Each of the 13 moons has a power, action, and quality which define an annual program to synchronize our consciousness with the galactic cycles. "Thank you for sharing the magic, mystery and magnificient art of the Galactic Calendars!" For as we shift our relationship with time, we contribute to a positive future.

to ‘higher’ level experiences within the radial matrix – Wellington, New Zealand, "The soul of the universe speaks to me each time I interact with my calendar." Followed daily, it gives us a new lens in which to perceive events. WHAT A TOOL! What if I am in moon-pause (menopause) ? The 13 Moon Mindful Movement Calendar draws on the ancient Tzolkin Mayan methods of tracking time. This 13 moon calendar is a perpetual calendar; the first day of the year on the Mayan Calendar is the Magnetic Bat Moon will always begin on July 26th. The standard of measure is the 28-day cycle, called a moon, because it is the median between the 29.5-day synodic cycle of the moon (new moon to new moon) and the 27.1-day sidereal cycle of the moon. – Love from Japan, "Thank you for your continued work! Our 13 moon synchrometer is meant to be orderly and harmonic.

It has been co. upled with the Bowspring postural template for optimal health and functionality. מוזמנים באהבה להרשם לניוזלטר ולהשאר מעודכנים. July 26 2020 - July 24 2021 calendar now available, draws on the ancient Tzolkin Mayan methods of tracking time.
לחצו על "לעגלת הקניות" למעבר אל עגלת הקניות וביצוע ההזמנה או "חזרה לחנות" לסגירת חלונית זו והמשך הגלישה באתר. – Hilary, "This calendar is awesome!!! The 13 Moon, 28-day calendar is a new standard of time for all people everywhere who desire a genuinely new world. It's a remarkable tool, beyond measure." – Oakland, CA, "There is so much positive energy in the calendar you produce - it comes to life just when you need it!" This 40-page calendar book aspires to educate individuals to unite in rhythm, to tune in, and to sync up. As is our mind, so our world becomes, as is our world today: Irregular, artificial and mechanized.

– Elohisa, Australia, "This year's calendar is supercalifragilisticexpealidocious! This celebration polarizes our current Gregorian New Year’s Eve, the day in which our alignment reflects the depths of a cold, dark winter, a mythology of beginning and ending with the harshest conditions of scarcity. Explore the Multi-Dimensional Layers of the 13:20 Time Science. The 7 days of the week correspond to the 7 radial plasmas, which are the primary building blocks of creation. Thank you beautiful souls for contributing with such passion, art, and commitment to our evolutionary process." Thank you so much for your fabulous contribution to our planet's well-being!" Therefore, the birth of the 13 moons calendar using the 13 moons calendar units would be: year 0, month 0, day 0, hour 0, minute 0, second 0. Learn about the origin of this multi-dimensional calendar, and why this Time Science is truly a Gift from The Ancient Future... “This calendar is a gift from galactic intelligence ", "We are multi-dimensional beings, remembering our place amongst the stars...", "Our mind is part of the Universal Mind. Day 365 is called The Day Out Of Time, a day to celebrate peace through culture and universal forgiveness. Thus, this board allows us to open up for the Mayan information in a way in which is more familiar to us as human beings, through the tracking of 13 months of 28 days each, spread over a year of 365 days, the solar cycle as we are accustomed to. The naming of the moons also has a cultural teaching that explains the cycle of life and nature within the respective cultures.
The 13 Moon 28-day synchronometer is a harmonic timespace matrix. Because the 365th day is no day of the moon or week at all, it is known as the “day out of time” - a day to celebrate peace through culture and time is art! We learn something new each time we open it." For the purpose of this guide we will show the 12 month, It is a lunar-solar calendar, which measures the Earth's orbit around the sun by the moon 28-day average orbit.

– S & L, USA, "This calendar is phenomenal... so streamlined. The harmonic convergence of humanity on this one issue, combined with the inescapable order, perfection and simplicity of following the 13 Moon calendar will lift the species as a simultaneous whole into the galactic timing frequency of 13:20. I am very thankful for it!" It has been coupled with the Bowspring postural template for optimal health. As a perfect measure of cosmic time, this calendar is actually a synchronometer, an instrument for measuring synchronicity. I am really enjoying it!" – Martha, White Self-Existing Dog, "SkyTime has an enchanting way of downloading galactic wisdom with simplicity, clarity and artistry." This calendar begins on July 26th 2020. You are a true and heartfelt keeper of the time and tides of the mind and heart. What is the right way to fill out the calendar? The 13 Moon calendar synchronizes solar and galactic cycles on July 26 correlating with the star Sirius. Intiana of Starseeds2020 blends Galactic Dreamspell Astrology with intuitive wisdom and psychic insight. Decode your friends and families' birthdates and share these downloads with them to help them understand and activate their Cosmic Identity!

Your calendar has indeed, been a blessing to me." For the purpose of this guide we will show the 12 month, that contains a set of patterns that attunes us Beyond just the Galactic Calendar, expand your knowledge of the vast layers of Dr. Jose Arguelles' essential cosmic teachings. We use them as a playful tool to sync up the mind-body with the daily mood of nature-to the surging, breaking and settling cycle of transformation and growth. of time...". But if the calendar we follow is harmonic and in tune with natural cycles, so also will our mind become, and so we may return to a way of life more spiritual and in harmony with nature. This creates a perfect orbital measure of 13 moons of 28 days, totaling 364 days, or 52 perfect weeks of 7 days each. Visit our on-line store, offering: Galactic wall calendars, 13:20 day planners, oracle decks, pendants, stickers, posters, audio CDs, DVDs, and greeting cards... Every day, people in over 90 countries are accessing the magic of the Galactic Calendar System. If the calendar and time we follow is irregular, artificial and mechanized, so becomes our mind. 13 Moon Calendar FAQ Order a Free 13 Moon Pocket Calendar Here! Each mind is connected with every other mind; and each mind, wherever it is located is connected with the whole world and cosmos. Each of the 13 moons is saturated with meaning and altogether they form a whole vision sequence of cosmic order. Copyright 2016 by SkyTime. ", "Let your soul work in harmony with the universal intelligence, as your breath does with the air.

28 times 13 are 364 days. 13:20 Frequency and the 13 Moon Calendar. This has been a tremendous resource, and I am so grateful you have provided this." Beyond just the Galactic Calendar, expand your knowledge of the vast layers of Dr. Jose Arguelles' essential cosmic teachings. – New York, NY, "For those interested in furthering their spiritual growth, I highly recommend SkyTime's calendar as a way to free your mind into the higher frequencies that are available on the planet right now."

The 13 Moon calendar runs from July 26 to July 24 every year and, when synchronized with the Tzolkin, the energy for that particular year relates to the Kin that falls on July 26. The artwork is galactivated and the wisdom is shared with compassionate understanding." ", "You are the mysterious potential of the future, already in bloom...", "We must continuously keep in mind that the world is a collective dream, and that we are engaged in dreaming a new world into being. Upon this timing frequency was based the tzolkin or 260-kin “sacred calendar.” This table describes the time it takes for the Earth to circle the sun as well as the 13 orbits of the moon around the Earth. month calendar. – Lake Oswego, OR, "Your calendar is so helpful and laid out so well! The day in which the strongest light sources conjoined, a celebration of beginning anew in a season full of bounty and warmth. – Lucia, "Loving the Calendar each and everyday. How can I get help interpreting my chart? A synthesis of poetry, imagery, transmissions, articles, musings and galactic time updates ~ conveying the essence and vibration of Galactic Culture... "We are the Song of the Stars Remembering our Beauty & Purpose", "You are not IN the Universe. Q. To bring you back to this ancient knowledge, the 13 Moons Calendar has been created to give you a framework for becoming more intimately familiar with the divinity of your body and all she has to reveal to you. "The Thirteen Moon calendar is an evolutionary tool to assist humanity in the unprecedented act of uniting itself on one issue central to its complete well-being: time.

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