In addition, the Republicans were supported by "in-kind" corporate contributions, such as discounted railway fares for delegations coming to Canton. When the legislature met on January 3, 1898, the anti-Hanna forces succeeded in organizing both houses of the legislature, The dissidents had not yet agreed upon a candidate; after several days of negotiation, they settled on the Republican mayor of Cleveland, Robert McKisson. [117] Margaret Leech suggested that McKinley was angry at Hanna for unknown reasons, thus the President's "uncharacteristic coldness". He will forever be known as "Dollar Mark".[176]. Among the delegates, at-large were Governor Foraker and Congressman McKinley. Beginning in 1895, Congress passed a number of resolutions calling for Cuban independence. [115], As the year 1900 began, Hanna hinted that he might not want to run McKinley's re-election campaign, stating that he was suffering from rheumatism. I won't have anything more to do with the convention! McKinley was hired to represent them, and only one was convicted. [32] The convention deadlocked, with Sherman in the lead but unable to secure the nomination. After 1888, there was a strong dislike between the two men, and the separation split the Ohio Republican Party into two factions, a rupture that did not heal until after Hanna's death in 1904. It set the standard for 20th century campaign tactics and funding, especially for its adroit use of publicity, its overall national plan, its strategic use of issues, and especially the candidate's own speech making. As the convention approached, journalists awoke to the fact that McKinley would, most likely, be the Republican nominee. For the Medal of Honor recipient, see, Re-election, rumors of a presidential run, and death, Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, United States presidential election, 1896, William McKinley presidential campaign, 1896, United States Senate election in Ohio, 1898, United States Senate special election in Ohio, 1898, "What Mark Hanna said to Attorney General Watson", Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, Marcus A. Hanna, late a senator from Ohio, Memorial addresses delivered in the House of Representatives and Senate frontispiece 1904, National Republican Congressional Committee, United States Congress Joint Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles with SNAC-ID identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with USCongress identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

"His Last Fight Is Ended: Hanna Succumbs to the Grim Reaper and the Entire Nation Mourns His Loss," The Cleveland Leader, 16 February 1904. Had it been usual, the freedom of Cleveland would have been conferred upon him. Despite the opposition of Illinois' Republican political machine, Dawes and Hanna were able to secure all but a few of Illinois' delegates for McKinley, giving the former Ohio governor a strong advantage going into the convention. McKinley won 271 electoral votes to Bryan's 176. "[24], Hanna, according to his biographer Croly, was in charge of the arrangements for the campaign visit of former President Grant and New York Senator Roscoe Conkling to the state. The NCF opposed militant labor unions; it also resisted businessmen who sought to entirely prevent regulation. As McKinley was highly likable, Hanna became a target of Bryanites, especially William Randolph Hearst and his New York Journal, with cartoonists like Davenport portraying him as a bloated sinister figure with a cruel face, wearing a suit decorated with dollar signs.[1]. With an ill father and many business responsibilities, Mark Hanna could not be spared by his family to join the Union Army, hiring a substitute to enlist in his place. [32] However, Ohio newspaper publisher J. Roosevelt visited at 3 pm, unseen by the dying man. He was called upon to pay over $100,000 and proposed to resign as governor and earn the money as an attorney. Hanna and Company), dealt principally in coal and steel, but under Hanna expanded into many fields. Beginning in 1888, they forged an increasingly close relationship. "[155], The Nicaragua route had many supporters and a bill sponsored by Iowa Congressman William Peters Hepburn, which would authorize the construction of a canal on the Nicaragua route, had passed the House of Representatives. Dr. Hanna practiced in Columbiana County, where New Lisbon was located, until he suffered a spinal injury while riding. He was joined there by the McKinleys in 1895, even before the governor left office, and also in the winter of 1896. [23], The incumbent in 1880, President Rutherford Hayes, had no interest in seeking a second term; after 36 ballots, the Republicans nominated Ohio Representative James Garfield. Marvin, George U. [78] According to Hanna biographer Croly, "Mr. Hanna merely systematized and developed a practice which was rooted deep in contemporary American political soil, and which was sanctioned both by custom and, as he believed, by necessity.

451 pp. Hanna's task was to raise the money; other campaign officials, such as Dawes, determined how to spend it.

[134], The war resulted in a complete American victory. Dr. Hanna went into partnership with his brother Robert, starting a grocery business in Cleveland, and relocated his family there in 1852. As it turned out, he was also a genius at politics. [72], Despite the controversy in the country, McKinley and Hanna decided that an explicit mention of the gold standard in the party platform would be a better strategy than remaining silent on the issue. [2] See American election campaigns, 19th century. Hanna was a long time member of St. John's Episcopal Church in Cleveland.

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