“I’m a former Marine so I’m not going to be squeamish, but this is bad,” said Pablo Herrera, a 58-year-old mechanic who has counted up to 30 rats while walking on his block in Prospect Heights, just around the corner from the stately Brooklyn Museum. Currently, the city and state are working to combat the coronavirus pandemic and restart the economy without suffering a devastating second wave. But the onslaught of rats extends beyond New York: Cities such as Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles are also confronting outbreaks. Study finds New York City rodents found with fleas that could carry bubonic plague, other more dangerous viruses", "New York City rats, fleas could carry bubonic plague", "Preliminary Survey of Ectoparasites and Associated Pathogens from Norway Rats in New York City", "100 New Yorkers bitten by rats each year", "Rats at Bellevue Hospital. Rats can mate at the age of two or three months and then produce a new litter every two months. The uploader was criticized for his choice to film the incident and post it online rather than intervene. [58][59] In 2014 the Health Department hired 9 new inspectors to augment its staff of 45. Mr. Herrera has found gnawed chicken bones and rat droppings underneath his car hood. Terms of Use Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Your California Privacy Rights They travel around Brooklyn killing as many as 20 rats in four hours. [67], New York City rodent complaints can be made online,[68] by filling out the New York City Rodent Complaint Form,[69] or by dialing 3-1-1.
New York City property owners and managing agents are legally responsible for keeping their properties rat-free through maintenance measures and the use of pest control professionals. Getz Obstfeld, a co-owner of FSG Realty, which manages and partly owns the building, said that they have targeted rat holes, added more trash cans and removed construction debris. NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New York City, home of the famous Pizza Rat, is now number three on the list of “ratty” cities in America. [5] Over the next few decades, the more aggressive brown variety displaced the black rats, typically by attacking and killing them, but also by out-competing them for food and shelter. Rats in New York City are widespread, as they are in many densely populated areas. [19] City-dwelling rats carry pathogens that can cause diarrhea and vomiting in humans. Gentrifying neighborhoods are a key reason behind the vermin outbreak, which extends beyond New York — Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles are also confronting issues.

[61][62][62] Conditions both inside and outside of buildings, including on public property, that contribute to or allow the establishment of rat populations constitute violations of Article 151 of the Health Code. [47], The New York City Department of Health handles enforcement of rat infestation problems in New York City. Yet despite their pleas, it's not likely that New York City will actually confront this issue. But there is no similar rule for new developments. ©2020 FOX Television Stations, Judge sentences ex-49er Dana Stubblefield to 15 years to life for Morgan Hill rape, Citing harassment, Biden campaign pulls ad depicting wealthy investor as struggling bar owner, Alameda County to pay $5M to Fremont family of young man chained to Santa Rita Jail door, Stolen U-Haul driver dies after jumping into water; CHP officer dives in to grab him, Appeals court orders San Quentin to reduce population citing 'deliberate indifference' over virus, Man charged with sexually assaulting 7-year-old girl as classmates, teacher watched in horror, Trump dances to YMCA at rallies, inspires TikTok trend, Florida woman used tire iron to beat 3-year-old boy to death, police say, Cuomo unveils changes to NYC COVID hot spot restrictions. But after dropping last year, rat sightings are again on the upswing. https://nypost.com/2020/10/16/nyc-ranks-no-3-on-list-of-americas-rattiest-cities “There is no doubt that rats have a major impact on New Yorkers’ quality of life and this administration takes seriously our responsibility to control and mitigate their population,” said Laura Anglin, deputy mayor of operations. Beating out New York were Chicago in first place and Los Angeles in second place. [61][65] If, after five days, the property fails a second inspection, the owner receives a Notice of Violation and can be fined. Rats only require an ounce (28 grams) of food and water a day to live. [15] Rats nearly always use the same routes to their food sources. "It’s actually been a great pleasure of mine watching [Sundrop] learn how to make a kill," Schewel told the station. Chicago — crowned the nation’s rat capital in one study — has more than doubled its work crews dedicated to rats, who set out poison and fill in burrows in parks, alleys and backyards. New York City has historically been home to as many rats as people or about eight million rodents.

A rat coming out of a sidewalk grate in New York City. Despite the satisfaction Schewel feels from killing these animals, his work does little to decrease New York City's rat population. "[35] He described the problem as "epidemic" on some streets in Manhattan. The property owner is billed for any clean-up or extermination carried out by the Health Department.
; The Case of the New-born Child Gnawed by Vermin – Investigation by the Commissioners of Public Charities—How the Hospital is Overrun", "Quarterly Bulletin (New York (N.Y.).

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