Ian McMillan, Barnsley’s Poet Laureate, is writing a special poem to mark the occasion, which he will read at the event. They then went down the engine plane and found four more bodies. He got to the foot of the level where he saw White and Pearce, a hanger-on, and sent them out through the Edmunds Main shaft. George Hartley aged 43 years, who left three orphaned children. In Sorrowful Remembrance of the men and boys who fell victims to the Terrible Explosion on the 6th .December 1875 at the Swaithe Main Colliery Near Barnsley. They hurried on and found man named Pickering who was not conscious and jammed against a post. A married man. The manager of the Barnsley Main Colliery was Mr. A. Benford with an Assistant Manager and three undermanagers one of whom, Mr. E. Pilkington acted for the Fenton seam. Research… William Walker aged 29 years a married man. Thomas Lancashire aged 24 years married with no family.

A. James Hancock aged 34 years married with four children. Lodge had previously been up to this machine and made his usual examination for gas in the general body of air about 10 yards on each side of it with the flame safety lamp he carried. the manager of the Higham Colliery at Dodworth, said he had no knowledge of the colliery before the 6th and he went down about 4 p.m. on that day. Edward Geo. SWAITHE MAIN. This particular pit had not known to be dangerous and the pit was worked by locked safety lamps. William Walton aged 30 years, who left a wife and child. On the Tuesday after the explosion he went down the pit with others to put up some sheeting to divide the intake air from the return air. John Thomas Cocking aged 38 years, collier who died from concussion and blast. from this shaft the Fenton and Parkgate seams at 524 and 542 yards respectively were raised.

It had recently been sold and at the time of the disaster, was the property of Messrs. Smith, Barber and Company. It was small coal and or timber that was smoldering then the erection of the brattice sheet across the entrance might have had the effect of fanning the fire. At the inquest Mr. Robert Miller was questioned about possibility of drawing off the gas from the goaf but he said he could not see this being possible particularly if the gas had accumulated quickly and the twelve acres of goaf might contain 300,000 to 400,000 cubic feet of gas. John Nicholson aged 17 years a single man. John Pickering aged 23 years married with one child. Bailey aged 20 years a single man. All rights reserved.
of powder in their possession although drifters were allowed to use as much as was required in their judgement. He believed the men had been working at the face of the coal at the time of the explosion.

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