if that is a "normal" thing it really says a lot about the KR community.
Attacks all enemies with evil claws, increasing the caster's Combat Readiness by 50%. I'm pretty sure that he might continue genshin for a long time, he will earn more money and of course that's what he should do, but in the longterm it will be a pain to do daily chores. He will use you as a mass of followers to be visible in Genshin Impact community, as a new business opportunity to be acknowledged by mihoyo (genshin enterprise). They literally don't want any chances of resolving issues, and strongly believe that SG are and should stay evil.

I don't mind if SG decides that he was in the wrong, but they will have to punish other content creators as well.

Elena’s kit make her more of a support healer than a primary one. Greed has ruined the entire game.

Literally got no brains. I've watched tenha and don't think we are losing a superstar here, stream are all about pp jokes and mother jokes, slow chat and he still ignores people because they aren't subs, many questions answered with "what do you mean" and silence yet he still begs for subs when he said he had like 10k prepared for genshin.

It's easy, us as customers shouldn't have been treated like trash.

If you knew anything about Korean communities, you would know how toxic, extremists and elitists they are. Great teammates with Specimen Sez are units like ML Aramintha, Wanda (2 turn stun), Judith, ML Purggis, Zerato, Dominiel etc. Researchers who barely escaped with their lives from Sez's murderous rampage built a new living weapon modeled after him. Specimen Sez is a Light Thief with the Horoscope Scorpio Then he mentioned "CAN ONLY SOLVE THIS BY FULL REFUND AND REOPEN", even if he thinks it won't happen, just by saying it is already hurting any movement.

Or just released Summer Bellona on Thursday with limited summon at 101. > Not sure how can you even defend him after he said that. The game has problems like ranking up units being boring as all fucks, the molas being extremely scarce for seemingly no reason and stuff like this, but a lot of complains seem to come from not getting that we are playing a gacha mobile game? His S3 doesn’t hurt as much if the stun does not land.

Regardless of what he did with the money. Enter in your username or email and you will recieve an email with a link to change your password.

Do you think it will become big? Elena has 3 skills. I believe we need to prevent this, if we like this game and want it to resolve problems and not just burn and close down from outrage. As a Korean native I can't stand him because if you speak Korean it's extremely apparent how differently he interacts with the audiences in his stream. They are so mad at SG, that they don't even hesitate to call Reddit "Cracked Skulls" just because Reddit isn't raging on the same level as them. It's a pity that it happened, but it's only on him. Imagine you have a shop and your workers get a commission for whatever they sell from your shop.

Not gonna lie, that’s more gay than I am for Aither. Discussion. He is also usable in PvE in Golem Hunt to stun the tree and prevent him from healing the golem. I don't like or dislike Tenha, but if you break the rules of a company it's only natural that you have to face repercussion. Lmao poor Yufine and Luna having to deal with that bs. share. As also can be seen from some of the screenshots, they are so convinced that SG will never change, that the conference will be a scam. I know many people will not like my point of view, but I don't care at all he's leaving. Immunity sets/high effect resistance still hard counter him, but if you bring a buff stripper like Hurado, Romann, Basar etc, he should have no problem getting stuns in. Then, this post would not exist. Goodluck to him streaming Genshin but since I'm not too keen of the game I won't be watching him often anymore . Now obviously I don't want the game to close down or anything, I still genuinely enjoy it despite a lot of the flaws, I'm just saying I understand why KR players are so mad. Attack +30. So what they do with every game ever at some point? Keep in mind that none of these are exaggerated or distorted in any way, and can be seen every minute in the chat.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, aka Epic7 - Korean mobile RPG developed by Super Creative, and published by Smilegate Megaport for Android and ios, Press J to jump to the feed. ... Reason why you should play Epic 7. see full image. You can now log in and start using the Team Builder. I wish him luck in Genshin but I think he made a very rash move by completely switching over when the game just came out and the content is VERY minimal atm and we don’t know Genshin’s patch plans, if it’s gonna be content drip of weekly or biweekly or content flood every month or 2.

Chat roaster, and your hero. This bandwagon is really getting people to turn against the KR players who came here to just try and clear up some stuff for us.

If you are gonna compare than compare it to the fun you had when you started E7 otherwise it makes no sense. Either way the game isnt content friendly atm imo, just look at Demone, puts out 4 videos a day of common knowledge about the game because theres nothing he can do in it. Apparently adding a lot to the game isn't worth the effort, greed step 3. did something go wrong with the game ? More information can be found on our Skill Multipliers page.

It makes no sense to me that is OK for Youtubers to promote other gacha games using E7 content that they know their viewers will watch, but promoting the game doing a tournament using sponsor money by a 3rd party company, NOT IN THE SAME INDUSTRY, is wrong... To me is pure BS and is clearly a bias towards Tenha.

[공지] Epic Seven X Google Play Points Promotion for UK Store 2020.10.19 2020.10.19 07:00 (UTC+0) [공지] 10/19 (Mon) AOS Client Update Distribution Notice Expecting SG to change just shows you're a swine.

Skills can be passive or active. Just shut down the server already.

Check out the.

RIP Korean stream translations.

Tenha used an Epic Seven tournament to promote another company and get money out of it. WTF the foreigners (common way of addressing non-Koreans) are stupid.
Raise a bug; Compare Damage × Build Name. Epic 7x; Contribute. Why aren't the Cracked Skulls agreeing with us and demanding full refund?

and his answer was no, I'm grateful to the community and he will continue to do character videos and even more tournaments.

Leave you white knight attitude behind and focus on gamers treatment all around the world by standing up against dubious publishers and development companies like SmileGate and Super Creative. "We want the game to be better, because we love the game.". This kind of protest has been very effective because GGOZUP is only effective when they spent lot of money to the game.

Very niche but still quite useful.

This thread have some new information for me. Customer can demand refund for those share, and Google will also notify the developer that customer got their money back. Specimen Sez's Evil Claws can be soul burned for extra effects.

We demand full refund. He also said that E7 gave him his community and that he doesn't want to be like "that asshole who thought he was bigger than he really was and could find success in any game he moves onto." Let me explain.

Release broken units in a new currency to gather money, Mystics were the first step ruining the game, greed step 1.

Then they start finding things to say that the game is shit and get even more mad, then they start calling for a boycotting of the game. Sign up or login to join the community and follow your favorite epic seven streamers! Usually developer will ban the account, which is just another way of GGOZUP.

See for yourselves (plus whale in E7). “$7000 diluc??? Excellent Speciman.

companies know their game will sell regardless bc so many ppl just allow it to happen. Watch epic seven channels streaming live on Twitch. With the new buffs, he becomes a terror, if the enemy gets stunned.

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