Before the European invasion of Australia, this mountain was the hunting grounds of the Dharawal speaking nation of peoples, they called it Jumbulla, a place of good hunting where wallaby and bush turkey were abundant. — At length we effected it, but it took us an Hour to descend altho' the Descent is only One Mile & a Half long... " Tuesday 15th of January 1822 recorded in his Journal of a Tour to the Cow Pastures and Illawarra in January 1822. MCAULEY, Samuel - Lot 94 - 24 acres. The track descended the Illawarra escarpment between the mountains of Mt Keira and Mt Kembla providing a stunning view of the coastal plain below.

One thing seems certain, that either Americans and/or Canadians mistaken for Americans camped near the creek in the early 1840s which was thereafter known as the American Creek.

However, given that there is no evidence that any of the Canadian rebels were in the Illawarra until 1844 and that all three could not have been together harvesting timber or growing tobacco in Mt Kembla until after 1846; and with land grants listed as in "American Creek" as early as March 1843, it would seem likely that the USA expedition of 1840 who were camped near the creek and could also have harvested timber with their American axes are probably the original source of the name.

Project Gutenberg EBook 2005, The First Footers - Bass and Flinders in Illawarra, EARLIEST ILLAWARRA BY ITS EXPLORERS AND PIONEERS, For the unraveling of the mystery of two Hat Hill's see, MATTHEW FLINDERS' " HAT HILL " IN ILLAWARRA ON THE SOUTH COAST OF NSW: THE RESOLUTION OF TWO CENTURIES OF EXTREME HISTORICAL CARTOGRAPHIC CONFUSION, The Discovery of the Koala: Hat Hill (Mount Kembla), New South Wales 1803, Winderong was their name before we forget it, Allan Cunningham, Botanist, In the Illawarra 1818 - 1830,  Michael Organ. Benjamin Rixon was granted his 40 acres in Central Kembla in 1839 and called his property "Spring Creek".

after 8,O'Clock.

Rixon's land was later purchased by Deighton and Rachel Taylor (nee Henning) who lived there from June 1873. Patrick LEAHANEY of the Illawarra purchased his land for 36 pounds. — After feasting our Eyes with this grand Prospect, we commenced descending the mountain at 20 mins.

This image, titled "Corrobory (dance) N.H.", is a depiction of a corroboree in the Illawarra 1840, engraving by E G Dunnel from a drawing by Alfred Thomas Agate (one of the official artists of the US exploring expedition). Still another theory is that it was French Canadians and American political prisoners exiled to Australia as convicts that settled in the Illawarra that gave the creek its name. The Discovery of the Koala: Hat Hill (Mount Kembla), New South Wales 1803, Michael Organ 2006, Koala Historical Biography, Ann Moyal 2008. The view westerly on the contrary, is very confined, the country being a succession of lofty ranges behind each other, from among which, large smokes of native fires were observed ascending... After a range of full one hour on this summit, I thought it advisable to descend, and make the most of the daylight and sun, which was much obscured by the dark clouds blowing from the eastward and enveloping the summit of this lofty hill...", Allan Cunningham, Botanist, In the Illawarra 1818 - 1830,  Michael Organ 1994, The First Footers - Bass and Flinders in Illawarra, W. G. McDonald 1975, 1821-1822 - O'Brien's Road constructed, Macquarie visits Illawarra.

Their lands extend from the south of Botany Bay to the north of the Shoalhaven River and to the west towards the Southern Highlands and Macarthur areas.

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