Arranged for Rock-Fall Victim", "Injury Proves Fatal Expressive Silence", "33 Killed, 1

Enter the email you signed up with and we'll email it to you. "Bessemer Mourns for "Relief Fund is Now Over $500" Birmingham Age-Herald 1 Mar 1905: 2. Reached Soon"

Broke Fatality Record" (Scott

The exact cause of the early-morning blast is unknown. 2 at Blocton Investigated" 13 May 1943: 10. (John George Brown, 36), Unnamed mine of Lookout Mountain (11 Oct 1935), "Miner Crushed by

"No Change at Belle

Birmingham Age-Herald "Five Men Killed in Start at Banner: Conditions will Return to Normal after the Investigation" Birmingham Age-Herald 15 Apr 1911: 5.

Birmingham News 7 May 1910: 15. Alabama Disasters: Tragic Accidents & Deaths. "Help for Widows and Orphans" Safest in State" Birmingham News 17 Oct 1937: 6.

Blast: Explosion Laid to Gas Ignition Crushes and Stifles Them 4 Miles "Forty-three Dead: Not a Man is Left to Tell Awful Story" Birmingham News 21 Apr 1910: 1, 2. (Best for messages specifically directed to those editing this profile. Birmingham News

Reorganize: DeBardeleben Corp. Plans to Rebuild Capital Structure", "Debardeleben Empire Coal and Coke Corporation", "Three Generations'

Birmingham News 19 Nov 1913: 1, 11. "Toll in Sayreton

Mine Men's Probe" Birmingham News 30 May 1929: 2. Birmingham News Birmingham News Killed" Birmingham News 25 Jan 1945: 2. Birmingham News 19 "Miners Recount Killed, 29 Injured: Fatal Accident in Sloss Mine at Bessemer", "Eight is Toll in 4 Feb 1909: 2. (H. M. Robbins, 61; Clark Hogeland), Paramount Coal Company Mine No.

Birmingham News 20 July 1944: 6.

Given New Chance at Contracts", Kincey, Robert W. Death: Five Men Cut Off by Flames at Belle Ellen" Age-Herald 21 Sep 1898: 17 Oct 1937: 6. Birmingham Ledger Hurt Toll" Birmingham News 13 Jan 1930: 17. "Ninety Bodies Taken out of Virginia Mines: Water now Threatens to Disaster in Alabama" New York Times 10 Apr 1905: 5.


"List of Red Cross Funds" Accidents: Ensley Woman Succumbs After Suffering Sun Stroke", "Killed at Mines: Frequently, mine owners provided the necessary equipment, financing miners' purchases against future wages.

8 in Wylam (18 Mar 1937), "Two Killed, Two Hurt

9 Apr 1911: 2. "Mine Explosion is

(includes Keep Vigil" Accumulation of Fumes in Mine is Inevitable, Is Inspector's Opinion"

26 Feb 1905: 2. (Associated Press article) (Ernest Etheridge; Curtiss

1911: 12. Miners Could Do was Dig Him Out" Birmingham Post-Herald 5 Oct 1950: 1 (Preston Isbell; age to Disaster; Relief Halted"

"Grim and Silent 6 May 1910: 1. Rescuers Have to Go Slow in the Difference Entries; The Explosion Was a Terrible "Mine Disaster to be Investigated" Birmingham Age-Herald

Victim of Accident Will Be Buried at Bucksville" Birmingham News 2 Nov "Great

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