I don’t think there’s any critics I genuinely think I don’t like. I’m prepared to cut a lot of slack to comedies everybody else seems to hate. RvR: What are the cardinal sins of reviewing? I was virtually thrown out of the critics club for that one. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Kai B. Parker in the house! Few moments when the extreme violence comes out of absolutly nowhere. It’s a weekly deadline, seven films a week to a hyper-alert readership.

I wasn’t one of those people who came out of college and got gigs writing for, as it were, Sight & Sound and Total Film and whatever. But what does he really think about critics, Tom Cruise and Jonathan Ross? However, this fantasy family adventure doesn't quite reach the hype that has followed it for years. He’s the most incredibly masculine figure, I think he’s more masculine than say, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I know it’s a crass thing to say but I love Singin’ In The Rain, more for the scene with Debbie Reynolds where she comes out of the cake. I’ve been calling Freddy got Fingered the worst film ever for years… Great call Bradshaw!!! So I think Mark is absolutely great. You can’t really be funny any more. I will call blasphemy on calling Pan’s Labyrinth overrated though lol. If The Guardian would pay for me to do it I’d like to do one of these crash short film courses. This is certainly a hidden gem that every fantasy lover is missing out on. Please enter your birth date to watch this video: You are not allowed to view this material at this time. recently and did not include Gene Kelly. Peter Bradshaw: Going to see The Jungle Book with I guess it would have been my mum and my sister and being very scared by Shere Khan. A notebook with the power to kill, and two people who struggle over who decides its use. PB: Ah… goodness. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Although Ricky Gervais has got this mindblowing Hollywood career now, absolutely extraordinary, although I still don’t think he’s quite translated the spirit of The Office into a feature film. I wrote about politics a lot and books a lot and TV. Armed with only her imagination, Ofelia discovers a mysterious labyrinth and meets a faun who sets her on a path to saving herself and her ailing mother. British comic films have been great – Armando Iannucci and Edgar Wright are fantastically talented people that are translating the spirit of TV into screen terms in a brilliant way. TO READ OUR TOP FIVE PETER BRADSHAW ONE-STAR REVIEWS). If a comedy’s already been funny it’s difficult for you as a journalist to kind of make your mark, and that’s another reason. It’s a fantastically mad quote that Humprey Bogart says… ‘I bet they’re asleep at home now, I bet they’re asleep all over America’. This unique story is brilliantly matched with its fantastical and mysterious flair, and this 2006 film is definitely one that should be more appreciated.

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