Her stories are very mysterious to me. The story’s poetic, dreamlike language and deep emotional core offer moments of great humor and pathos as the children discover how to grieve. One page, two pages...gripping.”. He was a revelation. He had this incredible compassion and humanity for whoever he was writing about. Ó Ceallaigh is an Irish-born writer who’s based in Bucharest and is the author of two collections: Notes From A Turkish Whorehouse (2006) and The Pleasant Light of Day (2009). Known as something of a shapeshifter in terms of literary styles and aesthetics, Butler’s characters and themes vary widely from project to project as he draws from his own experiences growing up in rural Illinois, serving as a counterintelligence officer during the Vietnam War, and working odds jobs as a taxi driver and mill laborer before turning to fiction. in 2007 and a MacArthur Grant in 2012, is known for pulling punches when it comes to his explorations of identity, sexuality, and the influence of pop culture on young people. Written mainly during the second world war, the collection contains some of Borges’s most celebrated work, including The Library of Babel, the story of an unimaginably vast library that contains every possible variation of a 410-page book. Alice Munro won the Nobel prize for literature last year. Indian-Bengali-American author Jhumpa Lahiri didn’t see success for years after she began writing. Known for what critics refer to as ‘dirty realism,’ Woolf’s stories are often focused on the male adolescent experience and the ramifications of those experiences as his characters grow and mature. — Alexandra Chasin, _Kissed By_ (2007), an excellent collection of fictions that combines experimental writing, humour and emotion. A few more names of books that have their own distinct virtues. Sure, studies and surveys continually show the ways in which today’s average reader experiences literature are changing, from e-readers, smart phones, and tablets, to podcasts and other subscription-based audio book websites and services. “21st century” seems to be the key phrase here. You could probably argue that he writes more about men than women, and his stories are rarely set in his native Ireland. She also writes children so well, who are notoriously hard to write about. There’s a scene in Prelude, another one of my favorites, where a bunch of kids watch a duck get beheaded. Barry’s prose, his local idiolect, his use of imagery and his peerless dialogue – he’s a superstar. Speaking of compression, there is something in every Alice Munro story that seems to to go from Precambrian history all the way to 20th century Canada. Link’s got stories in anthologies all over the place, but check out Stranger Things Happen (2o01), Magic for Beginners (2006) and Pretty Monsters (2008) to get the full effect. He holds a MFA in creative writing from Southern Illinois University and has worked as a college instructor, journalist, and blogger.

Will Self shot to fame in the early 90s with The Quantity Theory of Insanity, which caught the eye of Martin Amis and won the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize in 1993. Woolf’s other highly-acclaimed collections include 1981’s In The Garden of North American Martyrs, and 1997’s The Night in Question and Other Stories.

A teenage prodigy, Moore won Seventeen Magazine’s fiction writing contest at the tender age of 19. At first they’re very excited, because they don’t quite know what the outcome of this act is going to be. , revolves around an estranged father and son on a country drive in the middle of the night during a blizzard.

The solution? How’s that for alive and kicking?

They include Mrs Bixby and the Colonel’s Coat, a story that was adapted for the screen and directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and Edward the Conqueror, a tale about a cat that might be Franz Liszt reincarnate. Rendered as something of a how-to list for dating, the story quickly reveals Yunior’s vulnerability and discomfort with himself and his adopted homeland.

After what she’s characterized as "hundreds of rejections," Lahiri published her first collection, The Interpreter of Maladies, in 1999 to massive critical and commercial success, vaulting her into the stratosphere of today’s short story writers. I don’t believe in that. As recommended by Yosserian, petersalmon and JumbleBuns. But he can’t completely get it because that’s not who he is. Francine Prose is the rare kind of writer, who can write great novels as well as great criticism. After all, the century’s fourteen already – that’s enough time to compile a list twice as long as this one!

an exploration of masculinity, the immigrant experience, and coming-of-age for the character of Yunior in New Jersey in the 1980s. — Joseph McElroy, _Night Soul and Other Stories_ (2011), a far-ranging exploration of style and multilevel presentations of how his characters perceive the world.

Many novelists begin their career as writers of short stories. Keegan’s first collection, Antarctica, came out in 1999, just skimming the cusp of the millennium, but it was her second, Walk The Blue Fields (2007) that made everyone sit up and pay attention.

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