PMID: 22966490. Targeting autophagy during cancer therapy to improve clinical outcomes. 2007 Apr 01; 67(7):3036-42. Nat Commun. PMID: 32160093. Distinct TRAIL resistance mechanisms can be overcome by proteasome inhibition but not generally by synergizing agents. 2019 12; 92(4):707-718. 2018 09 04; 115(36):E8479-E8488. (Harvard PROFILES RNS software version: 2.11.1). Science Writer at University of Colorado Cancer Center. PMID: 17535800. J Biol Chem. But compared to some other drugs it’s rather safe,” Thorburn says. Most kindergartners at Federal Heights Elementary School are minority students on free or reduced lunch. 2005 Jan 01; 11(1):329-34. PMID: 20943761. PMID: 15671563.

2020; 172:55-65. PMID: 23576557. 2006 Feb; 5(2):197-9. PMID: 24316673. 2012 Jan; 106(2):281-90. EMBO J. Cancer Biol Ther. Increased mTOR and suppressed autophagic flux in the heart of a hypomorphic Pkd1 mouse model of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease. arthritis.

Regulation of Fas-associated death domain interactions by the death effector domain identified by a modified reverse two-hybrid screen. Cell Death Differ. Cheong JK, Zhang F, Chua PJ, Bay BH, Thorburn A, Virshup DM. 2002 Jul 12; 277(28):25568-75. Horita H, Frankel AE, Thorburn A. Acute-myeloid-leukemia-targeted toxins kill tumor cells by cell-type-specific mechanisms and synergize with TRAIL to allow manipulation of the extent and mechanism of tumor cell death. For the March Madness lovers in Colorado who are looking for more, this month also plays host to a second and slightly different kind of tournament with brackets to fill -- an exciting and competitive challenge that leaves all participants with a win. PMID: 24991837. 2014 Aug 10; 5(3):224-40.

Macintosh RL, Timpson P, Thorburn J, Anderson KI, Thorburn A, Ryan KM.

J Thorac Oncol. “The big advantage of chloroquine is it’s available for use in people, it’s a pretty safe drug, and it’s not terribly expensive. Excitotoxic glutamate insults block autophagic flux in hippocampal neurons. Promising early results now lead the U.S. Food and … People in Profiles who have published with this person.

PLoS Biol. Goodall ML, Cramer SD, Thorburn A. Autophagy complexes cell death by necroptosis. J Thorac Oncol. Zhang Y, Mun SR, Linares JF, Towers CG, Thorburn A, Diaz-Meco MT, Kwon YT, Kutateladze TG. Scott AJ, Arcaroli JJ, Bagby SM, Yahn R, Huber KM, Serkova NJ, Nguyen A, Kim J, Thorburn A, Vogel J, Quackenbush KS, Capasso A, Schreiber A, Blatchford P, Klauck PJ, Pitts TM, Eckhardt SG, Messersmith WA. 2014 Oct; 12(10):e1001967. an antibiotic, and in the Australian study, it was combined with 2016 11 16; 15(22):3014-3015. it is instead a triumph for basic science. Fitzwalter BE, Thorburn A. © 2020 The Regents of the University of Colorado, a body corporate. Thorburn A, Morgan MJ. Liu TF, Willingham MC, Tatter SB, Cohen KA, Lowe AC, Thorburn A, Frankel AE. 2012 May 15; 11(10):2022-9. In short, experts see promise. Copyright © 2020 The Regents of the University EBioMedicine. Congratulations to the 2020-2021 appointees to the MOLB T32 NIGMS training grant: Arely Diaz, Chloe Barrington Ham, Catherine Nicholas, Hei-Yong Lo, Luuli Tran, Julia Ceglowski, Raeann Goering, Katie Hoff, Evan Morrison, and Randi Yeager. 2013 Jan 01; 19(1):148-57. In the next weeks, we will

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