But I suppose in many ways that was kind of sweet because the anticipation was sort of pleasing. Really? We were very low on confidence when we started, particularly me. I always avoid going to rushes. And he is because he must come across as an interesting character you can feel attracted to.
As a favor to some friends who were publishing a magazine named Scarlet Street, I agreed to get a few interviews. Brett: No. Are there any predecessors in either role that you particularly admire? I feel I like little bits and pieces of me: 10 minutes, maybe, out of 32 hours. Nobody is pulling the strings. You're one of the few actors to play both Holmes and Watson. So in spite of the fact that Jeremy thought he was a dark character, he was the first that portrayed the warmth in him. I remember the first episode which was Scandal in Bohemia. You're up against people's imaginations. And that established a relationship between us right through until he died. What was your approach to the character of the Doctor?

June said “Can you redo that so we don’t have go to Egypt?

This wasn't 221B Baker Street (an actual address in London), but a certain thrill and magic for me were there just the same. When I started it wasn't like today, when it's become such a fashion for acting families to continue. You want to know why he is like that. The great thing is that Holmes lurks menacingly, if you like, to put it that way, throughout the whole story. And I don’t think we will come across the same again. Did you play Watson differently on stage in The Secret of Sherlock Holmes than you play him on film? This was towards the end of the series. That's wonderful, but some of the short stories don't seem to lend themselves to screen adaptation. They wanted a two hour show because the popular Inspector Morse series was two hours. He was, if you like, the ultimate Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes. Not many people think of Dr. Watson as a professional man. I did interview Jeremy Brett that day, and was delighted that I was the sole interviewer during the 30+ minute duration of that interview (with Joann "riding shotgun," of course). How would you compare David Burke and Edward Hardwicke as your two Watsons? But I did see him snap at other people. This is always true of acting; it's one of the penalties of seeing things on film. Yes, I was frequently with him on set. I was at the annual dinner of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London a number of years ago. In the end it's a question of whether you have scenes together: a relationship will develop of some sort. Michael arranged for me to meet Jeremy.

What if Sherlock Holmes was more like Dr. Joe Bell? Because his father thought acting was a dubious profession he forbade him from using the family name on stage.

I'm still aiming at the same thing, which is to get it right. Mark Gatiss, one of the writers on the Benedict Cumberbatch series who actually plays Mycroft, approached me. Michael Cox contacted him. I don't go because I find that I'm always disappointed; I think I've done something and something quite different appears, but it may be the difference that's the interesting thing that you do. In think they were quite pleased, in a way. Interview de Jeremy Brett (1988) VERSION ORIGINALE. Q: That must have been hard to have to wait for each episode. With enormous respect although I got quite angry and upset--very upset--when Holmes abused himself. It's much better read than to be actually seen. I would love to go back to do something on the theater, some farce or some comic stuff, which is my particular favorite. In the story Holmes is supposed to take on the disguise of a groom. The Master Blackmailer, based on the short story The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton, was to be a special two-hour episode. Our itinerary for this particular trip was first a week in and around London, then on to a few other European locales. And if you then want to go beyond that, to see how that character is presented in a visual form or dramatized form, you can do no better than look at a Granada episode starring Jeremy Brett. “Give me work, I’m just a mere brain,” he says at one point. When the lady came back and said, “Your time is up” he said, “No we are fine. And he was one of them? Some of the stories were done by Doyle on a bad day. Brett: Last March I girded my loins and asked Granada what they'd say if I was willing to do it. Jeremy Paul was going to write the screen play based on my novel. So he did a couple of voice overs for cartoons and he had been asked to play Scrooge in a stage production but couldn’t get the insurance. Have you a favorite episode from the series? Also with the Illustrious Client they combined it with the tiger attack in The Veiled Lodger.

Every time Rosalie or Colin are in it I rejoice.

I went off to Canada to play Prospero in The Tempest and when I finished that, I had the Canon.
Brett: No. Sherlock Holmes is such a Victorian character.”, Can you imagine? And as always he was very kind and generous to me. Q: And of course there are other detectives. Reading that filled me into Sherlockian slavery for the rest of my life. I have been on other sets and met other Sherlock actors as well. Holmes of the Movies is the title of my original book and it was remarkable as a writer to get an acceptance straight away.

In the days before we planed off I managed to binge-watch them all (overdosing on them in the process) and jotted down many notes. But always he was able to capture the character of Holmes and the relationship of Holmes and Watson which was a key element to the success of the stories. In the all-purpose room of the Great Western Synagogue the read-through was finished. What's your opinion of The Hound of the Baskervilles, in which you had more screen time than Jeremy Brett?

I’ve always wanted to go a little bit beyond Conan Doyle because if you just do the basics that Doyle did originally you aren’t adding anything. He loved playing it and hated the character because the character itself was so far away from his own character. Yes indeed.

We're doing this particular one. I played him with enormous enthusiasm and devotion to Holmes. Q: Was Jeremy a Sherlock Holmes fan before he was asked to be the actor? I was told by tutors that Conan Doyle was not important enough of an author for me to write about so I wrote a compendium of authors in my dissertation. You pick up a script, you read it. He was so strongly supportive of Jeremy in his illness and an absolutely lovely man. I never saw any nastiness towards me. I heard they're preparing at least three more. There will be more series. Despite the criticisms he had of Watson, you see the warmth he feels toward Watson. I remember once in the National Theatre with Lawrence Olivier, when I took over a part in a play, Olivier's advice was "Pinch any bit of business that you like. In 1988 Jeremy Brett, then at the height of his fame as TV’s ideal Holmes, decided to take the Victorian detective from the small screen and on to the stage. Have you ever seen Ellie Norwood as Holmes? You're dealing with a book, and people read it and every person who reads it has his own idea, so you're competing with millions of different versions of the same thing. So Edward, who was the loveliest of men, stayed up all night and wrote this long, multi paged letter. Of the ones we've done one is colored by the circumstances in which they were filmed. He seemed to have warmed to me and we exchanged phone numbers. I don't think there's any connection, really. At first by watching it on television. Hardwicke: Well it's very nice that you should have picked that up. You are, in the theater, your own master. It really took over his life. Hardwicke: No. And I said, “My god that’s not possible. 8 "Keeping Holmes' Fires Burning." I like Ian Richardson. In between, Sherlock Holmes was turning up as part of the PBS Masterpiece Mystery (1987-88) in the USA.

There were nearly a hundred silent movies before sound was added to film. (Jeremy Brett wasn't gay, incidentally). Beyond that, I really don't know.

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