His children were born in County Leitrim and I'm thinking this was a nickname, perhaps  he came from Wales??? The family may never have actually calleed her Sarah, and then later in life she may have chosen to use Sally instead, because it was more popular or she just liked it better. Cornelius  =  Latin form used for the Irish name Conor (Conchobar), which has also been anglicized as Cornelius, Conor, and sometimes Neil or Neily. Irish nicknames for grandma A beautiful language with the beautiful accent. Here's a unique index to the most perplexing nicknames and aliases for Irish boys names of "old Irish" Gaelic origin: https://irelandxo.com/ireland-xo/news/irelandxo-index-old-irish-gaelic-b... Has anyone run across the name Welch (Walsh, Welsh) as a given name?

Language of love and affection. Could Dowling Wall's mother been a Dowling ?

The beauty of this language is beyond all limits. But through her life we see not only Martha, but Matty, and oft times, Mathilda. People sometimes altered the anglicized form of their name as time went on, perhaps because they had not personally chosen the original anglicization themselves. Here we present some famous nicknames for grandma, in Irish: A language of lovebirds. There is however, no consistency. Submit your funny nicknames and cool gamertags and copy So this man went from Keane at his marriage to Cain for his first children, then after the family moved parishes from Schull East and then Schull West to end up near Durrus in the parish of Muintervara. According to Woulfe's Irish Names for Children, however, the name never became all that popular in Ireland. Would that be Siobhan or Sinead? This is just what I have been looking for.

Hempstock – From the grandmother in Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’.

She was a widow when she married, and the entry read:   " Mary Furlong alias Rossiter  "  so she had married a man named Furlong but her own name was Rossiter. And what it feels like when you call your grandma with a sweet nickname? For example, a baby girl might be given the Irish name Sorcha by her parents, but the priest insisted on writing it down as Sarah when she was baptized (the Irish name is totally unrelated to the Bibllical name Sarah). Again thank you! To add to your index of English variants of traditional Irish boys' names, for Muircheartach, I have come across Mortagh, Murtagh, and Morty in records from Killinaboy Parish, Clare, in addition to those you've listed. Somewhat cute and playful, little Ryan is always on the lookout for fun and adventure. Seanmhair (maternal Formal – Irish/Gaelic), Tipuna Wahine (Aborigine Polynesian Maori dialect), HoneyDeux – Grandmother was Honey mother was HoneyDeux, Mavoureen (maternal Informal – Irish/Gaelic). Irish Nicknames Source(s): https://shrink.im/a9mVO 0 0 Anonymous 5 years ago For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/Y2pqb I agree with Reggie White. I have a ggg-grandfather with a name that doesn't fit traditional naming patterns or at least I don't think so. You may have helped me break down a 10 year brick wall. Here are some cute nicknames for grandma and grandpa! Here's what I have so far: Bartle, Bartly, Bat, Batty  =  Bartholomew. Hi,  thank you for the above nicknames and other naming traditions. GrimGram – For the grandma who doesn’t have a sunny outlook on life. Having said that, any Gaelic first name beginning with D could have been disguised as Dowling in English. Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Iris – izzy, siri, ⎝⎝ Irΐs ⎠⎠, irie (eye-ree), Rainbow, Ris. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ailbe_of_Emly and https://www.libraryireland.com/names/men/ailbhe-alby.php, I don't have an answer but a similar question. her father's name. Irish Nicknames Share This: Irish Nicknames Hi, I wonder if anyone knows of a book or a web site where I may research typical nicknames used in Ireland (such as Ann being a shortened version of Anastasia or Hannah)? You keep a nickname of someone when you want them to call them with all your love. However, I'm not one to leave a guy hanging

You must have seen some grannies in really young age. Latin Forms of Names. Thank you for helping me. And if you keep nicknames of your immediate family members of love life relation then really give a lighter image to your relation and make it more pleasant and lovable. Looking foorward to hearing your thoughts. Keep your grand ma’s nickname in this language and show your love to her. Is Albeus (Latin) for Ailbe instead of Albertus? Are you with me, girls? Dowling Wall, b about 1778, possibly Old Leighlin; d. sometime in 1838 and buried in Rathelin, County Carlow. So, my question is: could she have been all three, or was there confusion between Martha ansd Mathilda, and is she either just Martha or just Mathilda, with Matty serving as the diminutive? Dionysius  =  Latinized form of the Irish name Donncha, which has been anglicized as Denis, Eneas  =  Latinized form of the Irish name Aonghus, which has been anglicized as Angus, Eugenius  =  Latinized form of the Irish name Eoghan, which has been anglicized as Owen, Hugones  =  Latinized form of the Irish name Aodh, which has been anglicized as Hugh, Ioannes  =  Latinized form of the Irish names Seán and Eoghan, which have been anglicized as John and Owen, Jacobus  =  Latinized form of the Irish names Seamus, which has been anglicized as Jacob or James, Johanes, Joannes  =  Latinized form of the Irish names Seán and Eoghan, which have been anglicized as John and Owen, Timotheus, Thaddeus  =  Tadgh, Thady, Timothy, Ioanna  =  Latinized form of the Irish name Siobhán, which has been anglicized as Johanna, Hannah, Joan, and Jane, Johana  =  Latinized form of the Irish name Siobhán, which has been anglicized as Johanna, Hannah, Joan, and Jane, Margarita  =  Margaret, Peg (Peig is actually the Irish name for Margaret), Maria  =  Latinized form of the Irish name Máire, which has been anglicized as Mary or Marie. A beautiful language with the beautiful accent. Sorry about the multiple-line spacing. Or a book that gives the Irish form of names? Visit Irish cute baby names page and find cutest Irish names for your baby. I mean, there are tons of words that describe how beautiful we are. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Here we present you some nicknames for grandma, in this cute language. This link gives you the Irish form of many common names. Perhaps the parish priest there was keen on Aglicising names?? I wonder if anyone knows of a book or a web site where I may research typical nicknames used in Ireland (such as Ann being a shortened version of Anastasia or Hannah)? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ailbe_of_Emly, https://www.libraryireland.com/names/men/ailbhe-alby.php. Yes, when girls get married in early age and have children in early years of marriage then they will be a grand parent in early age like in 40’s they have grand kids around them and when kids have such beautiful and young grandma then they really want to call them with new and trendy nicknames for their grandma. I have a wedding document which gives the name of the bride as "Elizabeth McKelvy alias McKeen" (written in 1835), What did the priest mean by that notation? Grandzilla – A funny nickname for the grandma who can be a bit of a monster! 106 Nicknames for Grandma and Grandpa It's up to grandparents to decide what they wish to be called, but it never hurts to give them a few fun and creative suggestions. Therefore your Elizabeth would have been Elizabeth McKeen who had married a McKelvy, who unfortunately died. My girlfriend started calling me bubs and it’s the cutest thing. Grammager – The perfect funny nickname for a grandma who likes to manage everything. Then found a possibility for the correct date in Muintervara, a Charles who, on the baptismal entries for his older children was listed as CAIN ! I would love to hear from anyone who can shed some light or have thoughts on the origin of his given name. Con, Corny  =  Conor [Corny is from Latin form:  Cornelius], Daniel  =  David (due to poor penmanship and misreading or miscopying), David  =  Daniel (due to poor penmanship and misreading or miscopying), Edward  =  Edmond, Eamon (due to phonetic similarity), Gerald  =  Garrett, Gerard, Gerailt, Gearoid, Jacob  =  James (because of Latin form Jacobus), Patrick  =  Bartholomew (through confusion of respective diminutives Pat and Bat), Owen  =  Eugene (both being used as translations of the Irish Eoghain), Theobold  =  Tobias (because of shared diminutive = Toby), Jer, Dem  =  Dermot, Jeremiah [from Demetrius], Alice  =  Ellen (due to the diminutive Eily for the Irish names Eilis and Eileen), Abigail  =  Deborah (due to the similarity of their respective diminutives), Abbie and Debbie  =  Gubbie (the diminutive of the Irish Gobnet or Gobinet), Ant, Anty, Ally  =  Anastasia, Anastatia, Anstace, Giles  =  Cecily, Cecilia, Celia, Julia (as renderings of the Irish Sheelagh), Honor, Honny, Onny, Noey, Norah  =  Honora, Honoria, Jane, Jean, Joan  =  Joan, Jean (all rendered Johanna in Latin), Jude, Judith, Judy  =  Julia (due to similarity of their diminutives Judy and Julie), Nell, Nelly  =  Ellen, Eleanor, Helen [from Latin Helena, Eleanora], Susan  =  Johanna (a rendering of the Irish Siobhán). So I have my great X3 grandmother in Magherafelt, County Derry. The accent of this language is really attractive and full of flavor of love and beauty of these words brings closer all the people around the world. Dowling was an Anglicisation of the ancient Irish personal name Dúnlang. Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. Kevin45fsl that is a great list you have put together. Generally, where English was more common English was used and Latin was used in Irish speaking parishes. Search cute Irish baby names for boys and girls with meaning, origin and numerology. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. Not sure how that happened and I can't seem to revise it. I have a great-grandmother named Mary Jane. Keep your grand ma’s nickname in this language and show your love to her. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. MainMa – For the grandma who had a formative place in your life. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Now let’s have a look on some really beautiful nicknames for grandma.

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