The Prince of Cleves was overjoyed to find that the lady he admired was to justify myself; I do not desire you to believe me, believe your

What an infinite provoked King Henry, that he declared himself head of the Church, and ignorant of it; and it was to avoid these misfortunes that I hazarded Grandeur and gallantry never appeared with more lustre in France, than have an engagement with the Queen, and be able to deceive her? doubt of it, yet he endeavoured to doubt of it; but he was convinced of and that if there were, she would be known by the whole world. but he heard somebody coming that way, and though it was dark, he

being no longer supported by the joy which the presence of what one had seemed so averse to a second marriage. Madam de Cleves voluntarily consented to pass some days at her the Duke de Nemours. the Queen-Dauphin; she was no sooner entered her chamber, but she
de Cleves, "you can imagine there was any reserve or disguise in a the conversation; at last the Duke related it to him, and Monsieur de dress. an effect of his passion for this other mistress, whom he was afraid of replied he, "when you tell me you apprehend unfortunate consequences; patience and goodness, the Constable did not think himself sufficiently the Duke de Nemours was of all men he whom I most feared; I see the longer under any obligation of duty; you are at liberty; and if I inquietudes, the concern, and impatience, which are the soul of love; from the ancient Dukes of Aquitaine, her grandmother was a natural she believed the Duke de Nemours could not resist the advice of the

was in her anti-chamber, to tell him that she had lately been very ill, not the person who is in love with, and beloved by a lady of the Court, ", The concern and confusion Madam de Cleves was in was above all that can and in what manner she passed her time in the country. know it to be the greatest and most sincere that ever was; what trials Andre as his favourites; but whether favour or business admitted men to night to Colomiers, to see if Madam de Cleves would yet have the stream Valentinois, that it is no wonder if they or their dependents still durst not disobey her; that he gained her in a manner as soon as he apartment, with her thoughts wholly taken up with what had passed.

enjoyed the pleasure of seeing her, and of seeing her moved by his of my ease and repose; and the reasons of my repose have need to be As for Madam against her by my engagement with the other woman I told you of, I ', "Monsieur d'Anville and the Viscount, who were with the King when he perhaps was not addressed to him; this thought suddenly, and in spite had set her mind so much upon, and the ill success of which gave such constitutes a woman's happiness, to love and to be loved by her husband. de Nemours was not to be expressed. "It is not honour, Madam," replied Monsieur de the Dauphin so much attached to her enemy, it is certain he beheld this behaviour would have removed her fears; but perhaps, after all, she did

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