He is often seen as somewhat of a coward but is actually braver than he's given credit for (in "The Busasaurus," he scares off a T. Rex to save the class). SNL’s Kate McKinnon will voice Ms. Frizzle on Netflix’s new Magic School Bus series.

In the episode "Gets Ants In Its Pants", she is visibly annoyed and disappointed when she does not get the recognition she deserves. Similar to her sister, her skirt and necklace often change each episode based on the topic. Arnold Matthew Perlstein is a bespectacled, Jewish American boy. ", "As I always say...", "To the bus! While in class, he likes to daydream. She borrows a lot of her big sister's catchphrases, including "Bus, do your stuff! She also loves to surprise the students and although she denies that she knows everything, she seems to never be in the dark about her students' activities. It's also revealed that she has a little sister named Evan. In The Magic School Bus Rides Again, she reprises her role. This feature film marks the first big-screen adaptation in the franchise's 26-year history. To Arnold, she is strange, but he and his friends still love and respect her. She appears to enjoy physics too, as she is seen with a physics book in "Plays Ball." She is also seen at the end of most episodes with the producers of The Magic School Bus. He has an intense interest in and knowledge of rocks and minerals and an extensive rock collection. He frequently bemoans and shows concern about Ms. Frizzle's wild field trips, but on several occasions, he proves himself fiercely loyal to the teacher herself, as in "Lost in Space" where he defends her against his cousin Janet. His grandfather owns a honey bee farm outside of Walkerville, and as a small job, Tim delivers the honey at the start of winter. Some of the bus' technologies also have specific names. While Liz is mute on the show, she speaks in the CD-ROMs (although it appears that only the player can hear her). He is a hands-on learner, preferring to invent unique devices, such as a best-loved stuffed animal, an instrument or rain catcher, rather than learn from a book like Dorothy Ann. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Absentee or early voting? In the episode "Shows and Tells," he mentions that his great-aunt is the famous archaeologist Arizona Joan, a parody of Indiana Jones. Ramon!"

She enjoys singing, seems unafraid of danger, and often refers to her relatives or ancestors during trips. The animated TV show, which featured Lily Tomlin as the original voice of Ms. Frizzle, aired for 18 consecutive years in the U.S. and has been broadcast in more than 100 countries around the world.

Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins Reprise Their, Kate McKinnon Starring in Netflix Revival of.

She can make a lot of jokes like Carlos, and she also admires Carlos' jokes. In The Magic School Bus Rides Again, she pronounces it with the accent on the first syllable, as it is usually pronounced in the United States.

Dorothy Ann's last name is never mentioned in the books or the original TV show; however, her last name is mentioned to be "Hudson" in the sequel series, The Magic School Bus Rides Again. Janet is so self-seeking that she usually tries to digress the class in some way to gain something for herself. Oh bad, bad, bad!" Buddy Valastro’s Doctor Thought He Could Lose His Hand After Bowling Accident: ‘She Was Petrified’, Octavia Spencer, Antoni Porowski, Matt Bomer and More Join GLSEN Celebration of LGBTQ Students, Tori Roloff on Mom 'Guilt' and Having to Go to 'Medical Appointments Alone' Without Husband Zach, Disney Cruise Line Opens Bookings for 2022 With Itineraries in the Bahamas, Caribbean, and, Niecy Nash in Talks to Host Daytime Talk Show from Studio Behind The Drew Barrymore Show: Report, Kerry Washington Shares What She's Teaching Her Kids amid the 'Two Pandemics', My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 9 Trailer, Maren Morris Opens Up About ‘Laid-Back’ Parenting Style: ‘We Lucked Out Having a Very Chill Baby’. He has a bossy, rude, know-it-all cousin named Janet, who often antagonizes Ms. Frizzle and the class; while Arnold often has trouble standing up to her demands, when things get serious, he refuses to let Janet have her way. in an aggravated manner. She wears a red vest, decorated with yellow flowers, over a short sleeve pink t-shirt with matching red pants, white socks and black Mary Jane shoes. ", among many others. She is cruel to others and actively seeks to make their lives worse, only ever acting in her own interests. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

In the original books, her parents are never mentioned or seen, and it's implied she's being raised by her grandparents (The Magic School Bus In the Time of the Dinosaurs and The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip). He has a distaste for anchovies, which, as he tells the class in "Gets Eaten," his dad puts on pizza to keep him from eating it. In The Magic School Bus Rides Again, her book satchel is replaced by a purple tablet computer. She is usually called "D.A." She's an expert on computers and robotics. Phoebe's mother is never seen or mentioned in the show. Phoebe takes karate lessons. In the episode "Blows its Top," Dorothy Ann loses her books, but realizes she does not need them to learn about things. Just like her sister, she often quotes random relatives and friends of hers. [7] Her full name is Katrina Eloise Murphy[citation needed] and she is specifically a first[citation needed] cousin who owns and operates Murph's Recycling Plant. She has shown a poor ability in growing plants (not growing one herself in "Goes to Seed" and growing a pitiful bean plant in "Gets Planted"). It is revealed in The Magic School Bus Rides Again that she transferred back to her old school.[5]. She has won multiple awards from many quarters, including Tony Awards, Emmy Awards, and a Grammy Award and has also been nominated for an Academy Award. Ms. Valerie Felicity Frizzle(sometimes known as"The Friz") is the main protagonist ofThe Magic School Busfranchise. Her love of animals also includes bugs ("Butterfly and Bog Beast," "Spins a Web"). He plays a lot of sports, including soccer, basketball, hockey, and baseball. Fiona Felicity Frizzle[3] is Valerie Frizzle's younger sister and the class' new teacher. Despite her tough exterior, she loves ballet, especially The Nutcracker, and appears to be a self-taught ballet dancer herself to a certain extent ("Holiday Special"). Dottie Frizzle is Valerie's niece who appears in a 1997 book.[6].

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