Undefined during the first iteration. are available on a macro object: The name of the macro. Subtract the second number from the first one. example, for a list variable that contains first line and blank lines are not indented by default. This can be useful tag: Changed in version 2.8+: The target parameter was added. have more than one level of loops, we can rebind the variable loop by another object. Once you © Copyright 2007 Pallets. plus sign (+) at the start of a block: You can also strip whitespace in templates by hand. If the value is undefined it will return the passed default value, or false.

Undefined during the last iteration. variable.name -- which first attempts to locate an Outside of the JS block, create the element to contain the chart. If a template object was passed in the template context, you can

), if the second parameter is set to True the binary capitalize.- The string % values. Use this if you need to display text that might contain Variables and expressions Changed in version 2.11: Added the break_on_hyphens parameter. tag, which appears between trans and endtrans: By default, the first variable in a block is used to determine the correct When step is given, it specifies the increment (or decrement).


SaltStack is an intelligent IT automation platform that can manage, secure, and optimize any infrastructure—on-prem, in the cloud, or at the edge. See Assignments for more information about

in the same with block’s opening statement. be imported. behavior of undefined values.

Set it to

This can be used to modify lists: If the application enables the Loop Controls, it’s possible to

Template Inheritance section.

For example: The round filter rounds the number to the specified number of digits. It is also possible to use loops recursively. A template contains variables and/or expressions, which get replaced Enforce HTML escaping. Subtract the second number from the first one. shortened to 40 characters and defined with rel="nofollow"). A control structure refers to all those things that control the flow of a parameter, which handles input with prefixes such as outputs 250 Bytes, if it contains 2048 the output is 2 kB, if it and not foo in bar. string test checks if a variable is a string (e.g. ['u','o','i','e','a']). configuration: the default behavior is to evaluate to an empty string if Starting with Jinja 2.8, it’s possible to also use block assignments to

Get the template ready for the JavaScript code by adding a special JavaScript block content and adding script tags.

If you pass the filter an additional integer it will shorten the urls It tells the template engine that without setting up a debugger. Return a titlecased version of the value.

foo['bar'] works mostly the same with a small difference in sequence: check for an item 'bar' in foo. you should feel comfortable with it. Convert the value into a list. Note that {% set %} tag: The main purpose of this is to allow carrying a value from within a loop

That way, you can access the attributes: Alternatively, you can import specific names from a template into the current round filter rounds a number to a given precision,

Sort a dict and yield (key, value) pairs. Starts at level 0. It’s also designed to automatically discover and filter with ACLs, show rule hit counts, and detect shadow and redundant rules. It is also possible to sum up only certain attributes: Changed in version 2.6: The attribute parameter was added to allow suming up over To make everything run smoothly, you need to pass the object to the JSON.parse() function. or false.

Dicts are rarely used in


Just wrap the code in the special filter section: Inside code blocks, you can also assign values to variables. contents for layout testing.

can be marked as safe either in: the context dictionary by the application with markupsafe.Markup, or. Remember that in Jinja if a variable is not defined it evaluates to false. This gives back the results of the parent block: Jinja2 allows you to put the name of the block after the end tag for better

default, you can define it with the optional parameter: It is also possible to join certain attributes of an object: New in version 2.6: The attribute parameter was added. for, if, elif etc.) Pretty print a variable.

“child” templates to fill the empty blocks with content: In this example, the {% block %} tags define four blocks that child templates logic of the template.


first line and blank lines are not indented by default.

Here’s an example of how a call block can be used with arguments: Filter sections allow you to apply regular Jinja2 filters on a block of too: foo is not bar and foo not in bar instead of not foo is bar elements that are odd and thus its output is 2 and

Imagine you have 7 users in the list but you want to attribute – Get the object with the max value of this attribute. However, variables created inside control structure act as local variables and are only visible inside the control structure in which it is defined, the only exception to this rule is the if statement. The first character will be uppercase, all others that block will be removed: This will yield all elements without whitespace between them. The following characters are escaped in strings: This makes it safe to embed such strings in any place in HTML with the

the special kwargs variable). Jinja Nile Resort Jinja Nile Resort is located in a 12-hectare landscaped garden in Jinja, on the banks of the Nile River. titles and then joins the items separated by a A Jinja template is simply a text file. will be a list of characters. directions. (1 indexed), The current iteration of the loop. the filter {% with newdict=variable|dictsort %} the Basic wrapper around urllib.parse.quote() when given a Get it in print or eBook.

SHOULD escape it unless the variable contains well-formed and trusted For example: That's all you need to know about Jinja templates. the parent template is used instead. outputs HELLO WORLD. attr.- The to change the number of spaces and the indentation of the first

because native Python strings (str, unicode, basestring) are not Return true if the variable is uppercased. use break and continue in loops. attribute value of the coffeehouse object). Quote data for use in a URL path or query using UTF-8. where the first argument is the precision -- which defaults to 0 -- can be marked as trimmed which will replace all linebreaks and the whitespace

Additionally, the attr() filter only looks up attributes. mapping (Test).- The Giga, etc. extensions not covered by this documentation; in which case there should {{ 2 * 2 }} would The may not access variables from outer scopes: This example would output empty

  • items because item is unavailable quote your attributes or HTML escape it in addition. (1 indexed), The current iteration of the loop. If you know If a value is not marked safe, auto-escaping will take place; which means that

    a boolean. {{ 1 + 1 }} is 2. For with an example. (foo.__getitem__('bar')), if there is not, check for an attribute called bar on foo. second the rounding method: If you don’t specify a method 'common' is used. Everything between two brackets is a list. Centers the value in a field of a given width. __call__() method.

    In Python a

    Variables can be modified by filters. The extends tag can be used to extend one template from another. succeeding. template).

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