I cannot agree more with all the comments below that praise this work. PSJ and KJW! love all of them!

And one thing i really want to ask the director why are they making kim ji won look not really nice.yes she looks still pretty but in dots she looked amazing she can look more prettier please focus on her outfit and looks and i know the drama will get more ratings as the story is already the blockbuster hit... i seriously want park seo joon and kim ji won to date in real life plz ..... Ritika verma Jun 11 2017 4:30 am :)) and I guess it would be more surprising if Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won will really end up in real life *crossed fingers* chaebal! I wish both main leads win in this upcoming KBS award.

and the storyline is really good. :). Nadia Jul 31 2018 8:04 pm But the drama is good and not boring. Liking so far. Visual explode cannot wait !!! Hannan Jun 06 2017 2:42 pm Ahn Jae Hong is so underrated in this show!!

Pickpick Jun 10 2017 8:46 am yosei Apr 23 2017 3:20 pm please don't end at 16 episodes, i love this so much and i really cant stop watching, if it makes you feel better i'm a guy. I really love the chemistry between Ae-ra and Don-Man?❤❤❤, zuh May 25 2017 6:01 pm Love this two! This is such an amazing drama, don't underestimated it! Synopsis. I love them!!!! pastelpuella Mar 21 2017 9:39 am Aera and Dongman both progress toward their dreams. But it's okay, there are still 14 episodes left and I hope that more people will watch this drama and give it a good reaction. Anastasia Jun 10 2017 7:46 am Amy Chitanda Jun 16 2017 5:44 am So I really dont care bout that rating.I still watch it definitely until its last episode. OMG!! Park Seo-joon as Go Dong-nam. Diana Jun 18 2017 7:27 pm Can you still go after your dreams without the right background? Go Dong Man just live with me, I'll treat you like a prince, Hessa Jun 06 2017 2:40 pm Also, how genuine friendship goes and work. (Source: Viki). hanmi Jun 05 2017 1:12 am Ji Won from DOTS & Seo Joon from SWP..????❤❤. i really loved this drama❤️❤️ super funny. What i meant this is probably the role she's been looking forward to play. how sweet...like my own love story.. when I watching this drama reminds me the very good old days, Thanks God! Absolute Boyfriend is no. Seolhui decides to handle Yejin's crush on Juman herself. Hahaha loved the two lead couples' chemistry, just amazing! The characters were diverse, showcasing great chemistry and excellent performances.

쌈, 마이웨이, Fight For My Way, Third-Rate My Way, Third Rate My Way, Ssam My Way. I suuuuper love this drama! ad Jul 24 2020 11:23 pm This drama did not disappoint one bit. In love with this drama already :) Realistic and funny hahaha love the leads. popcorn and coke Feb 24 2017 9:30 am Take a look at their script read-through! after finish hwarang i keep waiting for his drama.

Done Watching it!

oppa and onni I'm so in love with this drama because of Park seo jeon and Kim ji won, I fell their chemistry is good. Thank you for this cute drama! i am a male and i love my bestfriend this drama teaches you how to confess to your bestfriend so anyway i'll confess my feeling to her very soon please wish me luck <3, WholeWeekWatcher Jul 10 2017 9:33 pm worth to watch. Ilukeyou Aug 09 2017 3:28 am One of the best kdrama so far. If so, Bok Hee would have prevented them from getting together at all.

They're both good actors.

I would definitely put this on the rewatch list.

? Every scene is my favorite scene tbh. Addition: I will humbly admit that in my comment below this one, I got too touch by feeling. I love........ this drama. Loved it.com, Lydia Jun 21 2017 1:19 am Good job!??

Ierizu Perona May 27 2017 9:26 am

nene_PSJ May 03 2017 9:18 pm it is going so awesome!!!! I love the chemistry of Park Seo-Joon and Kim Ji Won.. I’m looking forward for their another project as a love team. This show should get a high ratings more than 7% wtf is wrong with people. yays!!! CHEMISTRY IS NO JOKE! The secondary couple of the fantastic four friends is the one I'm not rooting for when they broke up. Vangie Oct 06 2017 9:13 am Their chemistry just too amazing! This is just shameful!

red Apr 25 2017 9:49 am I don't think they are siblings. park.cen Feb 24 2017 4:21 am

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