Do YOU? Join 70,000 other Hollywood insiders! 16 of David Lean’ movies are rated as good movies…or 100.00% of his movies.

Lean’s family were strict Quakers. From 1957 to 1984 he only directed 5 movies…but those five movies grossed over $2 billion in adjusted gross, received 43 Oscar® nominations and won 23 Oscars®….including 1957’s The Bridge on the River Kwai and 1963’s Lawrence of Arabia which won the Best Picture Oscar®. His IMDb page shows 19 directing credits from 1942-1984. Sort David Lean movies by co-stars of his movies.

David Lean and Alec Guinness made 6 movies together. I have seen 10 of his 16 movies. David Lean movies: All 16 films ranked worst to best, Oscars Predictions: Best Adapted Screenplay – Battle of the Plays Continue, Michael Caine stars in trailer for modern day Dickens classic ‘Twist’, Oliver Twist gets a modern reimagining in trailer for Twist, Review: "Caravans" (1978) Starring Anthony Quinn, Michael Sarrazin And Jennifer O'Neill; Blu-ray Release. Lawrence of Arabia (1962)AA Best Picture WinAA Best Director Win The highest ranking film I have not seen is Ryan’s Daughter at number 5. 1955 Hope that helps explain our system. The HFPA loves brand new shows, Hollywood takes on Hollywood: 24 best movies about making movies, ranked [PHOTOS], CMT Music Awards 2020 winners: Best prediction scores by our Editors and Users, Carrie Underwood extends three CMT Awards records with her double victories for 'Drinking Alone'…, 2020 CMT Awards winners list: See who won in all 9 categories, 'The Life Ahead': Sophia Loren shines in remake of Oscar-winning film 'Madame Rosa'…, 2021 Grammy nominations date finally announced: When will we know the contenders for music's biggest…, 'The Dissident' details the disturbing murder of Jamal Khashoggi, 2020 CMT Music Awards predictions: Our odds say Luke Combs, Dan and Shay, Carrie Underwood will be big…, SAG Awards 2021: Make your 1st film predictions today in 5 categories, Renee Zellweger could follow in Judy Garland's footsteps by winning a Grammy AS Judy Garland, "I think Roddy is the one closer to be called a “lock” while ...", 2021 Grammy predictions: Album of the Year (Part 7), "Damien Chazelle x Scarlett Johansson Hobson’s Choice. Hey Steve.

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'Rebecca' through the years: From radio play to Oscar winner and Emmy champ, 'The Prom' busts out glittery tuxes and jazz hands in first trailer for the Netflix musical…, 'News of the World' trailer: Tom Hanks and director Paul Greengrass reunite for first time since…, 'Ted Lasso': Golden Globes dark horse for Best Comedy Series? 1970

David Lean’s Doctor Zhivago had one of the the most impressive sets ever. The really cool thing about this table is that it is “user-sortable”. David Lean’s The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) was one of my father’s all-time favorite movies.

Labeled at the time as the “trial of the century”, it ended with the Scottish verdict of “not proven”.Intriguing in its ambiguity and beautifully cinematographed, “Madeleine” is far from Lean’s weakest work and is a sturdy, authoritarian piece of cinema from a director who was still finding his way in the industry. David Lean movies: All 16 films, ranked worst to best, include ‘Lawrence of Arabia,’ ‘Bridge on the River Kwai,’ ‘Doctor Zhivago’ Zach Laws , Chris Beachum Film News

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Born in 1908, Lean cut his teeth as a film editor, cutting a number of prominent movies including “49th Parallel” (1941) and “One of Our Aircraft Is Missing” (1942) for his contemporary, Michael Powell. 1945 5.

In looking at these films, I did not realize that John Mills made about as many of David Lean movies as Alec Guinness did.

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Check out David Lean’s movie career compared to current and classic stars on our Most 100 Million Dollar Movies of All-Time page. Rating In Which We Serve (1942)AA Best Picture Nom David Lean’s Doctor Zhivago (1965) is the 8th biggest box office hit of all-time when looking at adjusted box office grosses.

As a child he was not allowed to see movies. As such, sometimes I will be several pages behind before I read them. } He earned his first Oscar nominations for writing and directing “Brief Encounter” (1945), a big screen version of Coward’s play about two strangers (Trevor Howard and Best Actress nominee Celia Johnson) who fall in love after a chance meeting on a train. How had I never seen... "Doctor Zhivago"?

I haven’t seen The Trial of the Chicago 7, but co...", Oscars 2021 Predictions: Best Supporting Actor, "If The Undoing gets snubbed here it’s because of poor audi...", Golden Globes 2021 TV Predictions (Make Your Picks Today! In his great, sprawling films, such as the Before… trilogy or Boyhood, links or connections between scenes or characters are often made not instantly but much later, as is often the case in life itself..

5. O’Toole played a crazed movie director. Not sure if I will be able to check as often as I would like to your pages. Sign up your pals & colleagues – It’s so easy! Five years passed before his next feature hit screens: the massive, gargantuan epic “Lawrence of Arabia” (1962), which centers on British officer T.E. I will have to check that out. Stay-At-Home Seven: September 28 to October 3 by Amber Wilkinson, Angela Lansbury: ‘Murder, She Wrote’ Star Still Going Strong in Amazing Career. Of the ones which I have not seen, most of them are the last 4 of which I know little. }

I have seen 4 of his top 5, and 8 of his top 10. 60% rating or higher should indicate a good movie.

David Lean was honored with the American Film Institute Life Achievement Award in 1990. The lowest ranking movie I have seen is This Happy Breed at number 12. The other one I have not yet mentioned is A Passage to India.

He transitioned into directing, working alongside acclaimed playwright Noel Coward with “In Which We Serve” (1942).

10. UMR Score puts box office, reviews and awards into a mathematical equation and gives each movie a score. 7. For some reason I thought you had already done a page on David Lean movies.

Of the 4 bottom movies…I think only Blithe Spirit seems like one to track down….it has gotten a little bit of a following over the years. overflow: visible; David Lean was nominated for 11 Oscars® in his career.

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David Lean was born in Croydon, Surrey in 1908.

Once again, Lean won the Oscar for directing, and “Lawrence” also took Best Picture plus five more trophies. (“Brief Encounter” and “Great Expectations” contended at the 1946 and 1947 Oscars respectively, since they didn’t open in the U.S. until the year after their British premiere.).

I have not seen any of the three you mentioned either…though Flora has high praise for Hobson’s Choice. He won 2 times…..Best Director for 1957’s The Bridge on the River Kwai and 1963’s Lawrence of Arabia. 1942 4. Rankings overall: Using’s 60% fresh meter. I did a review of it on Letterboxd.

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