"[41], Elizabeth Weitzman of the New York Daily News gave the film three out of five stars, saying "We're grading on a sliding scale here. | extra10 = Jemaine Clement and Kristin Chenoweth The war turns out to be a football (soccer) match, but Blu accidentally costs the flock their territory when he scores an own goal. Start by making the shapes for the head and body like so. On January 25, 2012, while speaking to the Associated Press, Sérgio Mendes who co-wrote a song for the first film spoke about the sequel, saying: "I think the plan is for the movie to come three or four months before the World Cup. | length10 = 1:51 I'll be playing the daughter macaw of Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway! [33] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "A" on an A+ to F scale, the same grade earned by its predecessor. Sketch out the top half of the head and add a crown of feathers that lines the head. Carla with her sister Bia and her brother Tiago. Nigel then attacks Blu in a final attempt to get revenge, but Gabi, while attempting to help, accidentally hits Nigel with one of a porcupine's quills filled with her poison; Nigel gives a theatrical death speech before seemingly dying, and Gabi then drinks her own poison to die alongside Nigel. Hai trovato questo prodotto a un prezzo più basso?? Per favore, verifica di aver inserito una domanda valida. Add a photo to this gallery. Meanwhile, the leader of a group in a line of illegal logging named Big Boss, discovers Linda and Tulio's expedition to find the macaws and orders his henchmen to hunt them down to avoid disruptions to their work. The only frustrating thing is that it feels very much like a by-the-numbers sequel, lacking the verve, ebullience and left-field humour that made 2011’s Rio such a surprise hit. "[58] Robbie Collin of The Daily Telegraph gave the film two out of five stars, saying "This jumbled sequel, which was also directed by Carlos Saldanha, loses most of what made the first film such an infectious entertainment. Just don't tell them that the Rio movies are musical comedies about an avian genocide. "[40] Richard Corliss of Time gave the film a positive review, saying "Even when it's coarse and calculating, this is an eager entertainment machine that will keep the kids satisfied. That's our very own @NMoralesNBC! Who's that toucan again? | Others. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Carnival Barker / | length5 = 1:47 This involves some small feathers being drawn in on the inside of the wings. | title6 = It's a Jungle Out Here "[54], Rafer Guzman of Newsday gave the film one and a half stars out of four, saying "The movie has one goal: to amuse the most children with the least amount of effort. During production, Mars offered his own personal touches that better shaped his character's physical appearance, personality, and voice. Happy Father's Day! | writer1 = Janelle Monáe, Nate "Rocket" Wonder, Roman Irvin [30] The Target exclusive comes with a Blu plush toy. | extra_column = Performers | length6 = 3:59 Official Sites | extra9 = Kristin Chenoweth and Jemaine Clement Riprovare a effettuare la richiesta più tardi. Carla. Drawing Carla should be a blast. [19] Entertainer Bruno Mars joined the cast as Roberto after director Carlos Saldanha caught his performance on Saturday Night Live. Tantissimi giocattoli in offerta ad un prezzo speciale. [75][76] It was promoted by the single "What Is Love", performed by Janelle Monáe. Blu inadvertently causes war between the two tribes for food when he accidentally swats Felipe with a branch. Erase those mistakes and then you are ready to get rid of the guidelines as well. Nigel and Gabi are sent to Rio for study, Nico and Pedro's Carnival show goes on, and Luiz the bulldog arrives at the Amazon for a visit. Carla Gunderson Background information Feature films Rio Rio 2 Shorts Novelization Rio: Snakes Alive! The title refers to the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, where the first film was set and Rio 2 begins, though most of its plot occurs in the Amazon rainforest. Da usare sotto la sorveglianza di un adulto. Avvertenza: Contiene fragranze potenzialmente allergizzanti, Trova le risposte utilizzando le informazioni sul prodotto, le Q&A e le recensioni. Personality [edit | edit source]. | extra2 = Ester Dean featuring [[B.o.B][ He visits Linda and Tulio's campsite to drop off his fanny pack, but discovers that it had been raided. Meanwhile, Blu's former owner, Linda Gunderson and her ornithologist husband, Tulio are on an expedition in the Amazon and, after a fall down a waterfall, discover a quick-flying Spix's macaw that loses one of its feathers. 20th Century Fox's sequel to the already dubious 2011 film would seem far too endlessly hyperventilating and self-stimulating a way to keep kids from barreling toward a spaz attack on a Saturday afternoon. But if Rio 2 is hardly Pixar quality, it's certainly better than the average animated sequel. Carla is the oldest daughter of Blu and Jewel and one of the three tritagonists of Rio 2. Carla is a very outgoing chubby girl that loves life and has a lot of goals. Rio 2 Thai promotional 1 week countdown image. (voice), Porcupine Game Announcer "[45] Stephanie Merry of The Washington Post gave the film two out of four stars, saying "All in all, though, the movie feels at once too busy and too derivative. Ti suggeriamo di riprovare più tardi. You will sketch the facial guidelines, then draw the wig guides. Giochi d'imitazione e accessori di travestimento, Visualizza i Top 100 nella categoria Giochi e giocattoli. (voice) (as Holly Dorff Long), Additional Voices Filming & Production "Mom, are you okay?" | title12 = Favo De Mel [24], Three of four Angry Birds Rio episodes — all visually tied to Rio 2 — have been released. It is the sequel to the 2011 computer-animated film Rio. Utilizziamo cookie e altre tecnologie simili per migliorare la tua esperienza di acquisto, per fornire i nostri servizi, per capire come i nostri clienti li utilizzano in modo da poterli migliorare e per visualizzare annunci pubblicitari. | length7 = 2:38 Si è verificato un problema durante l'aggiunta dell'articolo al Carrello. Too much plot, too many issues, too many characters. [28] In April 2014, Kohl's began selling Blu, Gabi, and Luiz plush toys as a part of their Kohl's Cares merchandise program. But for the music and brilliantly picturesque look, it's worth the 3-D ticket. [17] 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky unveiled the first teaser trailer at the annual Las Vegas, Nevada CinemaCon on April 18, 2013. "[46] Bruce Demara of the Toronto Star gave the film two and a half stars out of four, saying "Those who enjoyed the adventures of Blu and Jewel and company in the first Rio are going to find the sequel an equally pleasing diversion. He is the youngest child of Blu and Jewel's chicks, and has two older sisters named Carla and Bia. (voice) (as Dennis Carnegie), Additional Voices | title5 = Ô Vida | title13 = It's a Jungle Out Here Roberto accuses Blu of betraying the flock, but before Blu can defend himself, loggers storm the area. (voice), Spoonbill / Iscriviti ad Amazon Prime: consegne senza costi aggiuntivi in 1 giorno su 2 milioni di prodotti e in 2-3 giorni su molti altri milioni, film e serie TV su Prime Video, incluse le serie Amazon Original, più di 2 milioni di brani e centinaia di playlist senza pubblicità con Prime Music, centinaia di eBook Kindle su Prime Reading, accesso anticipato alle Offerte Lampo di Amazon.it e spazio di archiviazione per le foto illimitato. There, they meet Jewel's stern long-lost father, Eduardo, paternal aunt Mimi, and her childhood friend, Roberto. [66], A soundtrack for the film was released on March 25, 2014, by Atlantic Records. | writer7 = Flavia Maia, Stinson | extra4 = Bruno Mars Rio 2 Jp69345 - Portachiavi Peluche Carla: Amazon.it: Giochi e giocattoli. "[39] Claudia Puig of USA Today gave the film two out of four stars, saying "Rio 2 teems with colorful animated splendor and elaborate musical numbers, but its rambling, hectic, if good-hearted, story is for the birds. Big Boss runs off before Linda and Tulio can stop him, and winds up getting away. Rio 2 was made available on Disney Plus on October 16th 2020, On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 48% based on 115 reviews and an average rating of 5.43/10. "[52] Liam Lacey of The Globe and Mail gave the film three out of four stars, saying "Rio 2 (like Fox’s Ice Age series) relies on derivative plotting and slapstick visual gags, in contrast to Pixar’s more cerebral originality. She is voiced by Rachel Crow. | writer2 = Ester Dean, B.o.B, Mikkel Storleer Erikson, Tor Erik Hermansen For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw out the long tail feathers, then draw the feet or talons. At the same time, the evil cockatoo Nigel seeks revenge against Blu for crippling his ability to fly, and makes several failed attempts to kill Blu along with his new comrades, an anteater named Charlie and a poisonous tree frog named Gabi, who is in love with Nigel. Rio 2 is a 2014 American 3D computer-animated musical comedy film produced by Blue Sky Studios and directed by Carlos Saldanha. [20], Rio 2 was released to international theaters on March 20, 2014. Tiago is Blu and Jewel's only son and one of the six tritagonists of Rio 2 (along with Rafael, Nico and Pedro). After doing so, Blu persuades the macaws to defend their homes instead of running away. | writer3 = Andre Hosoi, Renato Epstein, Taura Stinson [15], Don Rhymer, screenplay writer of the first film, died on November 28, 2012 during the writing phase of the sequel, from head and neck cancer. Carla is a confident chick who tries to make herself look more beautiful by winking her eye and dancing elegantly. Per calcolare la valutazione complessiva in stelle e la ripartizione percentuale per stella, non usiamo una media semplice. Rio 2 (2014) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. "[43] Bill Goodykoontz of The Arizona Republic gave the film three out of four stars, saying "An agreeable song-and-dance movie, a laugh here, a laugh there, pleasant but overly busy, for seemingly no real reason other than to throw a few more set pieces at the wall to see what sticks. Movie: Rio 2 Franchise: Rio. [22], The film's theatrical release was preceded by Almost Home, a short film produced by DreamWorks Animation to promote their 2015 film Home (20th Century Fox handled distribution for DWA's films at the time of its release). | writer4 = Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence, John Powell | title2 = Rio Rio | title9 = Poisonous Love Roberto, unable to deal with real danger, panics and Blu is forced to save him from an oncoming bulldozer.

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