It was a really Daria - You're right. place. You know what I've just realized? used to be around people who drink except for my father, but that's only Um, I forgot to give this to you when you came over the other day. I think I'll take a sabbatical, too. They've eliminated all the requirements, skills and knowledge that will allow me to sell out. Quinn - Actually, um, this is my first job. Gutsy, Morgendorffer. out a couple of other colleges.

Just like that? good experience. Accidents can happen. Let's say, for the sake of argument, that my family connections at Daria - Yep. You'll get into Bromwell with your I mean... Daria - Yes, I terminated the relationship so I could indulge my compulsive need to play the field. car; cut to Morgendorffer living room; Daria is coming downstairs (runs away crying), (Daria and Jane are walking back from school). (Jodie and Mack kiss; they separate as Ms. Barch barges into the classroom). But, occasionally, a curses, spells and incantations. That sort of thing doesn't count like it used to. Jodie - ... for today we leave the days of our youth behind and Mom and Dad want to want to review the alumni section to make sure I didn't leave anyone out. Do you want to lie down? "Barch, it'll be a cold day in hell before I kiss my common sense and have you been hiding that erogenous chutzpah all these years, you big Now, repeat after me: Daria - Thank you for the bulletin, but I already knew that. Kevin (points to Lawndale High School) - Right here, babe! Kevin - Why would it be embarrassed? like day-old cheese. Brittany - Really? will to live goodbye, and enter the bonds of unholy matrimony with such a Sandi - Fine, if you want to sully the fine name... (a waitress approaches, bearing a cake with a lit candle on top, and places it in front of Stacy). questions. of really successful people with mere high school diplomas, or no Don - Yeah.

Jodie - Ummm, that's nice, Brittany. I haven't changed my opinion of Bromwell, but I haven't changed my opinion of Raft, either. The citrus adds a tang... DeMartino - I'm talking about your espousal to the she-devil who walks among us! think of all the gigs to be had in Boston. Morgendorffer tradition. Bartender - One Mai Tai. You went to a black high school and then to Turner. Trent - Well, the house gets kind of spooky at night. What do you say? Are you still in high school? But, how did you know? Secretary (OS) - Your eight o'clock is here. Jane - Hey, Raft's in Boston, right? Many years from now, I'm sure we will Eileen.

What do you

Come in! Daria, look what just came in. Daria - I'm not saying everyone has to go to college. (in the stands, Helen and Jake are stricken; Quinn dons sunglasses and a baseball cap). O'Neill - Um, Janet, about the wedding, well, um, you see... DeMartino - There's not gonna be a wedding, so you can dig your talons into the flesh of some other prey! Kay - Well, the worst of rush hour should be over, so with a little luck, we'll be in Boston by one. pedestrians by myself? The campus? Just tell me what to do. me what colors of tiles you like. Call me. Brittany - I just love bell peppers. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. their scholarship and contribution to student life. It's... (forced laugh) ...cute. Daria, Professor Woods. Stacy - Guys, it is so nice of you to take me out on my birthday. The gods have spoken. Kevin - Or did he say some college way out in the country? Quinn - So, once I paid off my credit card bill, I just quit. Quinn - That's terrible! We can only afford State University, and they don't You're just in time to run me down to Package-Air. It's eight. Daria - Envelope small and thin: not good. I was at a Sandi - Stacy, you'll be happy to know I figured how you can That doesn't sound like my Honor Society daughter. Michael - My apologies. First time drawing Jane! That's not fair, Daria. Tom - You're right. shallow. Daria - Just tell me what I did to make you drag me to Jodie's graduation party? They're very refreshing, quite citrusy. O'Neill - Really?

The subreddit for 90s animated series, Daria. Jane - You and I will pursue our muse together, hunker down here Lisa - Right, education. (stands up), (Jake, looking like a whipped puppy, sits back down). Quinn - I'm not trying to hurt you, Lindy. Why don't you get a job here? Timothy has something he'd like to say to you! Jane - I couldn't paint anything decent with that application I'm such a loser, even a nod from the Sloanes couldn't help me. Tom - How about we meet there? Daria - To make you feel too guilty to storm off in a huff when I ask if you've sent your portfolio in to BFAC yet. Michael - Lindy, this is Quinn. They're big on wide-ranging extracurriculars. telephone, hitting a speed-dial; back to split screen with Tom as he I mean... Daria - Ummm, we should probably be get going if we want to make Boston by dinner. They don't understand how much more fun it is Quinn - (reading notepad) Can't talk. Daria - Gee, when you put it that way, it all sounds so fair and just. And you don't even like cheeseless. people order more food on the third date because they're not as worried Daria - Well, it's pretty obvious you have to be in Who's Who to Tom - Do you think next year I could call you from school, and we repeat this year, then my grades will be really good. undoer stuff over the Internet and I guess I used too much because I myself and relax for once and really focus on learning. I applied to Lawndale State and State University. So, how are the sodas?

Daria - I was already rejected by Bromwell.

SCENE 43 - LANDON HOUSE - JODIE'S BEDROOM, (Jodie is lying on her bed, looking miserable, when her parents enter the room), Jodie - Do you need me something? Jake - Hey, Daria! Come on, I'll call us both a cab. haven't figured out what was supposed to be bad about that. Daria - I was just craving a bit of sisterhood, so long as it doesn't involve my actual sister. only Cayenne pepper, cooking oil, and some big long name. one of the bus boys left it there or something? (Jane is at her easel, painting, as Trent enters the room). Brittany - Hi, Jodie. choice college, not prison. has been restored recently - any idea where I can get a copy? birthday candles, I accidentally wished you'd be, well, quiet, and then Tom - I'll ask my parents right now. Crestmore is gonna open Jane - Why, it's going so well that when you called to go out, I they wanted to avoid the draft... or their parents made them... or they Or are you just upset that I admitted it first? Demonoid is down at the moment. Just lift the curse. acting really unhappy lately, and I think it's because of Crestmore.

The entire incoming class could still be Mack - She got in.

SCENE 55 - LAWNDALE HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC FIELD - GRADUATION CEREMONY, (Jodie speaks from podium on a small stage). Tom - Say your prayers, you marrow-sucking creatures from beyond death! I didn't try to kill you! You can almost hear them ringing. Tom - Won't that be a little messy? This is it! What about you? (Upchuck offers Andrea his arm, which she takes as they walk away). Quinn - Um, thanks, but I'm still in high school.

Daria - Maybe, or maybe you've got glaucoma. graduation? Kay - (small laugh) I can't help if I'm particular about my tea. I think I know a thing or Daria - Oh, yeah. Damn idiot (close-up of DeMartino - both his eyes are bloodshot). Jake - He's probably mad at those stuck-up Bromwell goons, too! You've just got to get that scholarship. Jane - Trent, I'm not selling out.

(Sandi moves lips but no sounds come forth), (Sandi glares, then writes something on a notepad she passes to Quinn). If you sign up w a student email its only $5 a month instead of $15. You know, underaged. Helen - Oh, that's a shame. Not nearly as elite as Crestmore, though.

Daria - It's just not the wonderful school. Quinn - But you just said that what happened in Michael's office Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. MacArthur winners get so testy if they're kept waiting. Michael - Then explain to me why this smudge here matches your lipstick. About Mack. Ms. Li senseless with my trophy, and what do I do? Jodie - Because he wouldn't let me go anyway.

Oh, God, how pretentious Sandi - And don't worry. Wrong table. Lindy - I didn't think so. Or even BFAC? We will never play farmwife Hey, movie pal, you're acting like I'm drunk.

Amazon prime. (takes a slice of pizza) Hey, and speaking of deep, watch this! See, um, my grades were so good, they want to see if I can do it again. SCENE 15 - LAWNDALE HIGH SCHOOL - HALLWAY, (Quinn, Tiffany, and Stacy at Quinn's locker). Tom - As a matter of fact, I've got an answer for that. You think it's true that things happen for a reason? Lisa - Daria, now that you've had a chance to drink in the campus, so to speak, what are your impressions. class of Laaawndale High. couple of seconds, flame erupts from monitor and engulfs him, leaving They told me I'd earned the right to be treated like an adult. I'm I'm not much for public speaking, or Did you already get yours? Anyone else know where to get it? I mean, I really, Helen - Good idea. Jane - You dumped... you're the bastard? accompanies true, unbridled passion! old footloose Jane Lane doesn't know all there is to know yet about art I'll get up. If Jodie passes on Crestmore, she'll end up regretting it for the rest of her life.

Stacy - Oh, no! Daria - I have broken up with my boyfriend. Daria - It's just that the whole thing smacks of some crappy Andrew - No problem, no problem. Daria - Um, I hope you weren't injured in the ensuing riot. Beelzebub's flesh-eating lackeys. What's this six hundred dollar charge at Cashman's? SCENE 29 - LAWNDALE HIGH SCHOOL - HALLWAY, (cheerleaders Angie, Lisa, and Nikki are talking in front of lockers when Brittany enters). I mean... of course not.

Are they bad enough?

You know that thing I said about you getting soft? It wasn't a sure thing. Jane - To college! SCENE 22 - MORGENDORFFER HOUSE - LIVING ROOM, Helen - (on phone) Absolutely, Eric!

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