Good work…although i think the first line is bhulle…which means someone who has strayed away from d right path…u knw bhula bhatka kinds…wat does araiian mean…d song doesnt make sense man…or maybe i havent understood it…can u explain ???

Ali dum dum de andar. and woa what a beautiful meaning does it got Bundeya hoo Bundeya What is that old German song with people whistling and cuckoo clocks? Thanks a lot dude, its very graceful and beautiful. wow…wat gr8 meaning tnx for translating buddy . Even God makes some mistakes. "Bandya Ho Lyrics" was written May 5th, 2008 by Piyush, and filed under good words, Lyrics and tagged Bandya ho, english, Khuda ke liye, Lyrics, meaning. thnxxxxx a lot….

u did a gr8 job.. now i m able 2 understand the song…

Chaakar Hoo Ja Raiyaan kindly send me the exact lyrics of the english portion of the song –bandya ho—– if u get that. I’ve started liking the song more after understanding its meaning, The best lyrics i have ever got and ye i am very thankful to u Nov 2, 2008 #1 Bandeya ho- khuda ke liye bulle nu samjavan ayian bhena te bharjayian man lai bulleya sada kehna chhad de palla arayian aal nabi ulad nabi nu tu kyon leeka layian jehra sanu syed saddey duzakh mile sazaiyan bandeya hooo bandeya hooo araain saain … i m really happy to read these lyrics….. Dozukh Milan Sazaiyaan”, {Why do you want to insult Prophet’s and Ali’s decendant (by having lower caste in your company)? man …. Leave the hands (company) of wanderers and wayfarers.

Nobody will ask which race or clan you're from. Get your answers by asking now. THAT’S GOOD………. u rock dude! Fabulous song, awesome lyrics! U HAVE DONE A GR8 JOB. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. its so good 2 knw d translation of such a wonderful song, Gr8 buddy.. this is an fantabuluous song.. till the time i had not seen he lyrics it was just a muzic for me, as i couldn’t get the meaning .. but after the translation its so nice…tnx. Thanks a million… I’ve asked tons of people for the translation of this song but have reached no where… If he is grown up by a terrorist, his mindset may also be the same as that of this adopter, but if grown up by a saint he may grow up into a saint/philosopher or a person who is very good at heart.

Thanx for telling us the lyrics…, “””If you need gardens of heaven, be servant to araains.”””. Keep all the good work! The one who address us as syed will go to hell, But the one who addresses us as Araain will enjoy comforts of heaven, A rain and masters are born at every place, God doesn’t descriminate against anyone, Beautiful people (at heart) doesn’t care for such differences, only ugly ones do. He & his messengers took birth on earth in different times at different places. Thanks dude….for the lyrics and especially for the translation…i just love the song….even in a punjabi family of mine i coudnt find anyone who understood saraiki completely…. Plz correct it. yeah got it now! God is one. Well, I don’t know much about the castes mentioned in the song, I have just posted the meaning. Please. Who in 2020- 2021  loves the song "Live like you were dying. i was searching for this translation like forever Often have dirty motives behind their smiles. Bulleh, Please do as we tell you and leave araain’s (a caste) company}, Aal Nabi Ullad Nabi Noun But the message is spreading throughtout the country yet there are very few who understand his message & keep that in their mind at all times. No one knows what hid inside I hope he today when the whole world is divided on Whose God is God?, the God should take another avtaar or send someone to tell that he is only One no matter by what name u call him or how u worship him.

Plz correct it, Even God makes some mistakes. I Face The World With A Smile Love the song… And am glad I know what it means now… Hey, You're from the proud clan of Nabis (a tribe). not “Aal Nabi Ullad Nabi Noun”. I LIKED ITVERY MUCH !!!!!!!! ↓ Jump to comments or follow responses via RSS. Bundeya hoo Bundeya and meaning of the song maks it a beautyyy!!! Beautiful people (at heart) doesn’t care for such differences, only ugly ones do}, Jay To Loorain Baagh Baharaan nice work i tell ya!!! - MSS at your service. thanks in advance love the song but the meaning kind of sadens me. good man ………great work done…… hey thanks for translating the lyrics i just couldnt get what they meant. @Hasan Shah ~~ Please share what you know about the history b/w Bulleh Shah & Araain. thanks for the explanation – sufi lyrics aren’t easy to understand but with your help it takes the song to a whole new level. Bulley Shah Dee Zaat Kee Puchni No One Knows What Is Hiden Inside Please forgive (and point out to) me if I have committed any mistake. Bheynaan Tay Bherjaiyaan Bandeya Means ‘Man/Mankind’…. awesome! U HVE DONE REALLY A NICE JOB THANKS A LOT FR THIS BEAUTIFUL SONG LYRICS. araain iz a cazt,,,,,,,,,& bulleh shah waz sayyad (another cazt) so hiz family iz convincin him dat he iz a sayyad & he shudnt work under da supervizion of a lower cazt (araain),,,,,,bt bulleh shah iz against diz racism,,,,.

i lykd da song but ws unaware of the meaning of the lyrics … thnx man !!! Bundeya hoo Bundeya Now I can sing this song with more life & confidence. Thanks a ton! But the cruel extemist kings like aurangzeb & behadur shah zafar-I, who blindly went on converting numerous hindus into sikhs, forced God to send someone to protect muzloomz (Hindus) from the tortures of mughal emperors & conversion. nice song. Members of his family disapproved of him associating and learning Islam from this scholarly man. Go become a slave to wanderers and wayfarers! Instead of this it should be God doesnt discriminate anyone. they cant see the tears i have cried, Raain, Saain, Sabhan Thaain Ируля то здесь причём?

thnx very very much. Go become a slave to wanderers and wayfarers! Bulla's sisters and sisters-in-law came to him. dis song gives me so much of an eternal blissss .!!!!!! This translation is not right becoz God never soes mistake.

it helped ME explaining MY gf…! }, Bullay Noun Samjhawan Ayaan i was searching for the english meaning for so long..n now finally hav got it all.. hey thanx mate…. You're from the proud clan of Nabis (a tribe). The song was beautiful but now it sounds meaningful to me… god bless u…, this is not actual lyrics /// plz send me the orignal lyrics of this song at

I love d song. Hey Piyush – thanks a lot for the lyrics!

thanks man….great job…the lyrics were a little difficult for me although i am very gud at punjabi, but now its clear. The one who address us as syed will go to hell. Let me know….. hey mate Arain is not a lower caste you r out of ur mind even u dont know the history b/w bulley shah sahab and Arain’s….if any Arain will read this they will gonna kill you man…lol. Instead of this it should be God doesnt discriminate anyone. Completely WRONG translation, the author doesn't know Punjabi at all. Its Why is ALLSTATE insurance using a french commercial using Edith Piaf's song and a Rooster? awesome song and fabulous lyrics and composition. hey i think the english part of the song thts not correct …by t way song is too good !! In case you want, you can write to the creators of the movie – afyer knowing tge meaning, it is even better. i like this song……great!!!!

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