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In 1991, the Socialist Republic was dissolved and the Republic of Albania was established. After the Turkish invasions of the fourteenth century, when the Islamic faith was introduced. Albania is a member of the United Nations, NATO, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the Council of Europe and the World Trade Organization. The RCS Data Project would like to acknowledge, recognize, and express our deepest gratitude for the significant contributions of Todd M. Johnson, the principal investigator of the World Christian Database, the co-principal investigator of the World Religion Database, and co-author of the World Christian Encyclopedia series. Almost 58% of Albanian's are Muslim, with a Christian population of 17%. The Bektashis were, moreover, believed to be fomenters of the numerous factions� Reds, Whites, Masked, Intimates, Interpreters, and Kashashin � which convulsed Constantinople during this period. It is bordered by Montenegro to the northwest, Kosovo to the northeast, Republic of Macedonia to the east, and Greece to the south and southeast. Throughout history, Albania has been sieged and occupied by other countries; in addition it has endured many civil wars within its turf. Some of these forms of religious expression are simply new or different, contributing to the enrichment of Albanian culture. They own a national TV station in the country and even a number of private hospitals. These peculiar tenets of the Bektashi dervishes win for them the epithet of heretics among Moslems, and the name of freethinkers among foreign residents of Turkey. Historically, Islam has been the majority religion of Albania, despite Although there were tactical variations in Hoxha's approach to each of the major denominations, his overarching objective was the eventual destruction of all organized religion in Albania. Albania Religion, Economy and Politics. Gradually, however, backwardness, illiteracy, the absence of an educated clergy, and material inducements weakened resistance. Islamic pressure was put on the Orthodox Christians because the Turks considered them sympathetic to Orthodox Russia. their historical presence within the country. Religious Beliefs.

The Roman Catholic Church, chiefly because it maintained close relations with the Vatican and was more highly organized than the Muslim and Orthodox faiths, became the principal target of persecution. The majority of the imams in Albania were educated in Arab states. small Protestant groups. In 1967 the Communist authorities conducted a violent campaign to extinguish religious life in Albania, claiming that religion had divided the Albanian nation and kept it mired in backwardness.

It is also an official candidate for membership in the European Union. A series of ordered categorical variables index the state's institutional favoritism in 28 different ways. In the total population, the percentage of Muslims remains As stated in the pages of the Gulenist run Bedr University, the aim of its leadership is to replace all the imams of mosques of Albania (which were educated in Turkey and the Arab world) with their own members. This constitutes all countries with populations of 250,000 or more as well as a sampling of smaller states. Religious fervor is extremely rare, and religious extremism is virtually unknown. Therefore, at independence the country emerged as a predominantly Muslim nation, the only Islamic state in Europe. Love albania it is a great place and the peoplw are so nice and albania rocks. The Selafi sect of Islam is followed by a very small minority within Albania and is associated with imams who studied in the Middle East after the collapse of communism.

An informal survey conducted in June 2003 by the Institute of Studies and Opinions in coordination with Management Systems International, found that 70 percent of Albanians polled did not consider religion an important part of their lives, but identify themselves as belonging to one of the four major faith groups on the basis of family tradition. Imams who show sympathy for Turkey, the Muslim Brotherhood or other democratic movements in the Muslim world face discrimination, interrogation and even expulsion from their mosques by the Gulenists. The Muslims were divided into two groups: about 600,000 adherents of the Sunni branch and more than 220,000 followers of a dervish order known as Bektashi, which was an offshoot of the Shia branch. The Greek minority in The AIC leadership was widely seen as highly corrupt and seemed to have little time for religion, spending most of its time on property deals. Organized religion still plays only a marginal role in public life. Albanian Official religion none Monetary unit lek (L) Population (2019 est.) Millions, of dollars are at stake in these cases. Gulenists have gained control over the Muslim Community in Albania - which is the official state Church of Islam in the country. Steps were also taken to purge all Orthodox clergy who did not yield to the demands of the regime, and to use the church as a means of mobilizing the Orthodox population behind government policies. 2. The country has an area of 11,100 square miles and a population of 3.6 million. The people doesn‘t care about religion. Himara it was and is an albanian village. Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen's movement, which Turkey terms the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO)" has a huge network of schools, institutions, universities throughout the Balkans: in Bosnia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania and even though the Turkish government has asked for their closure, its requests have often been rejected. Citizens in the south are mainly The RCS was created to fulfill the unmet need for a dataset on the religious dimensions of countries of the world, with the state-year as the unit of observation. Albania is a parliamentary republic. Albania declared independence in 1912 (to be recognised in 1913), becoming a Principality, Republic, and Kingdom until being invaded by Italy in 1939, which formed Greater Albania, which in turn became a Nazi German protectorate in 1943.

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